Stephanie Ho in Rocky Relationship with Fred Cheng?

By on December 12, 2017 in NEWS

Stephanie Ho in Rocky Relationship with Fred Cheng?

Negative rumors surrounding Stephanie Ho (何雁詩) and Fred Cheng’s (鄭俊弘) relationship continue to surface. In the short span of eight months that the couple have admitted to their relationship, they have had to fend off rumors regarding a third party, emotional instability, suicide attempts, and jealousy. Because of these worrisome reports, Stephanie’s parents are allegedly unhappy with the couple’s relationship and have not accepted Fred yet.

Stuck in the middle between her family and Fred, there may be some truth about Stephanie’s emotional issues. While attending her good friend Anjaylia Chan’s (陳嘉寳) wedding last month, Stephanie had one too many drinks and caused a scene. In addition to publicly criticizing her absent boyfriend, Stephanie also drunkenly exclaimed that she was currently single. This led to rumors that there may be trouble in their relationship. Whatever the issue may have been, however, the couple continues to live together.

Recently, Stephanie’s father was hospitalized. To improve Fred’s relationship with her parents, Stephanie arranged for Fred to visit her father in the hospital. The 25-year-old was spotted entering the hospital with her mother. About 20 minutes later, Fred arrived at the hospital holding a bouquet of flowers. Stephanie came out to meet up with him before escorting him to her father’s hospital room.

However, Stephanie’s father was not pleased with the visit and remained cold towards Fred. The 34-year-old was spotted leaving the hospital less than an hour later.


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5 comments to Stephanie Ho in Rocky Relationship with Fred Cheng?

  1. bubbletea says:

    This Ho, ho family is one messed up family. Goes to show that money does not buy happiness. Anyone who gets involved with that family seems to become curseds, unhappy and blighted. Sounds just like the British Royal Family, jewelry, property
    and money but nothing else.

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    • lyu310 replied:

      @bubbletea Ooo can you share what you know about the family? I haven’t heard anything about the family, but there’s been sooo much news about these two, IDK how she can deal with the negativity, especially if she has a mental illness.

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  2. mike says:

    Don’t know much about her family other than they must be rich. Come on, their daughter plays golf? In HK? Stephanie has been instable ever since she won the singing contest. Fred knew all about her problems and what he has to face to date her and still went ahead with it…

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  3. emiliachan says:

    honestly feel so sorry for these two, i’ve seen them being attacked by paparazzi all year and i don’t even know how they get through it. half the time the news reports are just made up or stupid. it must be really hard for her to cope with all the stress which leads to her mental illness.

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  4. judy says:

    I really like to see & listen to both of their singing especially when they sing together. I hope that they can be together for a long long time. In every relationships they all must go through each other, family & friends. Wish all the best to both of you. Stay strong.

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