Steven Ma is a Demon Leader in New Mainland Chinese Drama

In Mainland China fantasy drama Demon Girl <半妖傾城>, Steven Ma (馬浚偉) portrays a demon leader. From the character poster, Steven’s look conveyed a lot of aggression.

On his filming experience for the drama, Steven laughed and said, “Taking on this role was a big challenge, as the character that I’m playing, while villainous, is also very principled and loyal. I really like it and so accepted the challenge.”

This is not the first time that Steven portrayed an unconventional role, as he has been attempting to expand his acting repertoire in recent years. On whether there was a limit to the extent he was willing to go to, Steven expressed, “There is definitely no limit. As long as the material has artistic value and the script allows room for artistic expression, I will be interested.” What about nudity? Steven said candidly, “It depends on the story’s requirements…if it’s necessary, I can accept that but I would not deliberately play on nudity. Anyway, I am not especially sexy!”

On the subject of renowned producers Mui Siu Ching (梅小青) and Lau Ka Ho (劉家豪) returning to TVB, Steven said, “They are both very talented producers. Back then, I left TVB at the same time as Mui Siu Ching, when we were both working together in Daddy Good Deeds <當旺爸爸>, so we have quite a lot of affinity with each other!”

As to whether Steven would consider returning to TVB, he responded, “We’ll see where fate takes me. As long as the script is attractive, I can work with anyone!”


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  1. Is that you Steven? Really you?!

    What a look!

    Steven come back to TVB, bring back Tavia and for once have a truly happy wedding kids and all ending for us fans.

  2. TVB’s loss.

    I like his style in that picture. It’s very exciting seeing him in costumes other than Qing style fare. I liked him in legend of Yuan empire founder as well. He looked good in Mongolian clothes and as a monk.

  3. This picture keeps reminding me of what Yoda would be like if he had turned over to the Dark Side.

    1. @aiya A handsome fair human being he becomes?

      The ear is a bit too major and maybe need some effects but this is something new for Steven.

      1. @funnlim

        “A handsome fair human being he becomes?”

        It is all parts of the alluring promise of being evil.


  4. What “aggression”? O.o Maybe the pic is too low resolution to really see his expression *shurgs* He looks good and more of an elf than a demon to me.

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