Still No Boyfriend for Tracy Chu: “Will Let Everyone Know the Good News”

Tracy Chu (朱千雪) has been very honest about wanting to be in a relationship. The 2012 Miss Hong Kong second runner-up, who is currently starring in the TVB sci-fi drama Over Run Over <EU超時任務>, has shared in the past that she’s been single for at least six years, and is looking forward to meeting new people in her life. In an earlier interview, she openly listed out five conditions that she expects in a boyfriend:

“He has to love eating, has a sense of security, humorous, sensitive, and filial,” said Tracy. “You have to fight for your own happiness.”

Currently on a year-long break to study for her masters program, the 28-year-old has regressed to a pre-celebrity life and has been keeping everything low-profile. With a busy work schedule out of the way, this could be the perfect time for Tracy to find a new boyfriend.

Indeed, after several days of stalking by the paparazzi, reporters noted that Tracy has been keeping in touch with a mysterious friend very closely on her phone. While doing some shopping at a supermarket, Tracy kept her eyes on her phone at all times, and replying to messages whenever she could.

On another night, while eating out with fellow MHK contestant Jennifer Shum (岑杏賢), paparazzi spotted Tracy and Jennifer with a bespectacled male friend. After eating a long dinner, the trio drove to Tai Hang for some dessert. Jennifer and the man went to buy the dessert soup while Tracy stayed put in her car. After purchasing their food, Tracy drove them home.

Gossip magazines speculated that the man could be someone Jennifer introduced to Tracy. However, Tracy denied seeing the man. In a later phone interview, Tracy said the bespectacled man was just a friend. “He is one of our good friends. We all just got together for dinner. Don’t think too much about it.”

The reporters then asked if Tracy is currently seeing someone else, to which she said, “Thank you for everyone’s concerns. I will try. If I do have [a boyfriend] I will let everyone know.”

Jennifer clarified in another phone interview, “That man is just our mutual friend.” Asking if the man has a girlfriend, Jennifer said, “I am not sure.”

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. A girl as pretty as she is and as smart, she will find one soon enough. Her requirements fit TWO TVB actors, hopefully both available. She can choose!

  2. Like Tracy. Sound like she has a good head on her shoulder and know what she want in life. Hope she will find her other half soon. As for the reporters.. why do they always insist people are dating just because they went out with someone of the opposite sex? So girls can’t have guys friends and vice versa now? crazy.

    1. @happybi
      I like her too and she really reminds me of Taiwanese actress Bianca Bai. I think it is a traditional Asian thing. Old folks always think that when we go out with or just talk a bit too much to the opposite sex that there is something going on. I remember my brother once giving this older lady a ride to school on a daily basis and my uncle and aunt thought they were dating. My parents tried to explain that it was just a misunderstanding,but that is old Asian folks for you. Even young traditional Asian guys are like that since I have noticed they keep a distance from most females and would only zero in more on girls they are potentially interested in. Of course, it varies from guy to guy. My former friend’s husband refused to ever go out with any girl alone except for his wife. He is that strict with male and female relations. My dad used to freak out if I even talked to a guy and did not allow me to be friends with guys. All of my friends are girls and only had one true guy friend in my whole life. All other guys were not regular friends with me. Maybe there is some truth to how some guys and girls just cannot be regular friends.

      1. @hetieshou oh you are right. She does look like Bianca Bai!

        I’m opposite of you. I have maybe 2 good girl friends and the rest are all guy friends!!! My good good friend are all guys. Girl friends can be ma fan!

      2. @happybi

        I thought that I was the only one to think that. Glad that you think so too.

        I have problems being close friends with guys. If a guy is close with me it usually means he wants to be than just regular friends (unless he is already married or has a steady girlfriend)or else he would not even bother. I only had one true guy friend in my life but sadly he passed away in 2012. I wish I can have more guy friends since they are truly great friends and can be even better friends than girls because as you said, female friends can be very ma fan! You are really lucky to have mostly guy friends.

  3. “He has to love eating, has a sense of security, humorous, sensitive, and filial,” said Tracy. “You have to fight for your own happiness.”

    Hello, any rich, jolly, fat momma’s boys out there?


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