Suki Chui Gives Birth to Third Daughter, Isabella

Former TVB actress Suki Chui (徐淑敏) and husband Kenny Wee (黃浩) welcomed their third daughter, Isabella Wee, on August 1. Suki gave birth to the 6-pound-8-ounce baby girl via Cesarean section. They are already parents to 4-year-old Vianna Wee (黃心瑤) and 2-year-old Renee Wee (黃心柔).

Around 1:40 pm on August 1, Suki and her family were seen arriving in a Rolls-Royce mini-van at a hospital in Hong Kong Island. They were accompanied by two foreign bodyguards. Before checking in the hospital, Suki met with reporters and shared her feelings about giving birth for the third time.

“I’m really excited,” said Suki. “We haven’t come up with a Chinese name yet. Her English name will be Isabella.” Suki looked fresh and fit during the interview, but she revealed that it had been a difficult pregnancy for her. “It’s not as comfortable as the first [pregnancy]. I experienced a lot of lower abdominal pain. That’s why my husband was left in charge to take care of the kids.”

Asked if her daughters, Vianna and Renee, are aware that they are having a younger sister, Suki said, “They’re very happy about it. They have also been much more obedient, especially Renee.”

Kenny stayed in the delivery room with Suki and witnessed Isabella’s birth. He also cut the newborn’s umbilical cord. “It’s my first time doing it. When Vianna was born, I didn’t know I was allowed to do that. When Renee was born, I got so excited that I forgot to do it. Now, I have a new experience.” Kenny said Isabella opened her eyes very soon after birth and her eyes consistently moved around to look at people. According to Kenny, Isabella has his eyes and Suki’s facial features.

Kenny also said he will be taking a month off from work to take care of the girls. “I’ll try my best to spend as much time with them as I can.”

Asked if they plan on having a fourth child, Kenny said, “We’ll leave it to fate.”

Source: Ming Pao

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  1. seems like this family is out of the limelight after Kenny’s incident…

    1. You’re right. My first reaction was “when was she ever pregnant?!”

      1. Exactly…OMGosh, popping out babies one after another until they get a BOY huh?
        Some ppl just don’t know when to stop. haha…LOL…imagine popping out 5 daughters and still have to continue??? OHHHHH…LORD..

  2. Why is this news is my question? Nobody has ever cared about Suki and her husband is jerk face.

  3. He does look weird…bit like gollum with huge unattractive eyes.

  4. Face reading texts say people with kenny’s eyes which look like they’re popping out tend to over exaggerate without even realizing it themselves. =D

    1. Yeah you are right. Another thing is these people tend to bring misfortune to their partners. It’s best not to pick someone with eyes like that as your spouse. I have seen it first hand myself. My uncle has eyes like that and his wife is miserable… Maybe Suki doesn’t know face reading, :P.

  5. Excuse me , can someone tell me who they are and were they even famous? Haven’t heard of these folks at all.

  6. I find guys with such huge eyes like his a little scary and unattractive.

    1. I heard that she will keeping trying until they have a son. Her husband wants boys.

    2. Looks like this Suki gal is trying very hard to please her husband. Seriously, three kids in four years??? What happens if the fourth one is not a boy? And after the fifth try, it’s still a girl? Is she afraid of her husband straying? Cause he doesn’t look like your ordinary guy, not saying he’s a good catch btw.

    1. she can try but it’s up to fate and her hubby sperm.. also it’s her 3rd csection so may get dangerous if she has more kids.

  7. She’s only 29 so she has tons of time to keep trying for a boy.

  8. I guess if deliver through Cesarean can only deliver three times

  9. Suki Chui was never famous in the first place, if she and her husband never courted the other celebrities. They would have never have got into the news. This is why I don’t buy how they are the innocent victims and Eric Tsang and co. are the only villains over that drug scandal at their restaurant.

    They know what they are getting themselves into.

  10. I have no idea who these people are but…Congrats for the baby. She looks cute.

  11. To be fair, nobody wants to look ‘ugly’, unless we all want him to get plastic surgery. Suki probably chose Kenny because of his personality.

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