Susanna Kwan Unafraid of Public Scrutiny in Same-Sex Relationship

In a recent interview, Heart of Greed <溏心風暴> star Susanna Kwan (關菊英)  opened up about her failed marriage with composer Michael Lai (黎小田) and relationship with girlfriend, Willy Chow (周偉利)Despite potential scrutiny over her same-sex relationship with Willy, Susanna spoke forthrightly about her current love.

In 1982, Susanna married Michael Lai. However, the marriage was short-lived and ended in divorce after two years. Reflecting on her relationship with Michael, Susanna admitted that she was young and naïve, “At the time, I was still just a little girl. I really admired this talented big brother. He composed music and taught me a lot of things. We naturally began dating.”

Getting married at 24 years old, Susanna did not have a clear concept about marriage and rushed into it quickly. “All I could think about was how a drifter wanted to commit and marry me. Does that mean I conquered him?” Being a straightforward person, Susanna identified compatibility issues early on in the relationship and chose to address the problem. Instead of stubbornly holding on, Susanna sought a viable solution and asked for a divorce.

Treasures Relationship with Willy

Although many celebrities hide their relationships, Susanna instead chose to face public judgment bravely and acknowledged her same-sex relationship with Willy. Expressing that she was unafraid of public scrutiny, Susanna said, “I actually just want to be myself. Lying is very exhausting. I also don’t want to have to sneak around when we’re out in public. What I desire is simply a companion. I didn’t hurt anyone, so I chose to be honest and come out!”

Susanna denied rumors that the pair secretly got married in England. “I feel that being able to find a person who is compatible with me, dotes on me, and supports me is very precious. Why fuss about sex or race? I am very lucky to have met her. She is a very smart and kind-hearted person. She is especially filial to elders and is genuine with her friends. I treasure this relationship a lot.”


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  1. Susanna Kwan is a very brave woman to come out to the Chinese public who still cannot believe that their celebrities can be gay, and can be very unaccepting. There are many, many gay artistes but they chose to lie about their preference and some go as far as to get married. Some of the spouses know, and some do not. For some, it is a matter of ï will give you everything you want and need if you would be my spouse. Give me children, artificially inseminated of course, and have your lover, but be very discreet about it. In other words, it is a business marriage, especially when the family name is to be continued.. Some are simply bisexual with a spouse or boyfriend or girlfriend. I love to hear the funny excuses that certain taiwanese and hong kong guys give for not being in a relationship. Some are simply straight without a partner, but plenty are simply gay with laughable excuses to us who know what is really happening.äND THE FANS WILL KILL YOU FOR SUGGESTING THAT THEIR IDOL CAN EVER BE GAY, CAUSE HE OR SHE IS TOO PRFECT, TOO GOOD LOOKING, TOO FILIAL.

    Susanna is brave, whether we approve of gay relationships or not, she deserves credit for being courageous.

    I expect to hear about the amount of ignorance on this thread. LOL.

  2. Good for her!!!! And I’m glad she’s not afraid to speak out especially in Asia as their thought process is still very conservative and traditional over there. Happy for her for sure!!!

  3. Much respect to Susanna! She has some status at TVB and in the singing/acting industry, hopefully she can use her ‘fame’ to educate the Chinese community that being LGBT is just as normal as being straight. I love that she is so open about her sexuality, and maybe she can inspire more HK celebs to speak more openly about the subject whether they are LGBT or not. If more celebs start speaking up about it, TVB and the public can’t ‘freeze’/ignore/shut them all out forever. But ofc, it’s easier said than done, I just find it kinda sad when we’re in the 21st century and someone’s sexual orientation is still a problem in some communities when there are bigger issues in the world to be kicking up a fuss about.

  4. very proud of her for coming out of the closet. it’s not easy for a public figure to come out since homesexuality is generally frowned upon in asia. it’s a great and brave thing that she did.

  5. This content has been hidden as the member is suspended.

    1. @freedalas
      Sorry but what is the deal with you always saying that Kenneth is gay? What proof do you have? If it is because he does not have a girlfriend yet or is unmarried? If so then boy are you ignorant! I know a few guys that are great guys but are still single and do not have a girlfriend or are married yet. However,does it mean that they are gay? No way!

      There are many that are married with children and come out gay/ lesbian later. It is not like it is a big deal nor is it anyone’s concern if Kenneth or anyone is gay or whatever. The ones that should be most concerned are his parents since he is the only boy so his parents are relying on him to carry on the family name. First you pick on WCL and now Kenneth. I wonder who your next target is?

  6. I don’t think she was actively seeking a lesbian relationship. Acknowledging Willy is her soulmate companion (it could be a he or she) – it’s really the considerateness of this partner which won her in the relationship. Willy seems to put Suzanna in top priority, and shows protective concern not just over her, but over Suzanna’s family too.

    I recall reading her relationships have been pretty dissapointing. She felt lonely even in those 2 relationships. After Michael Lai, she had another husband, if I recall correctly.

    None of them matched up to Willy in being thoughtful and caring to her. Willy treats Suzanna’s even better than Suzanna, often driving out at night to check on her, or buy her mom’s favorite food. She calls to ask if Suzanna’s out at night … all stuff some guys will not do.

    From that article I read ages ago, I get the feel it’s because her previous 2 partners did nothing like that for her.
    Willy fits the bills as one very considerate soul-mate, and like Susanna said – perfect companion.

    I doubt it’s really only for the lesbian factor, but rather at this stage in life, after failed dissapointing relationships – Suzanna really appreciates the attention and thoughtful care from someone willing to dedicate their time and life to her and her family. (it could be male or female) … it just happened that way, and happened to be a protective Willy.

    1. @nomad822
      Well said nomad! I often love reading your thoughtful insights. Some are too concerned about the lesbian aspect and overlook other deeper aspects of their relationship.

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