Gillian Chung Will Never Remarry

Gillian Chung (鍾欣潼) made headlines when she announced her divorce from Taiwanese gynecologist Michael Lai (賴弘國) in May – just 14 months after tying the knot. According to reports, Gillian and Michael secretly signed a one-year separation agreement that would result in a finalized divorce next February 28. Gillian adamantly said she has not considered getting back together with her soon-to-be ex-husband during the separation period. Moreover, the star lost any desire to date in the near future or remarry with her short-lived marriage.

In an interview, the 39-year-old asserted, “I don’t think I would remarry. Marrying once is enough! I don’t think I’m suited for marriage either, so it’s not necessary.”

Going through a divorce that has graced the front page of tabloids inevitably altered Gillian’s perspective on marriage and love. When the media exposed the end of her relationship, she was swept up in a flood of speculations ranging from her lack of love for her husband to her hatred for his partying lifestyle. Things turned messier when Michael penned a lengthy post on how much he loved Gillian and the exorbitant sum of money he spent on their lavish wedding. Despite gossip that their relationship ended on bad terms, the singer-actress shared that she still kept in contact with Michael during their separation. “Being friends would be the most comfortable. Besides, I haven’t thought about dating,” she expressed.

Gillian’s Mother Wants Grandchildren

Despite Gillian’s lack of desire to find romance again, her mother is eager for grandchildren. Although Gillian wanted children and even froze three eggs in the past, the divorce halted all baby plans. Gillian said, “I would have a baby with someone whom I love very much, but I don’t have someone like that yet.”

As such, her mother encouraged her to freeze more eggs, but Gillian is reluctant. She expressed, “Getting injections every other day is hard. On top of that, I’m the type to gain weight easily, so having a child will have to depend on fate.”

As for the rumors that Michael sold Gillian’s babies – luxurious bags and watches – during the separation, she replied, “I won’t talk about divorce matters anymore. I feel content right now and will focus on work.”

To Have Good Fortune For The Next 10 Years

Choosing to immerse herself in work, Gillian shared that a feng shui master told her that she would have good fortune for the next 10 years, and the serious head injury she experienced in September will not affect her luck. It is believed that she will find further success in mainland China, as she garnered praises for her acting performance in the Chinese reality show Everybody Stand By <演員請就位>. Gillian admitted the recognition enhanced her confidence.


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  1. she’s 40, i wonder what kind of success she will find in china. not too familiar with the chinese market but the current 40+ leading females already had well established careers and connection in china way before they turned 40. not to mention talent, btw. ah-gil may be well known but that was b/c she was in a girl band. doubt that she posses the same level of acting/singing talent to break through in the chinese market. that feng-shui master is full of bs.
    as for her love life…don’t say never so fast. she seems to be the type that attract men easily and i won’t be surprised she dates again soon.

  2. Her and Charlene should buy a house together as “old age ladies” cause their love lives are obviously a mess. Gillian never knows what she wants and is always flip-floppy when it comes to her relationships. She always chooses the wrong guy and ends up regretting her decisions. I don’t think many men can tolerate her personality. Juno was willing to see past her annoying personality, but Gillian thought she was too good for him.

    1. @hazel
      I agree relationships and marriage is not for everyone. Some are better off being single like her and Charlene. I feel she seems to have too big of an ego in spite of having a not so clean past. I doubt most decent guys would be able to tolerate her personality and ego. She should just stay single and make her money and spend it freely.

  3. Not all success is measured by being the lead. She has enough royalties from her albums, songs, advertisements, endorsement, investments, etc to last her lifetime.

  4. Honestly I think she got married just because she can. It was on the list of to-dos and to prove to the world that she’s still marriage material. I think she still wants to get married in the future, but she doesn’t want to/have to admit it anymore because her current marriage failed.

  5. On the other hand, I doubt many decent men would want to marry the kind of woman Gillian is………So she won’t have to worry too much about this.

  6. I think Gillian seem a complicated girl to be with… especially after the Edison incident perhaps her attitude changed and personality.

      1. @exodus wow someone is still living in the dark ages..or maybe should check the dictionary for the meaning of promiscuous. She had a series of video with Edison…not 1 video with multiple men… So pls when you want to trash someone do it proper.

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