Gillian Chung’s Ex-husband Goes on Spending Splurge After Divorce

Is Michael Lai’s post-divorce splurging a form of “revenge spending”?

Since their divorce announcement in May, Gillian Chung’s (钟欣潼) ex-husband Michael Lai (赖弘国), has been enjoying the high life of a swinging bachelor recently. With an annual income of nearly 5 million Chinese yuan, the 31-year-old Taiwanese gynecologist had spent nearly CNY 2 million on luxurious purchases.

Luxury Spending from Pent-up Demand

Calling his recent expenditure “post-divorce revenge spending,” it was reported that Michael’s high-profile purchases include a CNY 1.3 million luxury car, CNY 500,000 high-end watch, and all sorts of haute couture items. Due to his largesse and huge spending, the local branded store even organized a small party to send him off.

It was worth noting that Michael did not have such high purchasing power before his marriage to Gillian. After marriage, he launched a new medical clinic business leveraging on her fame, which led to a huge growth in his income. He also started attending many WeChat business meetups in China in the capacity of “Gillian’s husband”. Michael’s aesthetic medical business also attracted the interest of Barbie Hsu (徐熙媛), who alleged sold her million-dollar homes so her husband Wang Xiaofei (汪小菲) can invest shares in the clinic practice.

Pampered Gillian Materially But Still Failed to Win Her Love?

Previously, a good friend of Michael allegedly revealed that he had not been happy at all during the time he was with Gillian, saying “Michael Lai did not even dare to buy any new clothes during the one-year-plus marriage.”

According to a local report, Michael had tried his utmost and spent millions on Gillian, “bringing her all over the world, footing the bill for their Los Angeles wedding, Hawaii vacation, and Maldives honeymoon, fulfilling whatever romantic or pragmatic items she wanted, but he still could not win back Gillian’s love after spending his family’s riches.” Although Michael was asked about the rumor that he had depleted all his savings, he has yet to reply on the matter.

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Gillian Chung’s Husband Had Trouble Keeping Up With Her Extravagant Lifestyle

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