Gillian Chung’s Management Company Sent a Gag Order to Her Ex-Husband?

While many people are shocked by Gillian Chung (鍾欣潼) and Michael Lai‘s (賴弘國) divorce, their separation was not supposed to be announced until months later. After signing separation papers on March 1, the couple initially agreed to let Gillian’s management company Emperor Entertainment Group (EEG) handle all the divorce matters.

When the media broke the couple’s divorce news yesterday, Michael thought that EEG had changed its plan, which prompted him to share more details of why their marriage failed on Instagram. Concerned that these intimate details would ultimately impact Gillian’s image and professional profile, EEG was forced to take actions and sent a gag order to Michael.

When the couple decided to divorce, Michael agreed to cooperate with Gillian and let EEG handle all the public announcements. EEG also asked Michael not to discuss any details and to wait until the second half of the year before speaking out. Things clearly did not go as planned after Michael posted his marriage woes and as a result, Michael had been receiving phone calls from EEG.

Adding to Michael’s stress, the media dug into his colorful dating history, which led many netizens to accuse him of being unfaithful to Gillian. While Michael’s friends also spoke to the media to reiterate that the reason for the divorce is not due to a third party, it has not helped the situation and left Michael feeling depressed.

EGG Response

As the media sought Gillian’s side of the story, her manager Mani Fok (霍汶希) said, “Gillian and Michael signed a separation agreement and have not officially divorced yet. We all hope that the two can take a few months to calm down as they try to salvage their marriage. That’s why it was decided to wait until the second half of the year to monitor the situation, and then make an announcement.”

Mani added, “There is a clause in their separation agreement that asks both parties to protect the content of the agreement and the details of the marriage. The letter sent by Gillian’s lawyer was just a reminder.”

Source: HK01

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  1. Normally when you marry someone, there would be a question of marrying his/her family too. But in this case this guy not only marrying the girl but her whole company. A wedding involves the company, now divorce also involving the company too? There are many celebrities got married, getting marry but it’s between 2 of them. Not like this pair, having a len extravagant wedding organized by her company to get publicity, now divorce is the same way

  2. lol never knew Micheal also married EEG too. Of course, Gillian and EEG are all about saving her image and making sure she comes out of this marriage with the better image. I find it ridiculous that they want to shut Micheal up but yet sources claiming to be Gillian’s friends are making claims against him. I don’t see why he should get attack one-sided. It is seriously his bad luck marrying Gillian who almost bankrupt him only to find out she didn’t love him enough and now he can’t even defend himself from all these accusations.

    1. @vlol
      I agree and her company is now making one sided attacks against him. Honestly, I think he was cursed marrying Gillian. First she sucked him dry out of every penny, asked for a divorce and now he gets attacked and cannot defend himself. I feel bad for him and I am beginning to feel that this divorce will be a blessing in disguise for him in the long term. He will look back on this and think, thank goodness I got rid of that annoying gold digger and her accomplices.

      1. @hetieshou beautifully expressed, I couldn’t agree more. It is a cruel rule that when you are not a celebrity, or a very rich entrepreneur married to a celebrity, you will be the scapegoat, to make the celebrity look like the poor, mistreated victim come divorce time.

      2. @renren
        Thanks and sadly celebrities seem to get favored above average citizens. Marrying a celebrity can be a curse which is what happened to Micheal.

  3. So the next time Gillian get married, will she still receive such perks from her recording company and boss?

  4. This is a one-sided strategy from Gillian and EEG to damage Michael’s reputation to make herself as the victim. This is to protect Gillian’s image and may even enhance it. It is a disgrace tbh. Suddenly everyone around her jumps out to blame Michael for being immature. How would they know anyway? Were they married to him too or they heard this from Gillian? Then reports of Michael cheating and negative news. We all know who has the power over the media …

    1. @jimmyszeto
      I agree and what a shameful thing they are doing. Gillian and EEG truly have no shame as they are using the media to damage Micheal’s reputation. First Gillian sucks him dry and now they are attacking him with every tactic they can. Hopefully, everyone is not so naive to believe everything they read or hear from the media. Just like with Covid 19, the media is milking that topic to the bone, but how much of it is actually true?

      1. @hetieshou
        With mass media and Gillian’s friends coming out to blame Michael, the average guy reading in the news will just start believing it is true. Not many will care enough to think it through because it’s not a topic of their concern. She is going to come out of it nice and good while a Michael will be perceived as a useless man who cheats, barely can make a living and immature like a child. That’s the picture they have painted on him….

      2. @jimmyszeto
        Very well said and as a celebrity, she gets the edge that Micheal does not. The power of the media is truly strong. They are using the power of the media to paint a good picture of Gillian and a very bad one for Micheal. What a bad and shameful thing to do. Karma will bite them back when the time comes.

      3. @hetieshou
        The marriage we do not know what happened prior, during or how it ended. What we know though is one side is dictating the aftermath while one is likely helplessly getting bullied to pieces. Differences in forces and power behind the scenes…

  5. Both of them are not meant to be together in the first place while knowing each other bad habits. Both of them got a bad past and didnt learn their mistakes at all.

  6. So the next time Gillian get married, will she still receive perks and expensive gifts from her company and boss?

    1. @hayden
      Honestly, anyone who is sane will not want to marry her, especially after this whole fiasco. Unless they are desperate…

      1. @hetieshou She’s not unmarriable because she had sex with an ex and it was photographed and published without her permission. I wouldn’t be judgmental here. What makes her not a fitting partner for him is that she married for the wrong reasons or no reason at all. She would be even crazier if she stayed married to someone she didn’t love. EEG has to calm the f*** down though.

      2. @jesspepperwang
        In a traditional sense, who would accept her? Those who are traditional would not want a daughter in law like her. However, pushing that aside, the way she and her company are handling this divorce is terrible. Also, as you said, she married for the wrong reasons and to a guy she did not love. I truly wonder if the guy loved her as well… From what I feel, she did not love him at all but maybe was using him for validation. She doesn’t seem like the type that is suitable for marriage life. Plus, a successful marriage takes much more than love. I felt they are not compatible. Just the money issue alone is enough to destroy it all. Plus all of the other problems that they have on top of that too. How can their marriage be a success?

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