The Dark Side of Entertainment: Candy Yuen to Release Tell-All Book

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The Dark Side of Entertainment: Candy Yuen to Release Tell-All Book

Former TVB actress Candy Yuen (袁嘉敏), who made her debut through the 2009 Miss Hong Kong Pageant, had to strip for her fame. After failing to find success with TVB, the 32-year-old actress left the agency in 2013 for the big screen, where she earned some notability for her “sex scenes”. It was, however, her nude scene in 2015’s The Gigolo <鴨王> that pushed her to prominence, becoming Hong Kong’s new sexy goddess.

While the title as Hong Kong’s sexy goddess did earn Candy some good money, it wasn’t something that she enjoyed being. In an interview, Candy tearfully revealed that there were often times when people would force themselves upon her, or sign her up to dinner meetings where she would be unwilling to attend. With no one to support her, she would have no choice but to silently endure. What devastated her the most, however, was that not even her boyfriend nor friends could understand the pain she was going through.

“I’ve probably turned down over a hundred dinner invitations,” she said. “The prices range from twenty to two million. Usually they would send me the invitations through WeChat, and their messages get more and more daring.”

Candy shared an incident where a middle-man had invited her to an anniversary company dinner in Beijing. She agreed, as the man was able to provide her with many legitimate details of the party. It wasn’t until she was about to board the plane when she realized that this “dinner” only comprised of her and the man.

“When I did events in China, there would be times when I would be forced to attend dinners,” she said. “I would say no each time. Maybe that’s why negative rumors about me started to spread online, about how paying $28,000 would get me to sing and to bed. Every time I see these rumors I start crying. It’s not true at all!”

Incidents of Candy being taken advantage of don’t just happen in the Mainland. She shared one incident in Hong Kong: “The four of us ate together that day. Nothing particularly strange was happening, but at the end of our meal, the senior [actor] told me to go to the bathroom. When I came back, a man handed me a red envelope, and told me to wish him good health. That envelope had nearly $10,000. The senior immediately took the envelope out of my hands. He is an actor with a lot of credibility in the public. I still feel scared thinking about it.”

Even taxi drivers would ask Candy what her “price” was. “I was wearing a black jacket that day. I was pretty wrapped up, but after dropping me off, the taxi driver texted me and said he would like to go to a hotel with me, and asked me what time. There was also another incident where a truck driver wrote ‘I’m so excited’ to me. I immediately had to block him!”

Candy has expressed her intention to release a tell-all book. She will be releasing one more photobook before retiring from the industry.

Source: Eastweek

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    1. m0m0 says:

      well, it’s kinda the price to pay to get famous the way she did. asia is still a “closed” society when it comes to anything sex related. at least she gets to tell about her harassments. others before her like shu qi and le li jeng probably encountered the same ordeal but there wasn’t such an outlet back then.

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    2. rucofan1100 says:

      a little bit confused, so the senior actor saved her from the incident, or was he part of the scheme too?

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      • rainbow28 replied:

        I think the senior actor is part of the scheme because he is the one who organized the dinner, told the girl to go to the washroom so they can discuss about her, and he took the red envelope money most likely as the middle-man fee. He probably knows the girl most likely says no so he took the introduction referral fee so quickly.

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        • rucofan1100 replied:

          @rainbow28 yea i’m leaning in that direction too, with the way she’s wording it. though optimistic me was really hoping that maybe he was her knight in shining armor, sigh…

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    3. hayden says:

      Wonder if ppl eg Tang Wei and Maria Ozawa faced the same thing like her. If yes then they able to pull it through successfully.

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    4. That’s disgusting. No one deserves to go through such disrespectful and horrifying treatment.

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