Elaine Ng Says Daughter Is Not Pretty Enough

Former TVB actress Elaine Ng (吳綺莉) invited actress Candy Yuen (袁嘉敏) as a guest star for her radio show at DBC. Impressed with Candy’s straightforward personality, Elaine said having Candy on her show would make for an interesting and entertainment segment. Candy expressed that she had interviewed Elaine once before, but their talk only lasted for three minutes.

At the mention of the 2015 Miss Hong Kong Pageant, Elaine, the winner of 1990’s Miss Asia Pageant, said she watches the show every year. “As someone who came into this industry through a beauty pageant, I watch it every year. I do feel that beauty pageants are getting more and more challenging. We need to have all sorts of talents to get people’s attention. In the past, Hong Kong only had about 6 million people. Now including the Mainland, we have 1.3 billion. It’s a competition.”

However, Elaine does not find beauty to be a competition for her 16-year-old daughter Etta Ng (吳卓林). “She’s already back in school. I told her that since she’s not pretty enough, she should work harder in her studies. But honestly, if she was a beautiful girl, I’d always be worried for her!”

Asking if Etta would be unhappy after hearing her mother criticize her, Elaine joked, “That’s why I put her in an international school. She doesn’t read Chinese newspapers.”

Etta has just completed her first summer job. Although Elaine is happy to see her daughter working, she feels frustrated at her daughter’s poor management of time and money. “She wanted to learn horse riding so I signed her up for some classes. But she does not know how to manage her time; she skipped her $700 HKD classes to go to her $60 HKD per hour job. Well, consider this an experience.”

Candy, on the other hand, has been busy with jobs in Mainland China. Burnt out, expressed that she needs to hire a manager to handle her schedule. “I fly back once a day. Sometimes, the flight would be delayed, and I’d waste a lot time. Because of this, I wouldn’t be able to go home or back to a hotel to sleep.”

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. what a terrible thing to say to your own daugther!
    ughhh i really dislike her after her big drug/suicide/child abuse scandal

    1. @hkeni

      I don’t see anything wrong with her comment. She’s being objective and unbiased and true to her feelings. It’s not like she’s calling Etta ugly, Her approach is much better than most mother that give their children undeserving credit resulting in them being narcissistic later on in life.

      1. @anon it’s the way she said SINCE she’s not pretty enough, she should work harder.

        is that implying that IF she was pretty enough, she doesn’t need to work hard and can just use her looks for success?

        i agree that parents shouldn’t shower their children with unrealistic praise that can cause them to be narcissistic or arrogant, but she’s putting value on her apearance rather than her hard work and effort and that is what bothers me. regardless of her outward beauty, she should encourage her daughter to work hard.

      2. @hkeni

        She was implying that if she was beautiful enough. She wouldn’t need to work hard. This can be taken as a joke, or she seriously meant that.

        Reality is, partly, she is speaking the truth. This is how reality works. Whether she was joking or she meant what she said, we can debate that endlessly. Don’t forget that this is a translated article. It can easily be taken out of context from translation.

        I’m sure she’s encouraging her daughter to work hard.

  2. Well, I think Elaine isn’t lying at the very least. She doesn’t think her daughter is pretty. Objectively speaking, this is true. People get so PC about everything nowadays and lets their sensitivity rule over the truth.

    Elaine doesn’t have to tell everyone how she doesn’t think her daughter’s pretty, but at the same time…well, at least she’s living in the real world.

  3. Elaine is just telling her daughter exactly what she would hear from the media and netizens which value women mainly on outward appearances. On this forum,actresses are constantly criticized for not being pretty enough.

  4. I am sure Etta will develop into a very beautiful person if people will leave her alone to grow up out of the limelight.

    Come on, her mum’s comments were probably taken out of context and also no parent gushes about how beautiful their children are unless they are attention seeking.

    One thing Etta needs to do is to find her own identity, all she needs to do is to look at her brother to notice that being Jackie Chan’s child is not easy. Also maybe her Mum needs to also find her own identity too other than being Jackie Chan’s ex-mistress for her own daughter’s sake.

  5. “She’s already back in school. I told her that since she’s not pretty enough, she should work harder in her studies. But honestly, if she was a beautiful girl, I’d always be worried for her!”

    Have to read it in the context. She didn’t actually mean anything horrible by what she was trying to say.
    Her daughter looks like her and can’t say she’s pretty at all. Don’t know how she won the Miss Asia

    1. @mike

      Agreed. I thought the statement was kind of harsh, even if it were true according to society’s standard of beauty. Like come on why do you think Asian women have the highest rate of depression? Our culture believes in humility/modesty but that in tune can lead to self-esteem, speaking from experience.

      Coming from Elaine who isn’t even pretty (how did she win a beauty pageant? Was the standard of beauty THAT different back in 1990?)

      I feel bad for her daughter, living under all this pressure because of who her parent(s) is/are.

  6. This content has been hidden as the member is suspended.

  7. I think Elaine did not mean to hurt her daughter. She was only stating a fact, and the reporters blew it up big!

  8. I really feel bad for the daughter. No mother should ever said her daughter is not pretty enough, granted she wants her daughter to do better in school, but this is a terrible way to encourage a child. There are so many different ways to deliver that message, but to say to the media her daughter is not pretty enough – she won’t be nominated for mother of the year anytime soon.

    1. @winnie i honestly understood her statement as she, being the mother, might think that her daughter, Etta, is beautiful but doesnt want Etta to grow up narcissistic and think that her looks will get her far so she tells her daughter that so that HOPEFULLY, her child will work hard and achieve things with her own hard work.

    2. @winnie
      Mothers criticize their daughter’s looks in one way or another. My mom does it a lot but she is my mom so what can I say? But it depends on how you do it and how often. Basically, some mothers are never happy about their daughter’s looks.

  9. I like to assume she said that out offf love. She wants etta to focus on the brain than beauty. that is totally fine. However, The thing that doesnt sit right with me s that she said this over a broadcast which heard by hundreds, millions. Even if she meant well, etta must have felt a sting, pinch, a needle stab. the girl is still young where self esteem and imagine can break or make her. Unless the daughter and mother is on this sort of joking level, it was unwitty, unsensitive, and unclassy to say something like that on air.

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