Candy Yuen’s Nude Scenes in Category III Movie Leaked Online

Former Miss Hong Kong 2009 participant Candy Yuen (袁嘉敏) hopes to revive her stagnant career by stripping in Wong Jing’s (王晶) latest Category III movie, The Gigolo <鴨王>. Although the movie will be released on January 29, 2015, a video clip showing Candy in full-frontal nudity was leaked online.

Candy Yuen 3Although pixelated stills of Candy topless in a yacht scene circulated earlier this week, the uncensored version surfaced today. In the scene, Candy seduces Dominic Ho (何浩文), whom she hopes to be her exclusive gigolo for a month. The video clip and photos became an Internet sensation and was circulated widely through social media platforms and discussion forums.

Unhappy that Candy’s nude clips and pictures were leaked before the official premiere, director Au Cheuk Man (區焯文) personally contacted the forum administrators and requested the discussion thread and related videos to be deleted. Afraid more material would be leaked, Au vows to find the culprit behind the leaked material.

Disappointed that parts of the movie were unveiled before the screening, Candy urged fans to watch The Gigolo in theaters. Candy expressed, “You need to watch it in theaters! Because it’s in high definition – it’s a lot clearer.” Asked if she is afraid that box office sales would be affected, Candy said, “There are six scenes with full nudity. These two scenes [that were leaked] were less intense; there are even more extreme ones.”

Admits to Zero Contact With Jeana Ho

During the filming of The Gigolo, it was reported that Candy was not on good terms with co-star Jeana Ho (何佩瑜). Although denying that there was any tension between them, Candy openly admitted to having almost zero contact with her Jeana.

Candy revealed, “I don’t even have her contact information. There was the interview in December, and I’ve also seen her twice during the blessing ceremony. In my opinion, it’s important to focus on making a good movie and only needing to communicate when necessary. I don’t like gossip. After receiving my compensation, I only want to focus on doing a good job in the movie. I actually isolate myself and I’ve never spoken to her face-to-face.”

Candy said she does not know Jeana well and did not stay in touch after filming the movie. “I’m scared that she might turn around and tell others that I’m annoying her.”


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  1. Feel sorry for Candy Yuen. She is pretty and acted quite well in TVB drama series, but she was never promoted by TVB.

    1. i can only remember her role as a triade boss’s wife in lives of omission,but i hope she will not regret her move,once you enter this kind of roles you are marked for the rest of your life as a cat3 star.

      1. lives of omission…as the mistress of that actor (cheong kwok keong) right?
        once she strips, she can forget about going on straight path again.

      2. @janet: There are actresses that ended up having successful careers after filming CAT-3 movies. Shu Qi and Loletta Lee both ended up winning best actress awards afterwards.

        I don’t know if Candy has any acting skills, but hey if this is her way of getting herself out there…why not go for it. There’s not a lot of films being made in HK right now and I guess she wanted to make a name for herself to be casted elsewhere.

      3. yes shu qi is succesful as an actress but she said she regreted that she ever have done nude movies,she also asked to stop publicing her nude photos.its understandable if once an actress become famous they will not be remembered as a cat3 star.

    2. Her acting was quite average tbh, probably lack of opportunities/miscast.

      1. Every artiste needs a good character, good co-artistes, and a good script to shine. Agree that Candy Yuen did best as the wife/mistress of a triad, and she did well. But she never had any other heavier roles to act during her stay in Hong Kong, unlike the current newbies such as Sisley Choi, Grace Chan, Tracy Chu, etc.

      2. Candy Yuen was Peter Chan’s (Sandra Kwan’s husband) assistant before participating in Miss Hong Kong Beauty Pageant Show. She was nominated by Sandra Ng Kwan-Yu in the Beauty Show. I was surprised that he (or they) did not give her a hand in landing some good roles in the entertainment industry.

        Candy looks like a young Kenix Kwok. I am surprised, too, that TVB did not try to promote her to be another Kenix Kwok, especially Kenix is almost retired from acting now.

      3. By nominating her in the Miss HK, they had already given her a hand in entering the industry. The rest is up to her. I think if it had been Eric Tsang instead of Sandra Ng, she would have had more luck in landing roles. But now that she’s chosen the nude path, I’m sorry to say her acting career, at conservative TVB at least, is over.

      4. Sorry, I meant Sandra Ng Kwan Yu, not Sandra Kwan. It was my typo.

      5. @sandcherry: I read somewhere that Sandra Ng is actually her agent now.

        I was surprised TVB never promoted her as a host. She did pretty well during the olympics on sports commentary and I felt she was even better than her male counterparts.

      6. Really? To get her to act those Cat 3 movies …………..

  2. hollywood actresses get naked all the time but they can make good movies out of it…why is that every time a HK actress take off their clothes it has to be a stupid sleazy wong jing crap movie

    1. Exactly! Famous actresses like Kate Winslet strip in films without criticism but with HK stars once they’ve stripped in a film, it’s a big deal.

      1. because they strip in cheap films and cat 3 films? lol films kate are in are goood movies not cat 3 movies. lol u cant compare titanic and the gigolo lol

      2. If she had stripped for James Cameron, it will not be the end…unfortunately she stripped for Wong Jing who is known for sleazy movies…gone case.

      3. If she had stripped for James Cameron, there is still hope to be on path to stardom…but stripping for Wong Jing is gone case.

      4. it’s the difference between lee an and wong jing. nobody really ever said tong wei is a cat3 star….

      5. I think it depends on the type of film…winslet was in an arthouse vehicle…not a soft porn. CatIII is soft porn and no hollywood actress would get a good reputation in these types of movies…remember that save by the bell girl in that strip tease film…yeah..she got nowhere with taking that career risk

    2. Because capitalism? If there’s a market for it then why not?

      If you want tastefully done nude scenes in a Chinese movie I can recommend ‘Lust, Caution’ by Ang Lee. Tang Wei was simply fantastic, even outshining Tony Leung in some scenes.

  3. this jeana girl is in every gossip not getting well w/ her female costars. i think she also had fights w/ dada.

  4. Candy looks old in these pictures.. she looked so much better in line walker.

  5. Candy looks so much better in line walker.. these pictures make her look old.

  6. She won in 2009??? I thought she was from the 1980s tbh

    1. No, Candy is quite young. Should be under 30 or 30 the most.

  7. Will the actor also be baring it all? Or is nudity only curtailed for actresses?

  8. Such a shame that Candy has to strip for her career…her image is too wholesome for this…i hope it will pay off for her with more tv/film roles but it will be probably just lead to more Cat III movies…

  9. does anyone still have the video? the youtube link doesn work 🙁

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