The Reasons Behind Joey Yung and Denise Ho’s Break Up

The public was shocked after Joey Yung (容祖兒) and Wilfred Lau’s (劉浩龍) new romance was exposed. Rumored to be an ex-lover of both Joey and Wilfred, Denise Ho (何韻詩) felt betrayed.  Yesterday, a rare photo of Joey and Denise sharing their “last embrace” circulated furiously on Facebook. More details of Joey and Denise’s former relationship were unfolding….

Joey Yung and Denise Ho’s romantic relationship has been a known secret for the last 5 years.  Although the “good friends” often spoke highly of each other in interviews, Joey and Denise never publicly admitted that they dated each other. Oriental Daily reported that Joey and Denise may have broken up at the end of last year, with Denise currently romantically linked with Taiwanese actress, Deng Jiuyun (鄧九雲).

According to Ming Pao, Denise focused on developing her career in Taiwan and mainland China, appearing in theatrical productions such as Jia Bao Yu <賈寶玉> in recent months. As Denise spent less time in Hong Kong, the emotional distance between Denise and Joey increased. The days when the two women confided their greatest secrets in each other grew rarer.

Joey Sad While Embracing Denise for the Last Time


Yesterday, top secret photos of Joey and Denise in a “last embrace” leaked on Facebook. Joey appeared to be in grief, with the photo eliciting bittersweet feelings since the couple’s romance was now in the past tense.

In February, Joey watched Denise perform in Jia Bao Yu and visited her backstage after the musical performance. Denise quickly engulfed Joey in a deep hug.  It was understood that Joey and Denise have already broken up at that point.

Wilfred Lau: An Insensitive Lover?

Wilfred Lau’s high profile declaration, “I like Joey!” and admission that he was dating the 32-year-old singing sensation has resulted in a strong backlash. Fans blasted Wilfred for his insensitivity in revealing the budding romance at such an early stage. Some questioned whether he possessed ulterior motives of self-publicity. Wilfred’s remarks hurt Denise deeply and put Joey in an awkward position. EEG owner, Albert Yeung (楊受成), wondered whether Wilfred was trustworthy and that Joey may be hurt in the relationship.

What may have been good news of two people finding love quickly became a public scolding drama. The financial gap between Joey, with assets of $300 million HKD, and Wilfred was too wide. Allegedly, many of Joey’s friends did not have a good outlook towards Joey and Wilfred as a couple. Their friends were unaware that there was a new budding romance, assuming that Wilfred had only stepped in to look after Joey while Denise was in Taiwan.

Aside from the shock in Joey and Wilfred’s relationship, the perception was that Wilfred had “stolen” Joey from Denise. Thus, Wilfred was quick to point out that when he and Joey started dating, both of them were single. Wilfred clearly implied that no cheating had occurred in the Wilfred-Joey-Denise love triangle.

Since Wilfred’s love declaration, he has reportedly not seen Joey for an entire week. Placing great importance upon her career, it was rumored that Joey will observe the relationship, ready to end it at any time if necessary.

Source: Ming Pao

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Jayne: Fans seem unable to let Joey and Denise romance go, while Wilfred Lau continues to take heat on all sides.

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  1. So Wilfred is straight, Joey is bi and Denise is a lesbian. Interesting mix.

      1. I would not say it is strange since bi’s, lesbians, gays and even transsexuals are more accepted now then in the past. But of course, it depends on where we are in the world too. I think the society in HK is still really against it due to their traditional views.

      1. This does sound like a good plot for a drama.

      2. HK citizens would be sending complaints left and right to the Broadcasting Authority if this was a plot in one of the dramas. Gays, lesbians and bisexuals are still considered to be taboo in the eyes of the older generation. I’m happy to see that more are accepting of homosexuality but the vast majority aren’t.

    1. some people just love someone who cares for them

    2. Think so too. TVB should make this into a drama since they run out of ideas these days

    3. well Joey did come out with an album titled Bi-heart….

  2. there’s no more denying Denise and Joey didn’t share an intimate relationship. it’s perfectly clear in those photos. I wonder how it got out?

  3. I wouldn’t call those intimate photos. It’s just of two girls hugging…

  4. drama and drama… I hope Joey will dump C-HIng soon too 🙂

  5. I feel sorry for Joey. She’s so famous and rich. I bet, it doesn’t matter what boyfriend Joey has, people will tell her to dump him because of thier difference. And this is her personal life, why do people have to be so nosy and comment about it?

  6. So when they had sex they scissored right?

  7. it’s sad that their relationship ended this way..well, in opinion, joey and denise are more like a couple than w/ wilfred. but joey already put up her mind, so we cant say much. poor denise, im having a feeling that all this she has been trying to win joey back but instead got this hear breaking news.

  8. i am hoping denise can stay strong- there are so many people out there who truly care for her so why pain herself with suc a relationship? she deserves better than this

  9. Just so we’re clear, people are taking this as evidence that they went out?

    If the report is indeed true, and they broke up and were still trying to remain as friends, Wilfred is a jerk for publicly announcing his relationship and making it more difficult for them.

    Jayne, perhaps fans are so keen on the romance because they sense genuine love, very Sammi-Andy like.

    1. yes, i think fans are willing to accept the lesbian relationship because they see true love.

  10. just want joey to find her mr.right soon and start a family

  11. Hi All,

    For starters, I wished that the media in HK would leave these 2 poor girls alone! Already being put in a very glaring spotlight, media speculations really add salt to the wound. I feel for the both of them, being gay/bi especially in the entertainment industry is not an easy thing to be accepted, especially in Asian countries.

    No matter what happens I wished & pray for Denise to overcome this hurdle soon, find some peace to move on and start anew. Sames goes to Joey. Life is too short to dwell too long in pain. Mourn + cry if needed to & move on – what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!

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