Tony Hung Reacts Strongly to Paris Attack

The world was in mourning when Paris was brutally attacked by terrorists on Friday, November 13. The coordinated attacks, consisting of suicide bombings and mass shootings, killed at least 130 people in Stade de France and the Bataclan Theatre. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attacks, and French President Francois Hollande vowed to retaliate without mercy.

Many Hong Kong celebrities trended #PrayForParis on their social media accounts and reacted strongly to the incident. On Instagram, Tony Hung (洪永城) posted an image that read “KEEP CALM AND KILL ISIS,” also writing, “To lessen violence, one must use more violence.”

The ISIS attacks on Paris was personally alarming for Tony, who has been to the Middle East for his travelogue documentary, 2012’s Pilgrimage of Hope <走過烽火大地>. While Tony was taking the public transit in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, Lebanese soldiers demanded Tony to get off the car, pointing their guns at him. A tank was also nearby with its large tank gun aimed straight at Tony. He said he was so scared that his legs were visibly shaking, and that his mind went absolutely blank.

While some netizens supported Tony’s words on Instagram, praising that Tony “has guts”, some netizens left comments saying that violence cannot solve problems, and that one should advocate for world peace.

Anthony Wong (黃秋生) also shared his reaction on Facebook, writing, “These aren’t terrorists. These are crazy people. They are murderers.” However, Anthony disagreed with Tony’s comment about using violence against violence, expressing that these organizations should be stopped, not killed, so bloodshed can be avoided.


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  1. I wonder how these people can,advocate world,peace to isis? I am sure the world wants to know. Isis are fanatics that can be cant be tortured or tempted by money or fear or women or men. They claimed they planted the bomb in the recently downed plane, daily massacre back At home and now this. Lets wipe off the pc rubbish. You dont wipe them off now, it becomes an invincible hydra.

    So tony is right and he has guts to post that.

    I am however against violence against fellow muslims not of isis group but i hope fellow muslims stop praising jihadi johns and mean what they say when they condemn isis actions.

  2. I am just worried that after this incident, people will get more hostile towards everyday Muslims instead of just targeting the extremists. We shouldn’t overcome violence with violence nor promote violence. But sadly, if we don’t so anything about it, they would just get crazier and crazier. They world is hoping down the drain, whether we like it or not.

    1. @elizabeth I am not worried. America won’t even bomb ISIS at their stronghold, I don’t think there will be backlash on other muslims since this happened in Europe. Problem now is borders will be closed and genuine refugees will be locked out. I also do not like retaliating with violence. However I don’t see it as violence. Someone just killed hundreds of your citizens in a coordinated effort simply because you hold a view opposite to theirs. These people are well known for their brutality and their monstrosity. Do we sit by and do nothing like how it was back in WWII? Let the virus fester until millions die for reasons until now I still don’t get? History will prove it isn’t retaliation nor is it violence but rather defending our very way of life, our liberties, our freedoms and sometimes you need to be tough to achieve that.

      My concern is more for those muslims who may not join ISIS in action but in hearts, praise the Jihadi Johns. These are the next generations of ISIS or people who would raise fellow future members of ISIS. And I do suspect why so many westerners travel to join ISIS is because they’re psychopaths and here is an environment where psychopaths can do whatever they want, much like concentration camps. Like Disneyland to them.

      One thing about ISIS is they also attack fellow muslims who are moderate. So maybe those muslims who refuses to do something will now understand; these are fanatics who refuses to listen, who kills everyone, muslims including. Maybe the world will unite but right now, I doubt it. There are radicals out there in heart and that is what scares me too.

      I am also surrounded by fellow muslims. I work in an environment where 99.99% are muslims and they are decent hardworking people. But they are like extreme pendulums. They are either one end of moderate or one end of extremist. No in betweens, I have had fellow moderate muslims who are good people who once told me they totally get why 9-11 happened and in some way Americans deserve it. I was absolutely appalled.

      There is no buts people. No buts at all. Either you agree or disagree. No buts. Anyone with a but should be questioned of their character.

      1. @funnlim

        ISIS needs to be stopped but for some reason, you don’t actually see or highlight the bigger picture. Whether people are for a peaceful resolution or a warlike approach, ISIS needs to be destroyed because they have marked us as the enemy.

        However, this will not solve the problem. Another group or banner will simply take its place once again. The reason? The western governments will simply stir up trouble before long. They are the sponsor responsible for the mess and conflict around the world especially between Europe and Middle East for the last thousand of years.

        You can see the timeline of history starting from the crusades to World War I and II. Post World War II they left behind a state called Israel and allied with people like Saddam Hussein in Iraq against others like Iran only to later turn their guns on them. Please see the war between Iran and Iraq and followed by the Invasion of Iraq by the U.S. And U.K. due to “mass weapons of destruction” only to prove unfounded and later turn into so called liberation.

        Please look at Al Qaeda and Taliban who funded them before turning their guns on them when it suits them.

        Now look at Free Syrian Army who funded them? In turn they funded ISIS with money, weapons and troops.

        All of this was orchestrated by the U.S. and the western governments. Destroy ISIS by all means since we have no choice because of the threat they pose, but if you really think they are the real enemy to world peace. You got it all wrong.

      2. @gingermessiah So, according to your thesis, real peace can be achieved only when all western governments (Russia included?)are destroyed along with ISIS.

        Very interesting. And by default, China will then ascended to the throne of the World’s only Super Power.

      3. @aiya

        Thesis? Far from it. It is cold hard fact. But in response to your suggestion that real peace can be achieved by the destruction of all western governments. Even that will not achieve world peace.

        You will have a “more” peaceful world when governments stop meddling in others’ affairs, but on the level of human nature, there will always be conflict and world peace cannot be obtained.

        Now back to the original response to Funn’s comment, it was to highlight how destroying ISIS will not stop a repeat of the same terrorist attacks, as another will take its place.

        I’m not certain why we have to bring China into the debate. So long as there are people, governments and power/national interest struggles. The war rages on and blame terrorists all you want. The Earth doesn’t bomb itself up, it’s us humans who are doing it to each other for self gains, vengeance and in the name of moral justice. It’s a cycle. Deal with it.

  3. You can destroy ISIS but there’ll still be Islamic related extremism. Why? Because:

    And there’s 500 more verses.
    “Christians will cry out to Allah’s partners, but they won’t hear them; Allah will send them to their doom.”
    “Allah plots against non-Muslims.”
    “[Remember] when your Lord inspired to the angels, “I am with you, so strengthen those who have believed. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieved, so strike [them] upon the necks and strike from them every fingertip.”

    People can go psycho with these verses because it’s there.

  4. With extreme terrorist like those people, there is no use reasoning with them as they will not listen. Using violence and wiping them out is the only solution. But even then, it’s hard to filter all of them out. I just feed bad for the refugees who are now denied entrance because border are no longer welcoming them.

  5. How do you stop someone who is brainwashed and mentally twisted? Only way to end ISIS is to kill and eliminate them.

    1. @jane626
      I left a comment on here which is awaiting moderation but you can’t…
      I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieved, so strike [them] upon the necks and strike from them every fingertip.” [8:12]
      The Jews say, “Ezra is the son of Allah “; and the Christians say, “The Messiah is the son of Allah .” That is their statement from their mouths; they imitate the saying of those who disbelieved [before them]. May Allah destroy them; how are they deluded? [9:30]

      These verses are really in the Koran. No wonder they’re mentally twisted, their insanity is based upon this.

  6. “To lessen violence, one must use more violence.”
    But that will only create more violence! An eye for an eye, will make the world go blind.

    1. @melodylai It is not revenge. I dislike what some says this is like revenge. It is not. It is time to pull the grass all the way at the roots. It is nothing personal. It is what must be done. They are poking our eyes. You think sitting back they will stop poking? Nope. Diplomacy doesn’t work with psychopaths-fanatics. They are not interested in reason. So by all mean poke their eyes out and remember to pull out the other eye as well.

  7. The ISIS today is nothing more than the KKK of the yesteryear. They won’t disappear totally until the rest of the population agrees that what they’re doing is wrong and will come in to break them apart. They weren’t even valid threat until Saddam Hussein was gotten rid of, and these factions had time to grow.

    ISIS needs to be removed. Their petty plays are becoming problematic.

    1. @coralie ISIS is much more than the KKK of yesterday. While the latter were just a domestic hate group that stirred up violence against a portion of the domestic population, the former has become a military force challenging countries and states.

      The rise of ISIS came only after the complete withdrawal of US troops from Iraq. During the US involvement in Iraq, ISIS, then known as Al Qaeda in Iraq, was actually driven out and had to settle in Syria. It was the presence of iSIS in Iraq, along with the assumption of Saddam having weapons of mass destruction, that formed the pretext for the US invasion.

      1. @aiya “The rise of ISIS came only after the complete withdrawal of US troops from Iraq.”

        Not really. Just a matter of time. And US troops can’t be in Iraq forever. What matters now is NOW. What will they do? Pound them I say.

      2. @aiya Most of the hatred from ISIS stems from poverty and many years of U.S. interference. They are as formidable as they are poor. The poorer they are, the more they are against the U.S. and all other wealthier nations. They have wrecked considerable damage world-wide, but I don’t think their motivations will keep afloat if they’re no longer struggling to live and raise their families.

        While you may think of the KKK as isolated incidents, consider the fact that KKK stems from ideology of white supremacy, which the Germans were all about that life. But the Germans wouldn’t have been so keen to rid of Jews if the Jews weren’t hoarding all the money and killing business. When livelihoods are at stake, people will do anything to survive. Kill, plunder, pillage.

        When you fix the poverty issue, a lot of other problems will eventually work itself out.

      3. @coralie Do you have any evidence or facts to support your assertion that ISIS or for that matter, Al Qaeda is the result of abject poverty or ignorance? The founder of Al Qaeda, Osama bin Ladden actually came from one of the weathiest family in the Middle East. In fact, many recruits whom ISIS had radicalized are highly educated skilled people and the terrorist group is currently enjoying huge funding from illegal black market oil trade coordinated by these skilled recruits. It does not seem like they are all poor and helpless.

        Frankly I am a bit disturbed by what appears to be your justification of the Final Solution by the Nazi’s. It seems to be straight out of Joseph Goebbels’ Nazi propaganda machine. Reading such vile anti-Semitic comment here in an entertainment oriented forum really sends chills up my spine. I hope I had misread your intend.

      4. @aiya and @happybi – I tried cut & pasting the link from my phone but it’s being incredibly difficult at this moment. Anyways if you so care about reading interviews with ISIS soldiers, Google “The Nation – what I discovered from interviewing imprisoned ISIS soldiers.”

        Just because the leaders were wealthy doesn’t mean most of its followers were or are. They are getting funded but the money might come in the form of artillery and weapons and not in actual daily needs.

      5. @coralie the link basically said that it’s not poverty that create terrorists but the fact people are being brainwashed from higher up, promising them a better society but never deliver. But because of these terrorist action, it causes poverty among the normal citizen. He stated that even people with higher education and money are not immune to being brainwash. He stated some way to address the issue… 1 of them is to stop blaming the West for their issue.

      6. @happybi wow are we even reading the same thing? Was the part where it stated that most Islam extremists were bitter and resentful of Americans because they lost their teenagehood to war and American invasion? And the part where one of the guys they interviewed stated he was introduced to ISIS due to the fact that he had trouble feeding his family and that’s why he joined? That his higher ups gave them food but left them practically to die should they be caught? There is a lot of inference, that you can abstractly tell a lot from. And there’s even part of the interview where it states that most ISIS fighters don’t even strictly follow religious teachings. Theyre just there to fight back because they are given an identity in the ISIS. There are so many points in that article that describes what exactly is the problem over there.

      7. @coralie I’m referring to the link I pasted.. not the interviews with the ISIS soldiers… sigh. I’m not trying to argue but I’m trying to tell you what the person was stating in his article. that poverty is not the trigger point for all terrorists….it’s terrorist that caused poverty.

      8. @aiya and I do think you had misinterpreted my meaning. I don’t mean to justify what the Germans did or advising that the Holocaust was a justifiable measure of “evening the odds.” But I’m just saying, know that economic inequity is a major factor in war and rallying ppl towards a revolting cause because they feel threatened.

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