Tony Hung Spotted on Date with New Girlfriend

After breaking up with Natalie Tong (唐詩詠) in May, Tony Hung (洪永城) has remained single for nearly six months. The couple’s relationship was wrought with negative rumors, such as Tony’s infidelity rumors with his The Learning Curve of a Warlord (大帥哥) costar, Sisley Choi (蔡思貝). Due to his flirtatious nature, it was reported that Tony could not give Natalie a sense of security despite their two-year relationship.

Since the breakup, 33-year-old Tony focused on his career. After six months, Tony may have broken his dry spell. He was recently spotted out on a date with a woman who resembles Rose Chan (陳嘉桓). Keeping things low-profile, Tony would find time to meet with his girlfriend when he did not have work.

The couple was spotted out on a double date for dinner. To avoid being recognized, Tony and his girlfriend sat with their backs to the door. Due to her revealing outfit in a tank top and hot shorts, Tony’s girlfriend’s good figure was easily noticeable.Tony was also very attentive to his girlfriend, often placing food on her plate. It seems as though the couple’s relationship is progressing well.

After dinner, Tony originally intended to step outside with his girlfriend. However, he hesitated and told her to wait inside the restaurant while he went to get the car. When Tony’s car arrived, his girlfriend quickly got into the passenger seat.


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  1. Can’t expect him to be a monk.

    They say it takes half the time the relationship existed to get over the previous person. Natalie + Tony were a couple for 2 years, but given their busy schedule, probably spent about a year of real relationship time together. 6 months is about right =/.

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