Top 11 Most Charismatic Actors of Hong Kong

Having strikingly good looks is never a negative asset, but in order to succeed in the entertainment industry, just being photogenic is not enough to make it big. In order to have the ability to attract the attentions of millions of viewers around the world, having charisma is a must.

Recently, over a hundred of artists among the Hong Kong entertainment industry participated in a poll that asked who they regard as the most charismatic actor in Hong Kong. To be seen as a best actor among the eyes of their colleagues, the actors who make it into this list are definitely the best of the best.

The top 11 from the list of most charismatic actors have been published. Andy Lau (劉德華) and Tony Leung (梁朝偉) share the top spot as the most charismatic actors in Hong Kong. Veteran actors like Chow Yun Fat (周潤發) and Sean Lau (劉青雲) also made it to the list. Even younger rising stars like Raymond Lam (林峯) was placed; Raymond was ranked even higher than hot stars like the perpetually young Aaron Kwok (郭富城) and the multi-talented Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒)!

First Place – Andy Lau and Tony Leung

Both Andy and Tony share the number one spot for the most charismatic actor of Hong Kong, a win that surprises no one. The award-winning movie stars have been superstars since they first debuted in the industry as TVB actors in the early 1980s. Along with Michael Miu (苗僑偉), Kent Tong (湯鎮業), and Felix Wong (黃日華), Andy and Tony were part of the Five Tigers, a group of TVB’s most popular young male actors of the 1980s.

Their success in television had jump-started their historic career in the film industry. When Andy left TVB in the late 80s, he pursued a career in both film and music. Alongside record-breaking singers Jacky Cheung (張學友), Leon Lai (黎明), and Aaron Kwok (郭富城), Andy became known as one of the “Four Heavenly Kings” of the 1990s.

Tony, on the other hand, went to achieve multiple accolades in the film industry. Although Tony’s pair of electrifying eyes has melted the hearts of millions of viewers from around the world, it is Tony’s polished and compelling acting that makes him one of the most respected actors in Hong Kong cinema. Tony’s film collaborations with director Wong Kar Wai (王家衛) are deemed as classics, and so far, no one in Hong Kong’s current film industry has won more celebrated Best Actor awards than Tony.

Third Place – Chow Yun Fat

After nearly four decades in the industry, Chow Yun Fat is still a household name to this day. Since 1986’s A Better Tomorrow <英雄本色>, Fat Gor’s Hong Kong films are often seen as box office guarantees. The 57-year-old has also had a decent career in Hollywood, starring in worldwide box office hits such as Ang Lee’s (李安) Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon <臥虎藏龍> and Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. Fat Gor is also warmly known as “Superstar of the People.” Despite being one of the world’s biggest actors, Fat Gor is still a big consumer of public transportation. He is friendly to his fans, his neighbors, and will be more than happy to snap a picture with fans when he is spotted walking casually on the streets.

Fourth Place – Louis Koo and Daniel Wu

The tanned, sexy hunk looks cold and hard to approach in the outside, but Louis Koo (古天樂) is in fact best known for his portrayals of roles that combine dry humor and wit. Like the stars above, Louis also started out at as a popular siu sang with TVB before becoming a bigger film star. Although Louis has yet to win a Best Actor honor, there is no denying that Louis is next in line to succeed the spot as the industry’s number one brother.

Also sharing the spot as number four is the beautiful Daniel Wu (吳彥祖). Although he is known for his looks, the 38-year-old has done more to prove that having a beautiful face is not his only positive attribute. Not only is Daniel a gifted actor, he is also a doting husband, and has an undying devotion towards filmmaking. Showing an interest in working behind the scenes, Daniel and his best friend, Stephen Fung (馮德倫), established a production studio last year, releasing the financially successful Tai Chi Zero <太極1從零開始>.

Sixth Place – Francis Ng

As a TVB artist training class graduate of 1982, the 51-year-old Francis Ng (吳鎮宇) was also Tony Leung’s classmate. Although Francis’ road to success took much longer than Tony’s, Francis has portrayed many unforgettable roles in Hong Kong television. His humorous parody portrayal of Patrick Tse (謝賢) in the 1997 TVB television drama Old Time Buddy <難兄難弟> is still remembered today. Francis is also credited for contributing to Hong Kong’s booming aviation industry after his successful portrayal as pilot Sam Tong in the 2003 TVB drama,Triumph in the Skies <衝上雲宵>. Many aspiring pilots came knocking at the doors of flight training schools after the broadcast of the serial.

Seventh Place – Raymond Lam and Sean Lau

Raymond Lam is the youngest star on this list. The triple-threat superstar debuted under TVB’s umbrella in 1999, and has starred in many dramas since. Raymond’s success in both the film and music industry is also noteworthy. In just five years, Raymond has already performed at four sold-out solo concerts in the Hong Kong Coliseum, a feat that is not easy to achieve for many Hong Kong singers.

Also in seventh place is award-winning actor, Sean Lau. Sean does not have the best of looks, but his superb acting and charismatic stage presence is more than enough to hold the interests of many fans around the globe. Sean shot to fame after portraying Fong Chin Bok in TVB’s historic hit, The Greed of Man <大時代>, where he also met his beautiful wife, Amy Kwok (郭藹明). Sean’s fun personality, excellent acting and love for his wife, is what makes him to be one of Hong Kong’s most favorite actors.

Ninth Place – Aaron Kwok

It did not take very long for Aaron Kwok to get famous. With his boyish charms and dancing king image, Aaron shot to prominence rather quickly in the 1990s. With a number of best-selling albums under his belt, the Heavenly King is also a music charm in the Hong Kong industry. His award-winning performances in Divergence <三岔口> and After This Our Exile <父子> has also made Aaron a box office guarantee.

Tenth Place – Michael Miu

Not only is Michael the epiphany of charisma, he is also living proof that age is just a state of mind. Michael’s smoldering good looks only gets more attractive with age. The 54-year-old actor is still regarded as the big brother of Five Tigers and occasionally meets with the other members. Although Michael’s focus is not in the film industry, his position as a top actor in Hong Kong television dramas is unwavering.

Eleventh Place – Nicholas Tse

The son of the first chok king, Patrick Tse (謝賢), Nicholas debuted in the industry at 16 years old. Although his road to stardom was rocky and turbulent, his rebellious image had contributed to the mass of new music idols in the late 1990’s. Nicholas pulled himself together very quickly after joining the film industry. His perseverance, hard work, and dedication to his family have changed him from being Hong Kong’s bad boy to Hong Kong’s best man. Nicholas is also the youngest actor to win Best Actor in the industry. Nicholas is now the owner of a billion-dollar (HKD) post-production film company.


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  1. wah, Sean Lau should have his own spot higher than RL!!!! Also where is Nick Cheung? Nick deserves a spot in that list. totally robbed man!!!!

    1. Hmm – i’m fine with the list not having nick cheung but i’m not okay with the list not including these guys:

      – Tony Leung Ka Fai
      – Anthony Wong
      – Donnie Yen

      To me, the list should remove Daniel Wu, Raymond Lam and add on Tony Leung Ka Fai and Donnie Yen.

      In fact, Tony Leung Ka Fai probably is a contender for top 5. 🙂

    2. Yeah….dun understand how RL can make it to top 10 ….

      1. LOL! RL included is a shame to the poll..must be voted by those teenage girls & ah beng..stupid

      2. “Recently, over a hundred of artists among the Hong Kong entertainment industry participated in a poll that asked who they regard as the most charismatic actor in Hong Kong.”

        Say hello to the teen girls and ah beng!

        I was rite, many ppl dun read the article before commenting and it leads to a fact that they commented with biased mind.

    3. Raymond Lam and Daniel Wu should not be on the list! Nick Cheung, Anthony Wong, Simon Yam, Tony Leung Ka Fai, are all much more charismatic.

      1. Disagree, I did not doubt raymond and nicholas in the top ten list because if it is based on charismatic contents which are based on talents by their devotees ,crowds and fans assembling. They can contents with andy lau and tony leung.

        Dodo cheng and sammi cheng were very proud to weibo their pictures with raymond , these proof that the peers admired him for his charisma

    4. Totally totally agree. As far as I am concerned, Nick Cheung deserves to be in the Top 5. Whenever he appears onscreen, he eclipses everyone else and that, to me, is charisma.

      And I can’t name any other artiste who is his match in the acting department. I mean, can you identify any other actor who can do comedy, drama, romance and action the way he can? Imagine Chow Sing Chi doing action, or Nic Tse or Leung Chiu Wai doing comedy. You get the idea. No one is as versatile an actor as Nick Cheung and that, to me, at least, is the definition of an excellent actor.

      Plus he did not have the advantage of extreme good looks to reach his current status, unlike many other actors who depend on their external appearance.

      1. @Adrienne: Leung Chiu Wai can do comedy though…

  2. I still don’t get why you don’t like Tony Leung, terminator.

    1. Like many others I’d add

      Leslie Cheung
      Bruce Lee
      Tony Leung Ka-Fai
      Donnie Yen

      Along with my picks:
      Jackie Chan
      Stephen Chow

      And round the list off with contenders:
      Anthony Wong
      Shawn Yue (maybe)

      I’d have to take off Raymond Lam, Aaron Kwok, Daniel Wu (maybe)

    2. Tony Leung is an OK to above average actor who has been elevated to the pantheon of the acting gods by the media in nauseating fashion. In his recent book, director Peter Chan describes Leung as a “one trick pony” because of his rather limited acting range. One can clearly see that in his three collaborations with Takeshi who out performed him by miles.

      Speaking of the omission of Takeshi here, is this so called poll only include native HK’ers? If so, then why the heck is Daniel Wu, a Yankee boy, got on it. Takeshi’s Cantonese is actually better than Wu’s.

      1. “One can clearly see that in his three collaborations with Takeshi who out performed him by miles.”

        HA! HA! HA! HA! That was funniest!!

        Wait. That wasn’t a joke?

      2. Did you really wrote… Takeshi outperformed Tony by miles in their three collaborations???

        Seriously go see a doctor. Either your eyes need a thorough check up or you must be delusional!!!!

      3. Echo Funn Lim’s comment. Terminator, you’re a joke… No wait I meant joker… But not funny…

      4. I also think Takeshi has a wider range than Tony Leung. But I don’t think Tony Leung is anything less special — he’s great at one thing and he does it really goddamn good.

        But as for Chungking Express, I’d definitely give the nod to Tony. JUST BY A LITTLE BIT THOUGH.

      5. @dd

        Well, the above nonsense are the reasons why I had first avoided responding to your question in the first place. But then, I thought you had taken the heat on the Edison Chen thread nicely so I figured I could handle these imbeciles.

        Most critics actually gave the nod to Takeshi in Chungking Express as his segment received more viewing and attention than the second one; but hey, I respect your and others’opinions, unlike those deranged fan girls here who cannot handle any difference of opinions on their “hero” but (unlike you). Since they are incapable of offering any objective and mature response so they have to resort to personal attacks and insults.

        I am especially amused by the comment from a certain self-appointed resident columnist/critic in this forum who had once gone to see the musical Les Miserables and then complained that the movie had too much singing. LMAO.

      6. “Ok to above average”. Seriously?? Anyone who has followed Tony’s career will know that his acting talents are diverse. A great portion of his early work for tvb was in iconic comedic roles- Duke of Mount Deer, Two Most Honourable Knights. Its only now because he films such intense drama roles these days that you think he is a ‘one trick pony’. If you want to see Tony in a modern comedic role, might I suggest Chinese Odyssey 2002. Tony is just understated in his acting. A case in point is the contrast between Tony and Andy in IA. As much as I like Andy, he would benefit from acting lessons from Tony

        On another note, I agree with removing, Aaron, RL, Daniel and Nick Tse and replacing with other Tony, Simon Yam and Anthony Wong. Its not like they have ever really filmed an iconic film which they carried by themselves, although I think Daniel has the most potential out of the group

      7. Har har, that’s very funny. Tony Leung is the best of the bunch here.

      8. @Terminator

        No sweat off my back (or yours).

        I always felt they complemented each other quite well because there are things that Takeshi can’t do that Tony can while the things Tony can’t do Takeshi can.

    1. Takeshi is not a Hk actor. He’s Japanese/Taiwanese.

      1. He’s Japanese/Taiwanese, but most of his filmography is Hongkong movie.

      2. I’d actually put Takeshi on it as well. He’ll be in the Top 3 if we were ranking it by charisma

  3. This list is so pointless. It’s even worst than comparing acting skills. Some people have too much time making up useless lists that proves nothing.

    1. Nothing screams “legit!” as much as a “Top ELEVEN” list does, ahaha.

      1. Haha, too true dd! Top 11 is the new Top 10, maybe, but ain’t a trend that will stick beyond this poll.

  4. I like LF’s dramas but film wise, so far none of those he appeared in are anything impressive sorry but I don’t think he should be on that list.

    I don’t think Nicholas is that good of an actor either.

    1. This poll isn’t restricted to film actors. In fact, the poll is named the “Most Charismatic Male Artiste” in chinese, with no restriction for film or tv actors.

      Besides, Michael Miu is more well known for his TV career than any of his films? But he’s definitely charismatic for this list.

      Nicholas may or may not be a good actor, but he is charismatic.

      1. Raymond maybe but I don’t find Nic to be…he’s very bland and boring in my opinion

      2. agree that Nic is bland and boring. Also, his recent interview on best actor seemed a little “trying too hard”

      3. He’s just matured over the years. What do you expect him to do? do a dance or something?

  5. the two most charismatic actors of hongkong ever is bruce lee and leslie cheung in my opinion. a good third place is fat gor.just then followed by tony and andy.

    1. Wholeheartedly agree. I’d shake this list up if they asked me to do it.

    2. i completely agree with you. How in the world did RL get on this list??? he’s only been in a few movies & most of them are b-movies. This is insulting!

    3. i like your list. make it prestige and keep it at 5. we don’t need the others. they are good but they aren’t going to last through time ….

  6. Considering Nicky Cheung’s film career in the recent years; surely, he is better than Raymond. Yes? No? And Nicky was so cute in Legendary Four Aces.

    1. glad he is on the list ! he’s good * thumbs up *

  7. oh gosh raymond lam …that dude should be removed from the list

  8. how insane if all these actors were to make a film together.. it would become one of hong kong best productions ever !

    1. You can try watching Future Cops(1993), old production but quite a cast.

      1. Future Cops, the one movie where D1cky Cheung gets top billing over Andy Lau, Jacky Cheung, Aaron Kwok, Ekin, Simon Yam, Chingmy Yau, Charlie Young.

  9. raymond lam and michael miu should be at the bottom of this list. enough said.

    1. also stephen chow was once upon a time a really good actor. and ng man dat is the most versatile actor hong kong had in my opinion, he just has bad relations and habits, hong kong film awards owes him an award!!!!

    2. Have to disagree with you about Michael Miu. He should be in top 5.
      But agree with you about Raymond, he should not be even in the list.

  10. That’s stupid. Simon Yam and Big Tony Leung both have more charisma than Raymond Lam. Take him off the list. I think Ray is fine but not Top 10 material.

    Why is Adam Cheng not there?

    Go Fat Gor! Still battling the young ones at his age!

  11. This whole list doesnt even make sense. Charismatic? Good acting? I dont think the judges know what the definition of any of these terms are. Sad though, daniel wu, raymond lam and nicholas tse are def the weakest links.

  12. Yeah! This is their own views that’s why doesn’t make sense.

  13. Lolz, many commentors here dun read or dun understand the first and second paragraph of this article.

    1. Even if it is vote by the artist , still we dun understand why RL can make it to top 10

      1. Ask the artists :P. It’s normal when other ppl have different views with you. Maybe it’s also the reason why he is paid much more than many others in his peers despite the protest of some ppl.

      2. To be seen as a best actor among the eyes of their colleagues, the actors who make it into this list are definitely the best of the best.

        Come on , that means they want to learn acting from RL . please lah….

      3. Have you questioned why would a poll polling people on “Most Charismatic” end up talking about the “Best Actor?

      4. Guess that you even dun consider the name of the chart :P. Charismatic is different to acting skill, although acting also partly contributes charisma or charisma helps the acting skill to shine more.

        And wat’s wrong if the others want to learn LF’s acting? Vice versa, LF can learn from the others. Learning from others’ strength isn’t anything wrong.

      5. >To be seen as a best actor among the eyes of their colleagues, the actors who make it into this list are definitely the best of the best.
        >Come on , that means they want to learn acting from RL . please lah….

        This is an easy question to answer: today’s TVB actors only watch the best TVB actors for reference. they don’t watch actual movies which is why the quality of acting never changes.

      6. RL not even get the BA award yet…There are many more better actors than him in TVB..

      7. You are arguing over a sentence that was wrongly translated in the article.

      8. How would you know that it was wrongly translated ? i only argue based on fact .

      9. Which mean you cant read a simple sentence like this 1

        To be seen as a best actor among the eyes of their colleagues, the actors who make it into this list are definitely the best of the best.

      10. @dd: Where say that this chart was voted by Txb artists? The original one only said of “artists”.

        @Ling: LMAO~, if he was obedient to Txb to sign long term contract, maybe he had it :P. Too bad, he only signed a 2 year one last year, so he can’t win to the ones with longer contract. And since when the BA award of Txb is that honor?

        Saying of acting, again, it’s up to the view of each person :P. Hard to argue, hard to argue.

        Once again, I have to note you that this chart is about charismatic, not acting :P. The Chinese word is: 魅力. Thus, arguing about your view of acting is so pointless.

      11. Since i pointed out that the article was wrongly translated, comprehension seems like a problem for you as well. Should I make it clearer?


      12. Actually reading the whole paragraph written by Addy, anyone can understand that the chart isn’t about acting but 魅力 aka charisma. The word “Best actor” in the second sentence should be linked with the first sentence where said: “Recently, over a hundred of artists among the Hong Kong entertainment industry participated in a poll that asked who they regard as the most charismatic actor in Hong Kong.”

        But I guess it’s a new trend that ppl only read from the middle :P. It isn’t the first time.

      13. Okay …that sound reasonable ..thanks nicole for the original article.

      14. @Nicole –


        Hmm – “To be seen as a best actor among the eyes of their colleagues, the actors who make it into this list are definitely the best of the best.”

        I can see why there’s the confusion and people are alluding this list to the best actors of HK.

      15. @Fox
        Well that’s simple. ATV doesn’t have “artists” and people who aren’t TVB “artists” are called actors who star in movies.

      16. @dd: In HK, there are the artists who are not from either Txb nor ATV. The singers also call artists :P. Your definition is really narrow.

      17. @Fox

        If that’s the case, a singer has no more credibility than your average netizen.

        Maybe even less since today’s singers are hopeless.

      18. Credibility to you or not, singers are still artists. And in the end of the day, this list isn’t all voted by Txb artists. Perhaps there are some, but definitely not all.

  14. i think daniel wu got ppl’s attention only after he dated shu qi, just like him (travia’s boyfriend), he’s nothing to shout about

  15. Lam Fung???!!!! Insulting to the rest of the people here! Damned.

    And Nicholas Tse…Daniel Wu….err ohkayyy… -_-”’

    1. Agree with Woot. Lam Fung isn’t qualified to be in the lists at all. Acting, singing and dancing so so only. I would prefer Nick Cheung.

  16. Charisma… Definitely Stephen Chow… still remember those days whereby he is acting together with Andy, Jacky, he always outshine others naturally… he is gifted, his impact on screen is no doubt…

  17. daniel wu ? i dont remember a single role he played that was memorable

    raymond lam ?? no wayyy just makes the list looks trashy

    come on there’s got to be more deserving actors to be included in the top 10

    1. also what’s so good about michael miu ?
      his acting is so monotonous , inflexible compared to the rest on the list

  18. The list should be
    1) Leslie Cheung
    2) Chow Yun Fatt
    3) Francis Ng
    4) Nicholas Tse
    5) Sean Lau
    6) Tony Leung CW
    7) Anthony Wong
    8) Tony Leung KF
    9) Louis Khoo
    10)Michael Mui
    11)Daniel Wu
    12)Andy Lau

    1. Seriously Daniel Wu? The list is credible without him!

  19. List much like what i have expected except nic tse and ray lam.

    Mic miu almost out from my list, kind of dissapointed after watching dicey business. Before that I want to see him in other show.

  20. For you people who does not think raymond lam got the charisma, shut the hell up. For once, being a 90’s kid, most people up there are already old for me, naturally you would look for the next handsome with charisma actor, while raymond lam may not deserve to be there, you cannot deny his charisma, not to mention, louis khoo is also another actor with good charisma, including Edwin Siu and Hawick Lau in the 90’s generation that is.

    1. “… while raymond lam may not deserve to be there, you cannot deny his charisma…”

      Uh, come again? I’m a 90’s kid. I don’t find an ounce of charisma in Raymond Lam. Nor do I agree with Edwin Siu (he’s a promising actor amongst all the crap infiltrating TVB these days, but I wouldn’t necessarily call him charismatic…). And Hawick’s just bland. He does look better with age though.

      Whatever floats your boat, I guess.

    2. a 90’s kid as well, raymond lam’s acting is hm so-so, not to say completely unacceptable but to claim that he is charismatic is an overrated statement

    3. I actually dont think LF is THAT bad. Its not like hes on top of the list. Id take a list compiled from artists/actors than a list from netizens. I mean artists/actors probably have more knowledge in the field therefore there had to be a reason why this list is so.

      And some of the people reading this list is translating charisma to good acting….ugh?

      1. The thing is, I think I’d rate Raymond’s acting above his level of charisma. He just comes off so… drab to me.

      2. Good acting is already subjective with a line that can be drawn if youre in the field. Charisma is a whole different level of subjectiveness, maybe only subjectiveness when it comes to who is charismatic or not.

        Anyway, the truth is….the list is there. Votes went in and these are the results.

        Ive been rewatching some of raymonds earlier series, blade heart, a step into the past, golden faith….if only he stayed with acting and continued to refine his craft…he would have been superb or close to superb by now.

      3. But that’s the keyword though: subjective. I don’t understand why people are getting all worked up over the results (or those who attack others for disagreeing with it). Anyway, I didn’t feel like chipping in until someone started shooting their mouth off and telling people to shut up.

        Somehow I had never quite warmed up to Raymond even earlier on in his career, but I do much prefer the him back then – especially in La Femme Desperado. I disagree with those who deem him to be some sort of talentless hack though; as much as I’m not a fan of his, I do think he’s at least got some skills to get him through in this industry. He’s also a decent singer, but the song choices are a bit questionable at times… Anyway, Raymond’s just got too much on his plate right now and has let his acting fall to the wayside. Time to buck up.

      4. Whoops, sorry. I meant it as, I’ll take subjectivity from people in the industry over the average netizen, like us.

        I have to agree that Raymond should either focus on one or focus on one and do the other as a side job. His singing, movies and dramas is not doing him any good. And I wish he stop letting his producer or manager pick his songs/styles… I prefer his ballads as that’s where he can fully showcase his vocals.

    4. raymond lam acting and charisma so so only, it is to each its own. so rude asking ppl to shut only to agree with you, grow up kid.

    5. “… while raymond lam may not deserve to be there, you cannot deny his charisma…”

      LOL. Funniest comment ever!

      And if you wanna talk about his acting…what acting skill? Do you know how unnatural he is in his roles?

      1. Unnatural/natural. Good acting. Horrible acting. All subjective.

        The truth is people who didnt follow him when he debuted almost always already established impression of him due to the negative press. Therefore subjectivity is already sky high.

  21. This is for living actors, right? Otherwise Leslie would have been my pick for #1.

  22. So its not best actors, cool, pointless poll then….lol

  23. Errrr….. LAM FUNG????????

    I think that alone says it all

  24. Number 7 is a joke. So wjo is number 12 and so on?

  25. Where’s my Alex Fong from Burning Flames.

    Where’s my Kevin Cheng from gloves comes off.

  26. Wow how insulting is it for Lau Ching Wan to get the same place as Raymond Lam? – Smells like another rigged vote to me lol.

    Also seriously shocked that anyone notices how great an actor Michael Miu is and that he even got ranked. I still think he is the best actor currently at TVB and easily handles any and all movie roles he is given as well as the big stars. Don’t know why he doesn’t do more movies.

  27. Raymond Lam is older than Nicholas Tse by a year. So Nicholas Tse is really the youngest star on the list.

  28. Why am I trying to tell you people to shut up? You are totally denying his absolute existence. No doubt, he may not be 100% good at acting but in fact he is the very first actor that made me drawn to tvb dramas , very first actor that made me buy all dramas and albums that he acts and sings. So a charismatic actor could very well be subjective and it differs from person to person but to me, Raymond has that aura that made me drawn to him. It is definitely not because of his looks otherwise I would have stop looking at his dramas ever since he has that ‘uncle’ look. But if like everybody explained, he is such bad actor, explain his big fanbase? Not to mention, tvb can’t rely on the oldies forever.

    1. It is just because of his look … If Wayne Lai has the look , he probably will go further during his younger days..And please dun ask anybody to shut up . Everybody has their right to voice out their opinion .

      1. It is not just because of his looks. When he debuted, he was praised and it was not his looks. The media began his looks thing when he was rising.

      2. Yeah, Crystal is correct. Only until 2005 he is called “handsome” the first time and only from 2007, his “handsomeness” caused troubles to him. So from 1999 to 2005 when many of his fans were gained, which “look” involved?

        Btw, you are arguing for a look chart, so what is the point of “look” to be showed here?

      3. It’s definitely not because of his looks. People just hate him because they think he got popular too quick, yet those ppl never paid attention to him when he debutted in 1999. Back then he was a reporter for TVB 8. He did that for several years before having a supporting role. I’m an example of someone not liking him for his looks cuz I started liking him in A Step to the Past back in 2001 not cuz of his looks but because I thought he handled the megalomanic Qin Shi Huang really well. It was after I started liking him as a decent actor and singer (he sang his first song in 2001, mind you) that I started thinking he was cute.

      4. @Crystal – Thank you. I totally understand it’s a matter of opinion, but I find it annoying that ppl start hating him for being so popular and newsworthy when they completely didn’t even know why he got so popular in the first place. When he won the TVB awards in Survivor’s Law and Twin of Brothers, ppl except for his fans didn’t think he was handsome. It prolly wasn’t until Heart of Greed in 2007 that the media started talking about how he’s handsome, etc.

      5. Cara,
        When you look at LF’s road to stardom, I can’t tell if his juniors in the entertainment industry would want to mirror it. It’s very sad. He started off as a gem and safe to say that he was excellent though he was only a rookie. Then, the media buzz caught up to him and BAM forever tainted!

        I question, is it the media to blame or is it the audience? That’s a hard one.

      6. To add, the whole ‘chok’ thing came from the media as well. It was at one of the tvb anniversary where dodo or some other MC asked all the tv king candidates to make a ‘chok’ look. LF was one of the many alongside moses, wayne and etc who did the ‘chok’ Since then, the media wrote it to no end. Yet, somehow people think it was LF who created it…

      7. In detail, the “Chok” word appeared the first time in Kwok Wing Ci, TVB mag director’s weibo.

        And many ppl say “Chok” but dun know that at first, it’s simply a pose. Until now, it still dun mean “look cool” but means “mesmerized pose”.

  29. This article is just asking for wank because haters are gonna hate and ppl are just gonna get butthurt that their biases aren’t on the list or high enough.

      1. It’s a completed poll and Cara is talking about the butthurted ppl who their biases dun get in the list or high enough, not that the poll is unbiased.

    1. agree. the list almost look credible until it comes to so so artistes such as daniel and raymond lam who doesn’t have enough charisma to carry their own series or least one of them has natural looks but the other one has facial jobs done and also looks haggard for his age.

      no wonder, seems that this list is ‘supposedly’ voted by 100 artistes within hk industry who are unnamed. not sure if this is just made up by media 🙂

  30. I dont understand why so many people are enraged about this list just because RL is on it. Personally, I never thought much of andy lau since I first knew of him as the “four heavenly kings” back in the 1990s. He was outclassed in singing, looks and dancing by jacky cheung, Leon lai and Aaron kwok respectively. Tony Leung runs circles around him in acting. Oh, and the length he took to hide carol chu for 20 years? Not appealing at all. But despite all that, he has tons of loyal or obsessed fans who stuck to him up to today, way more than any of those i mentioned, and way more obsessed with the suiciding father or the virgin for 20+ years.
    Yeah, I’m more dumbfounded with that, than any of you with RL. Yet to inspire that amount of devotion, im resigned to admit there must be something compelling and undeniable about him i simply can’t understand. Thats his charisma right there.
    You may not find RL charismatic, like I don’t find andy lau charismatic, but his combination of charismatic factors might simply not work for you or me, but work for many others.

    A good read.
    Excerpt: Under uncertain market conditions, charismatic CEOs are good for one thing: They temporarily boost their company’s stock prices. But the improvement is usually short-lived. That’s because charisma may have more to do with a person’s image than with his or her innate abilities.
    Charisma is not equal to abilities or talent. Even if you think Raymond lam is a talentless, ugly robot or whatever, if a talentless, ugly robot can get such a huge fan base, that says something.

    1. surprisingly I don’t find andy lau charismatic, nor raymond lam lol

      1. Andy Lau may not be a ‘great’ actor but he has charisma in abundance. Also, that comment about him being the ‘fourth wheel’ is nonsense. Unlike the other heavenly kings, he was the only one that wrote his own songs. Plus, he can do it all (act, sing, fight, write).

    2. Thank you for stating the facts about Andy that he’s the 4th wheel not really needed in the ‘Heavenly Kings’. His fans stuck by him because he’s still pulling wool over their eyes.

      I only rearranged the ‘final outcome list’ but if given a chance, I’ll definitely include Kevin Cheng and Nicky Wu and kick out Andy Lau and Francis Ng.
      Even Him Law is better than AL.

    3. Outclassed in looks??? Haha. He’s defintely better than Jacky Cheung and a better actor than the other Heavenly Kings.

      1. If you don’t think he was outclassed in looks, just look for a photo of them from the 90s.
        Leon lai was well known to be the teen idol due to his good looks.

  31. i would put jacky cheung into the list. where is his name? Look at rthk award show jacky was the epic example of great charisma and that was only one of his examples.

    tony leung ka fai and nick cheung deserves to be there too with their great charisma in movies. they can topple the ‘supposed charisma’ of some in the list anytime. feel like this newspaper company purposely leave out tony, jacky and nick!

  32. I noticed one of the posters gave a list of first to last ong Kong charasmatic idols and listed Andy as last. Look, I am not a fan of Andy but I am willing to be real, realistic and fair. Just because you don’t like someone does not mean you have to be mean and childish, and deny that person their attributes.

    I wonder if this list is based only on live celebs. because Leslie Cheung, Tony Leung CW, and Andy Lau should be tied in a three man number one spot.Andy has his strange ways that I find annoying, but the man is not lacking in charm and charisma. He gets an A+ in that department. Chow Yun Fat second, excetera, excetera. I would not place Francis Ng in there. I like Francis, but the man has the charm of a dead fish.

    1. Well said. The list isn’t about acting (and when you think about it a lot of that has to do with personal opinion anyway). Andy Lau, like Louis Koo, may not be a great actor but he is surely charismatic and he certainly has that ‘movie star’ aura about him that is certainly lacking from a lot of these newbies nowadays (hence the reason why HK cinema is on its knees as there are no new stars to take over the mantle).

  33. Raymond lam had surgery on his entire face-so he’s off my list for sure

    1. Charisma has nothing to do with surgery of any kind. Charisma is a charming quality that comes from within a person. It is an enigmatic characteristic that can be posessed by very good looking, and not so good looking individuals.

  34. Raymond….proud of you…glad that you are in the list…also in the high place too….love it love it love it:)

  35. Look like some Raymond Hater here! anyway…he is one the list…the fact is he is on the list…happy 🙂

  36. Not that RL is a bad actor, just that he doesn’t have what it takes, yet(?) to make it to the list here. Same for Daniel Wu I think.

    If it was a top 50 list, they’d be in for sure.

  37. Just noticed a slight error in this article. Raymond Lam isn’t the youngest on this list. Nicholas Tse is the youngest – he’s only turning 33 years old this year. Raymond is turning 34 this year.

  38. Honestly, I think Aaron Kwok, Nicholas Tse, and Tony Leung are the most charismatic out of the 11 people.
    No offense, but all these people are oldies. I don’t get why Raymond always has to stick his foot in these top 10 people.

    1. A person can be a hundred years old and has more charisma than a 30 year old. Charisma has nothing to do with how young, how old, how good looking or how well these actors act.

      1. Charisma has nothing to do with how small or big an actor’s fan base is either.

  39. Where is Ekin Cheng??? The man was legendary in the Young and Dangeours movies. Also, don’t find Aaron charismatic. Just really annoying and goofy….

    1. Ekin s acting is robotic and he does not have legion of fans

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