TVB Announces 20 Miss Hong Kong Contestants After Elimination Rounds

With Miss Hong Kong 2021 taking a reality show format this year, the contestants’ special training segment was aired as We Miss Hong Kong STAY-cation. The 28 contestants faced various obstacles and challenges to showcase their strengths, with only 20 contestants remaining after the elimination rounds.

In the first two episodes, the contestants were separated into four teams, in which the lowest scoring member of the lowest scoring team would be eliminated from the competition. Each contestant had to give a self-introduction, and then the mentors, who were former Miss Hong Kong winners, would choose which participants they wanted on their team.

TVB executives, Virginia Lok (樂易玲) and Eric Tsang (曾志偉), were also watching the contestants’ performance closely to determine the scoring. Not pleased with what she saw, Ms. Lok pointed out that one of the contestant’s flabby stomach was sticking out, while Eric pointed out that another looked like she was going to the market to shop. 

When it was time to eliminate a contestant from the competition, it was between Mona Zhao (趙美倫) and Angel Yu (余曉蕙), who performed poorly during her self-introduction. The executives were most unimpressed with Mona Zhao (趙美倫), who fell asleep when she was not chosen by the mentors, and was eliminated.

The rankings of each team also determined which room they would be staying in. Given that the orange team scored the highest, each contestant was awarded a luxurious suite with two levels, a huge bathtub, and patio. The green and pink teams were given regular living suites, while the losing red team had to sleep in tents on the roof. The red team, which includes Eddie Kwan’s (關禮傑) daughter Fabienne Kwan (關楓馨), was shocked by the living arrangements, but made the most out of the experience.    


Source: HK01

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  1. I think commenting on someone’s stomach is a bit harsh and judgemental even if it is flabby

  2. I think it’s very judgemental of Ms Lok to point out that someone’s stomach was flabby even if it was true. This is a beauty pageant but that was unkind.

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