Miss Hong Kong 2021 Candidates Meet the Press

Above: Fabienne, Carina, and Fiona were among the contestants who caught the press’ eye.

Yesterday, TVB held callbacks for the second stage of their interview process for Miss Hong Kong 2021. The applicants officially met with the press for the first time, and the event was live streamed. This year’s pageant will take a reality show format, so viewers can be more involved and vote for their favorite contestants.

Press interest in actor Eddie Kwan’s (關禮傑) elder daughter, 26-year-old Fabienne Kwan (關楓馨), remains the highest. She was nominated by her father’s good friend Eddie Cheung (張兆輝) to enter the pageant. When asked if she felt confident, Fabienne replied that she has a neutral mindset. Her father has not given any advice, but is encouraging her throughout the process.  Appearing to be shy, Fabienne tried to quickly leave after the interview.

Victoria, Chloe, and Elsa

Another contestant who is the daughter of a celebrity is 24-year-old Victoria, who was accompanied by her mother, actress Betty Mak (麥翠嫻). Speaking with reporters, Betty revealed that Victoria works in the financial industry and cited the reason for joining the pageant, “I want her to see more of the world, and hope she can increase her self confidence. I’m here today for moral support!” Gathering the courage to join the pageant, Victoria is open to learning more but admits to feeling some pressure as a celebrity second generation.

Another contestant that caught the eye of the press is Chloe Leung (梁允瑜), a freelance model. With many swimsuit modelling photos on her social media accounts, Chloe is confident about her height and physique as she frequently exercises. The 23-year-old has already attracted many male fans.

Arriving in an eye-catching, one-shoulder red dress, Elsa has been surrounded by rumors since joining the pageant. Refuting rumors that she dated rich men during university, she stated she has not been dating for two years. When reporters continued to ask if she only liked to meet rich men, she immediately lost her smile and quickly walked away.

Meet the Contestants of Miss Hong Kong 2021:

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Eddie Kwan’s Daughter Joins Miss Hong Kong 2021

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  2. Wow!!! Fiona is the most beautiful according to this pic here. She looks like Tracy Chu (?) and like someone said Gigi Lai (?). I think she will win!!!! Good luck to Fiona. She is my favorite now!!!!

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