Miss Hong Kong 2021 Semi-Finals: Yvette Chan and Carina Leung Advance to Next Round

The Miss Hong Kong 2021 semi-finals took place on August 22, with featured segments including talent performances, swimwear and evening wear appearances. The top 12 contestants were selected, and the Wai Yin Association’s Love and Charity Award was given to Katerina Leung (梁菁琳). 

At the end of Sunday night’s semi-finals, Angel Yu (余曉蕙), Michelle Cheung (張嘉倩), Fiona Dai (戴佳敏), and Anna Wang (王嫿嫿) were eliminated in round two.

The hot favorites for this year, Yvette Chan (陳聖瑜) and Carina Leung (梁凱晴) both made it into the semi-finals. As for being the favorites in the pageant, Carina hopes to just present herself confidently, while Yvette values the friendship between the contestants. “We are on the same team so we practice together.”

Carina was the most nervous about the dancing segment, given their lack of time in preparation and pointed out that contestant Cathy Wong got injured during practice, which made everyone feel even more nervous. When asked if injuries would lessen the competition, both Carina and Yvette said that teamwork creates the best show. 

The 12 semi-finalists to emerge include:

Yvette Chan (陳聖瑜)


Carina Leung (梁凱晴)

Rachel Chan (陳懿德)

Fabienne Kwan (關楓馨)

Sabina Mendes (宋宛穎)

Penny Yeung (楊培琳)

Michelle Ip (葉靖儀)

Cathy Wong (王嘉慧)

Kristy Shaw (邵初)

Vincy Mok (莫韻諰)

Jasmine Schneider (施茉莉)

Katerina Leung (梁菁琳)

Highlights from the Miss Hong Kong 2021 Semi-Finals:

Sources: On.cc, HK01

This article is written by Hailey for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Yvette Chan is definitely the best looking among them but god she’s so inarticulate. Really dropped my impression on her so hard when it was her turn to do the Q&A.

    Also is Katerina Leung Toby Leung’s sister?

      1. I seriously thought Katerina was related to Toby Leung, they even have the same surname! She’s like a skinnier, younger version of Toby Leung with an overbite.

    1. I dont think Yvette is the best looking. She kinda looks like Raymond’s ex Karena Ng. The girls that were eliminated are much prettier

  2. Carina looks a bit like Louisa Mak to me. Don’t know why, but Yvette doesn’t appeal to me.

    Some of the contestants were really inarticulate with poor diction, I hope TVB gives them some lessons before putting them in front of our TV screens as hosts and actresses.

    I didn’t expect to like Fabienne but she was charming. I don’t think she’ll win, but may place. Either way, with her family background, she can definitely get a TVB contract no matter what. Why she wants one is a different matter… 😛

    1. Not a fan of Yvette either. She looks so w*itchy (the bad word that rhymes with it since we can’t cuss here lol… I gotta get creative). During the staycation episode when the group of girls had to promote a bag if goodies, her real personality showed where she was constantly talking over others and trying to steal the spotlight. I don’t have good vibes about her. Nor do I find her pretty.

  3. Of the 12 remaining, I think the top 5 will be Sabina, Carina, Yvette, Fabienne, and Kristy. I feel pretty confident about Sabina and Carina placing… maybe 1st and 2nd respectively. 3rd place is hard to say. Sabina will probably win 1st as she seems the most eloquent and confident. Carina has a strong appeal but she needs to speak better. I’ve been a fan of Kristy since the start even before the staycation episodes aired. She caught my attention during the interview rounds. She is the oldest contestant, yes, but also she seems refined and worldly. I’ve seen her IG and that girl either comes from a wealthy family that will allow her to travel the world from a young age or she use to be a flight attendant. She’s been everywhere and I think will be a great ambassador for HK with her worldy travels and slightly more mature age. Either way, I think she has great potential. I never really cared about Fabienne. She seems like a nice girl but in terms of looks and personality, I just don’t think she stands out as much among the other contestants. Plus she is shorter than the rest which is a slight disadvantage. But I don’t mind her winning. Definitely won’t win 1st place and unless Carina goofs up miserably, if not, only 3rd place seems to be open to someone and it could very well be Fabienne. She seems sweet and her performance thus far has been pretty solid. Lastly, Yvette. I don’t know what people see in her, honestly. She reminds me of Raymond Lam’s ex-gf Karena Ng. They have the same w*itchy (b) face… aka RBF. She looks cunning and during the staycation selling segment with Mayanne, she also talked over the other contestants. I feel like everyone tries to present their best image of course, but it’s moments like these where I feel like you get to see the real personality come through and all the good and bad that comes with it. As a man, I could see her appeal. But as a woman, I feel like we could see through her and she isn’t as nice as she is trying to portray. I could be wrong though but who knows. Just like that Chloe Leung girl. Not because of her cussing video, but she was just so pretentious during the introduction segment of the pageant, etc. I don’t find her a bit attractive either. I’m so glad she is gone. And Jasmine… she is fine but I don’t know how far she will get. She probably has an edge over a few other contestants because she is mixed and Chinese people have an obsession and bias towards hapas. But she doesn’t particularly appeal to me either. All the other girls, Penny, Rachel, Michelle, Katerina, Vincy, and Cathy are just participants. No chance of placing in my opinion. Just my 2 cents. I do miss Anna though. I thought she was cute lol but I can see why she didn’t make the final cut. Looking forward to pageant night to see how the results compared to my guesses!

    Btw, I really enjoyed this year’s pageant program. From the staycation to the actual competition. I felt like TVB for the first time in years is finally stepping up their production quality again! Same with Stars Academy! The backdrop where the judgges sat and stage, etc are all so visually appealing! Good job TVB! About time! HK viewers needed this!!!

    1. I don’t watch the pageants, but the previous articles seem to highlight Fiona, who looks like Gigi Lai in pictures to me. Did she bomb?

      1. Fiona and Anna both girls with a mandarin accent were eliminated. It was probably their accents and lack of Cantonese fluency that got them eliminated imo. Neither of them answered their questions well, they should have answered in English instead.

        Such a shame because I found Anna to be quite pretty. She should participate in Miss Chinese International instead as she could rank higher without needing to speak Cantonese.

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