TVB Executive Defends Ashley Chu: “She’s Just Foolish”

TVB rising star Ashley Chu (朱智賢) became a household name overnight following her cheating scandal with Zombie <食腦喪B> costar Jackson Lai (黎振燁), who is a married man. Both parties have come forth to apologize, and both are taking a break from work.

Ashley, supported by her current boyfriend Brian Tse (謝東閔), held a press conference to apologize to the public. She apologized a total of six times. In a later interview with TVB’s Scoop <東張西望>, the same program which Ashley became known, she told viewers that she had maintained a romantic relationship with Jackson because she couldn’t get out of character. Jackson gave the same reason in a separate interview.

With three dramas waiting for broadcast, TVB executives are scrambling to find a way to revive Ashley’s image. Reports have said that Barry Cheung (張志明), manager of TVB’s non-drama department, produced a 120 second clip focusing on “white washing” Ashley’s image.

Cheung was reached out for clarification. He denied the clip’s white washing, but did express his hope for Ashley to overcome the scandal so she can continue her hosting career at Scoop.

“After she lost Miss Hong Kong, I was the one who told her to come back,” said Cheung. “And she did really well, worked really hard, and many programs started to come asking her to host. She also had no trouble joining the drama department. She’s willing to do anything!”

Cheung added that Ashley is still a rookie actress, and her acting experience is thin. He believes her reason of not being able to get out of character, and even called her foolish. “We’ve been coworkers for many years. I know she’s foolish, and also quite stupid… I was there when she debuted, and I believe that she is not that kind of a person. Yes, she made a mistake, but I hope that doesn’t mean she won’t have any more opportunities.”

As for the clip’s so-called “white washing” of Ashley’s image, he said, “That clip was just a generic video documenting the hardships of actors. It wasn’t meant to be just about Ashley Chu. We just wanted viewers to understand the actors’ struggles behind the scenes.”


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  1. Tell you what, not easy to be actors or actress to earn a living. More often than not u r required to act intimately while on screen in the name of professionalism and whatever. If you are the other half, just expect that kind of things to happen. If I were in entertainment, I won’t get attached. Not easy. U will somehow face a lot of fights in. Especially after marriage. The children would be the victims. Trust me.

  2. Damn, this girl must have some serious backing. How many people at TVB who messed up have this much sympathy?

  3. If you watched scoop, you would know Ashley is the worst presenter, she’s the only one that messes her dialogue often. She does not deserve another chance imo, the fact she wouldn’t admit Brian as her bf shows she a selfish girl. I would not surprised if she had given some… benefits to these TVB executive bosses

  4. Are we talking about a women in her 30’s or some leng mui that just step into the world? Foolish is definitely not the right word.

  5. First Show in his 40s said he would self reflect after being exposed of being a cheater. Now some TVB executive comments that this whatever-her-name-is is being foolish when she’s in her 30s. Not saying that people don’t make mistakes at different ages but for these two, would they continue their silliness and enjoying their “non self reflection” life if they weren’t being caught?

  6. I thought only experienced actors/actresses can get into their characters easily and hard to get out of it. An example is Sammi Cheng. Back in the day, I don’t remember the movie’s name but after she done filming and couldn’t pull herself out of the character which leads her to depression. And another actor I forgot the name. He almost went into depression because he couldn’t get out of the character. But for this girl, she’s a newbie, if you say she can’t get into her character, I believe that but couldn’t get out of the character? Uhmmmm, don’t think so, just an excuse & a lie

  7. Lmao this nigga obviously just tryna smash. This girl’s a cheating hoe end of story

  8. Yeah, these things do happen. We do not live in a perfect world. Feel for his pregnant wife. The two involved are going through some rough times among their families and friends. Best, we leave them alone and let them work it out and learn from their mistakes and move on.

  9. It’s really bad on her part to be cheating with a man who’s wife is about to give birth.

    Don’t know what to do with her dramas? Don’t worry Roxanne is here to save the day lol

    Btw those two pictures above. They look good together. Must go on a date

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