TVB Considers Filming “The Exorcist’s Meter” Sequel

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TVB Considers Filming “The Exorcist’s Meter” Sequel

While filmed with a small budget, The Exorcist’s Meter <降魔的> delighted viewers with its unconventional mix of humor and horror and became the fifth most watched series of the year. When writing the drama, Script Editor Ruby Law (羅佩清) said that they left possibilities for further story arcs and is currently working on preliminary plans for a sequel.

On her Facebook page last night, Ruby Law shared that the sequel is titled The Exorcist’s Meter: Crossroads <降魔的之十字路口>. Although Ruby indicated that there are plans for a sequel, it is still too early to determine the exact details. However, she hopes that viewers will continue to support the series and cast the votes in the upcoming TVB Anniversary Awards. “The Exorcist’s Meter was a budget production. I don’t dare to expect it to win awards, but it’s is an honor to be part of the awards race. We’ll take this opportunity to fight for more public support, so it can give [TVB] confidence in a sequel.”

Besides thanking viewers for their support, Ruby talked about her deceased parents, who served as her inspiration for drama. She wrote, “The Exorcist’s Meter holds a very special meaning in my heart. Besides it being the first series that I acted as [Script Editor], the show is my gift to my deceased parents. This unbearable pain was what motivated me to think about the deeper meanings of life and death. My wish is that no matter where people are, death won’t be what tears them apart. I can’t say if this series was a milestone or not, but if this touched the hearts of those who have lost a family member and offered them some sort of comfort, then I’m already pleased.”

Kenneth Ma Didn’t Get Notice for a Sequel Yet

Currently in the running for Best Actor for his performance in The Exorcist’s Meter, Kenneth Ma (馬國明) said he has not received notice for a sequel yet. Stating that he is obviously biased towards the series, Kenneth has been doing his own little promotions so viewers will vote for The Exorcist’s Meter. Confident that a sequel will do well, Kenneth said he will wait for executive management’s decision and will be just as happy even if he is not cast again in the drama.

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TVB Considers Filming “The Exorcist’s Meter” Sequel

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  • 8 comments to TVB Considers Filming “The Exorcist’s Meter” Sequel

    1. happybi says:

      I honestly just started watching this drama as been busy with My Ages Apart and other Korean dramas. And I have to say I am really enjoying it so far. Love all the characters and the story line is great! So if there is a sequel, I’m all for it!!! Always a fan of Kenneth and find him excellent in this series. And yes, I do prefer him over Vincent. Liked someone have posted before, I am not a fan of full blown dramatic crying scene. I find Kenneth quiet but devastated sadness in regards to his parents death my cup of tea!!!

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    2. m0m0 says:

      i didn’t have high expectations for the series initially with the cast and from watching the trailer. even the first episode was not atypical of tvb. i had it on as background noise for the first few episodes, caught a scene here and there even that i found the show pretty funny and the storyline quite unexpected at times. that was when i realy tuned in and discover that it was seriously a good show. i really like the fact that they did not use any english names in the series. typically, you watch a tvb show, many main characters would have an english name, but there was 0 zero names on the show. i don’t think mandy was referred to as dr. and her surname in the show (can’t remember her last name now). i hope the sequel will still have chin ming, i enjoyed watching him and his evil role. i also like the devil, the fact that the devil was a plant that stemmed from human hatred and war was a pretty novel.

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    3. coralie says:

      I hope whoever wrote the script for this one continues to be the scriptwriter for the next one!

      Login or Register before you can reply to coralie
    4. kidd says:

      The script of this series is from a competition TVB held earlier. It’s done by outsider, not TVB regular scriptwriter. That’s why the story is fresh and different. If they don’t use back the same writer, better don’t do the sequel. It will sure be a disappointment.

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      • llwy12 replied:

        @kidd Exactly! But of course, knowing TVB, they are going to do the sequel using their own scriptwriters. The guy who came up with the story already got his “reward” in the form of prize money and having his story / script turned into a series as promised…now TVB is going to run with it on their own and milk everything about the series until people who loved it previously will start to hate it. Already, they have done God knows how many renditions of Hubert’s songs from the series and also those “sidequels” and other “shorts” related to the series on their Big Big Channel….I wouldn’t be surprised when all is said and done that there will be a movie version and stage play version as well, lol!

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        • kidd replied:

          @llwy12 I didn’t know there are sidequels and shorts too. Wonder if I can see it in youtube.
          Yeah, milking it too much will make people get tired of it and then the hate will come.

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      • coralie replied:

        @kidd It looks like script editor: Ruby Law is a newbie in her role, but given how tight her ship ran for this series, I wouldn’t be surprised if her sequel will be done well too.

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    5. funnlim says:

      Yes!! A real sequel pls.

      Login or Register before you can reply to funnlim