TVB’s Anniversary Season Full Lineup Revealed: Roger Kwok vs. Shaun Tam for TV King?

TVB’s anniversary season has arrived, and it’s that time of the year again to predict who would win this year’s TV King and TV Queen.

It has now been confirmed that Life on the Line <跳躍生命線>, starring Joe Ma (馬德鐘) and Matthew Ho (何廣沛); OMG, Your Honour <是咁的,法官閣下>, starring Ben Wong (黃智賢), Eddie Kwan (關禮傑), and Grace Wong (王君馨); and Fist Fight <兄弟>, starring Vincent Wong (王浩信), Mat Yeung (楊明), and Philip Ng (伍允龍), will be this year’s anniversary dramas. Of the three, Fist Fight will be the last to premiere, in November, right during TVB’s anniversary month.

As the anniversary dramas haven’t aired yet, it’s hard to predict who would have the higher chance to become Hong Kong’s new TV royalty. Nonetheless, the two actors who are the most popular choices (among netizens) for TV King is Roger Kwok (郭晉安) for Another Era <再創世記> and TVB newcomer Shaun Tam (譚俊彥), who has Succession War <天命> and The Stunt <特技人>. As for TV Queen, popular choices include Alice Chan (陳煒) for Deep in the Realm of Conscience <宮心計2深宮計> and Ali Lee (李佳芯) for Who Wants a Baby? <BB來了>.


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  1. No worthy contender. All rubbish. Winning tv king or queen is no big deal if the contenders are all weak. Tvb should scrap it this year like it did for Starhub and Astro overseas.

      1. @ivan The rumor of Astro and Starhub being cancelled has been out there since end of July. This corresponded with the shutting down of TVBI (TVB’s international arm that is responsible for organizing overseas content distribution and promotion) in June and laying off around 60 employees from that department. In 2 separate interviews over the past month, TVB’s CEO Mark Lee alluded to the fact that they will be cutting all “extraneous expenditures” that include purchasing expensive broadcast rights to sporting events (hence the reason why ViuTV ended up with the rights to World Cup this year) and also other unnecessary overseas events in markets that would distract their focus away from their target markets of HK and Mainland China (he didn’t come right out and say it, but speculation is that the other “overseas events” refers to the events previously organized by TVBI, such as Starhub and Astro Awards). As of today, TVB has yet to officially confirm or deny whether the awards are cancelled and the organizers in both Malaysia and Singapore have said they have not received word from TVB either way.

        So no, there is no official confirmation as of yet that the awards are cancelled…however majority opinion at this point tends to lean toward the rumor being true because TVB has kept suspiciously hush-hush about it since July. As a point of reference — just last month (in August), there were rumors that TVB was cancelling the Anniversary Gala (the one that usually takes place every November to commemorate their anniversary) and instead replacing it with a “shopping event” for their new Big Big Shop….within DAYS of that rumor first surfacing, TVB management quickly came out and squashed it by confirming that the Gala will proceed as usual but they will also have the Big Big Shop event, it will just be done at a different time (NOT replacing the Gala). TVB was quick to stamp out the rumors about the Anniversary Gala being cancelled, yet it’s been more than a month since the Astro and Starhub award rumor came out but they have not bothered to clarify that one….also, it’s interesting to note that they have already confirmed all the other rumors from the last couple months about laying off employees (latest tally is around 700 staff will either lose their jobs or be transferred to other positions), disbanding athletic/sports department (already happened back in July), shutting down “unused” sections of their studio (confirmed in Mark Lee’s interview with HKEJ on 8/27), discontinuing TVB Weekly Magazine (end date already confirmed – 10/1 issue will be the last), etc., yet they have yet to offer anything concrete about the other awards….

  2. A Paramedics series and a lawyer series consisting a handful of newbies. These types should be shown in January and February during the dull, quiet times of the year….

  3. Unlikely anniversary dramas, but can’t judge before I’ve watched. Can’t be worse than what TVB has produced so far this year right? I mean TVB is already rock bottom. The’ve managed to be worse than last year which was alread bad enough.

    Not familiar with Shaun. Unimpressed with the first episode of “The Stunt” so I vote for Roger but I haven’t watch “Another Era” either. From what I’ve seen, John Chiang’s the one. But this year’s a joke. As much as I like Alice & Ali, their performance is far from TV Queen status.

    1. @birdy2415 I like Shaun in the Stunt, but he is far from best actor! TVB award is a joke now! They nominate all their employees as best actor and best actress!

      1. @jessehsuan
        Natalie Tong won best actress last year. Does anyone remember or care? She is not Best Actress in our eyes because so it doesn’t matter what she wins. Same goes for this year’s awards…

      2. @jessehsuan me too… I love seeing refreshing faces and he’s pretty ok to watch. I never like that leading girl in any series but she was actually also ok in there as this tomboyish girl who crushed on Shaun’s character. I thought their chemistry is lacking but still not a bad paired up.

      3. @wm2017 Yes, Shaun is one of the best that TVB recruits in recent years. I like Revecca but most of the characters she portrayed before, I haven’t like and forgettable. The Stunt wasn’t great, but I was really invested in Dai Chi and May Chu’s love. I love their onscreen chemistry, a little lacking from Rebecca maybe since Shaun has a wife and two kids. I read that their kissing scenes were film the day after his son was born. Hope they reunite in a drama again!

      4. @jessehsuan ohhh He’s married? haha lol I didnt goggle him to see the full bio. My mom watches TVB but she’s transitioning into China series more and more these days but she heard of him being a veteran stars son so she wanted to watch. lol… I glimpsed thru when I visited her and I thought it was pretty interesting to see a plot on the ppl who do stunts. So I am watching it online. Thought he was really cool on the first episode and I like refreshing plots and also not seeing the same faces again and again. I like it so far even thou there really isnt alot of romance from the leads but it has some nice side stories from the other actors. I usually watch 2 3 episodes and stop. But The Stunt I am still going after epi 10. Hope it will be interesting til the end. 🙂

      5. @wm2017 Me too. I always watched a drama by skimming the beginning episodes and then stop or watch the last episode. I started watching The Stunts because someone in here commented that the actor was hot. I think I skimmed The Stunt from Ep1-Ep9 and then somehow I was really interested in the main couple’s love that I actually finished the whole drama. It was rare for me to actually wait for each episode each day. I’m glad you are enjoying it.

      6. @jessehsuan
        I finally finished it. I haven’t watched a TVB in completion for a long while so this is saying alot. haha LOL…..I find it quite entertaining, not sure if it was popular in HK or anything but I personally like it. The main guy is such a nice guy that you will never find such ones in real life. haha lol esp how forgiving he was w/the ex. I mean I love the way they still treat each other as ‘family’ when legally they never really were? haha if that makes sense. lol I never like the main girls roles but she played such a convincing tomboy to me? They have better chemistry as the episodes go along and you do it find it heartwarming when there was not a seriously evil character that you hate. I like some of the side stories too and the actress who played an actress is really pretty too. Never seem her anywhere either. In fact, I think I just like the refreshing faces of the series too instead of watching the same faces over and over again. 🙂

  4. roger all the way for TV king

    i’ll pass on the upcoming series thaank god they also uploaded alot of old tvb series on web

    1. @sherla1019
      I’m re-watching ‘City Japes’, Roger’s first series some 30 years ago which has been uploaded online now. It is fun to see how horrendous Roger and Gallen was when they first began their career. Literally reciting lines from the script as if they were holding the script itself. Even Spencer Leung was better. Deric Wan naturally talented and acting with ease even though he was just as new at the time….

      1. @jimmyszeto City Japes dont remember that one

        I’m currently watching Outburst -900 重案追兇 starring Derick lawrence Ng and Jessica Hsuan its okay not bad

        The new series that are coming out with the rising stars dont really catch my attention at all

      2. @jimmyszeto Ah, City Japes – one of my favorite TVB sitcoms of all time! (I had watched that series so many times that at one point, I actually had the dialogue for entire episodes memorized, lol!). Yes, Gallen was absolutely horrible in that series (those were his “block of wood” days, lol)….Roger wasn’t bad, though that series definitely wasn’t one of his best performances (I would recommend his other 80s series, such as The Final Verdict or all the ones where he was actually lead). Deric Wan was really the one to watch in that series along with all the supporting cast — his family in the series, his colleagues at work – Law Ching Ho as Victor stood out the most, etc. (added element was that Deric and his romantic co-star in the series May Ho were actually dating in real life during that time, so that brought quite a bit of hype to the series back then). That was also Spencer Leung’s breakout role (to this day, most audiences still only remember him as his character in that series, Sai Mai Wah). One of the things I love most about that series though was the plethora of guest stars that popped in and out of the series (which was one of the biggest “features” of TVB sitcoms back in the 80s/early 90s that I sorely miss) – so definitely keep an eye out for all the famous faces because there will be plenty!

      3. @llwy12
        Yes. City Japes is such a calm, relaxing sitcom to watch. Too bad only 50 or so episodes are uploaded so far. Back then Roger and Gallen were still trying to make ends meet in terms of providing living and food expenses.Joan Tong was so young and pretty back then. I remember 何偉龍 was brilliant as the trouble maker neighbour in the series. It wasn’t all as rosy as it seemed within the cast because based on Spencer’s recent accounts, he became very popular with the fans just like Deric Wan and a magazine suddenly put his face on the front cover instead of Deric and his GF. Deric flew into a rage over it which made it become awkward for them when acting as brothers again in ‘Looking Back in Anger’.

      4. @jimmyszeto Too bad there are so few episodes available – it’s a fun series so definitely need to watch it in its entirety to get the full experience! 🙂 Yea, both Gallen and Roger were new (and under the same manager, which is why they were in so many series together back then)….the irony is that both of them debuted as “singers” (their manager was famous lyricist Jim Lo) so they didn’t get formal acting training (which I guess partially explains why their acting was so raw at the time), but later made more of a name for themselves as actors. Definitely agree that Joan Tong was so pretty in that series, but then again she was always one of the prettier MHKs from back in those days (saw her attend a Wai Yin event recently and was surprised to see that she looked so much older than she did just a few years back…maybe it was just the camera angle, lol). Aww, I miss Ho Wai Lung – he was such a brilliant actor….his portrayal of So Chung in that series is absolutely iconic! Yea, not surprised that there were conflicts amongst the cast…aside from the Deric/Spencer conflict, Deric also had a huge falling out with May Ho later on….love Deric as an actor but boy, his personal life and relationships were always such a mess….

      5. @llwy12
        16 episodes in, already had William Hu, Sheren and Lawrence Ng as guest stars in different episodes. More to come from this chilled out sitcom!

  5. If it was down to those two, then my vote goes to Roger. But I still think David and Wayne are good contenders. And we still have Vincent to come.

  6. What a weak line of anniversary series this year. Hopefully Fist Fight is good though as it is the only series that seems promising in the lineup.

    Meanwhile, it’s still quite early to predict who would be this year’s TV King and Queen. But for TV King, both Roger and Wayne show their solid performance as usual. As for TV Queen, i still can’t think of anyone as of now.

  7. Don’t know how trustworthy is this news, but rumors say that Ruco Chan has a high chance of winning. He just announced his engagement and wedding in October so he will “trade” the live streaming of his wedding on Big Big Channel for the TV King award.

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