Unique Performances at TVB’s 52nd Anniversary Gala

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Unique Performances at TVB’s 52nd Anniversary Gala

Although TVB’s 52nd Anniversary Gala <萬千星輝賀台慶> was scheduled to broadcast live on the evening of November 19, TVB suddenly canceled the annual show due to traffic and safety issues. On-site arrangements for guests and media interviews were also canceled. Instead of broadcasting the show live, TVB showed a pre-recorded taping of the show, which was renamed to Cherish Hong Kong, Distribute Entertainment TVB 52 Years <珍惜香港發放娛樂TVB 52年> and filmed the night before. It is the first time in 31 years that the anniversary show did not have a live broadcast.

Liza Wang (汪明荃), who is one of the show’s hosts, said, “The recording last night was fine. Everyone was fully invested, and the results are very good. We are all professionals.”

Fa Dans Take on Challenging Acts

Viewers can look forward to diverse games and performances put on by TVB artistes. The most eye-catching segment of the whole night was the dances and aerial acts by the female artistes.

Grace Wong (王君馨), who has always been able to dance well, wore hot pants and a low-cut corset to put on a steamy dance performance. She swayed her hips, put her butt in the air, and did a split while accompanied by four half-naked male artistes pole dancing in the background.

Equally as captivating was Kelly Cheung (張曦雯), who looked mesmerizing in a figure-hugging costume on the aerial hoop. She successfully performed splits midair and held various poses despite practicing for only six hours before going on stage. However, she was happy with her performance, which she said was her best yet.

Hera Chan (陳曉華), Kayan Choi (蔡嘉欣), and Sharlene Wong (王虹茵) also put on an aerial performance. They performed aerial yoga while spinning in the air and doing splits. The whole audience looked on tensely while the three women were in the air.

As for Samantha Ko (高海寧), she showed off her elegance in a Chinese ribbon dance, which her Miss Hong Kong juniors also participated in.

Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) Hopes Hong Kongers Will be Happy

Aside from dancing and challenging acts, there was also a singing game segment. As one of the participants in the game, Ruco Chan demonstrated his fast thinking and vocal abilities. He was also the judge for the fast Q&A segment.

“This year is TVB’s 52nd-anniversary show,” he said. “Hong Kong people grew up accompanied by TVB more or less. I hope every year’s anniversary show, including today’s, can bring Hong Kongers warmth and happiness, allowing them to forget their troubles and be happy.”

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This article is written by MelodyC for JayneStars.com.

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8 comments to Unique Performances at TVB’s 52nd Anniversary Gala

  1. funnlim says:

    Was it unique? Nope. But it was less loud, less in your face, a bit more sombre, all about games. I kinda enjoyed it except the aeriel performances look good in pictures, in actual fact they were just turning round and round and round. The tony hung-priscilla and gang segment was weird but honest even if crude. I like the death stare when tony called Priscilla a … s-ut. Yeap, he did. a wanton woman to be exact but fair game since she did question his manhood. But it was weird. I enjoyed the guess the song segment and wishing Hubert will be given a chance to sing more. He wasn’t. Best singer there and he was a sideshow. I really like the gowns in Miss HK segment where they basically show their talent in walking. I didn’t realise it was Sisley, and yes she looks good with that hairstyle. But why she is promoted is beyond me.

    It was a very subdued affair. Moses wasn’t made the centre of all jokes so that’s different. Nice to see Shaun Tam even if his fashion sense is missing. Ali Lee is there, just to show hey TVB is fair. The audiences in the studio looked mightily bored. The gifts are ok this year.

    All in all, I feel whatever the slogan, TVB should have canceled this event when the rioting is raging outside. It shows TVB is deaf. Yes I know,. they are saying we are here to make you forget troubles, be happy, to be entertained but this is not 9-11 where a foreign group tried to kill off NY and america and so the show must go on so to show how united americans and NYkers are but this is basically civil war out there. I feel the show was badly advised and TVB should have canceled the show and go out there and do charity. No one is entertained except overseas viewers like us. HK are too sad and deep in mourning over what is happening, whether for or against the govt. So TVB, kudos, huge misstep and seriously deaf.

    And for a show celebrating HK, so little is about HK. Should have asked the gang from Find Her voice to come out and say something, reenact some memorable scenes in TVB series where HK culture is a backdrop, etc. I don’t get the promote the young actors, I don’t get the miss HK strutting stuff. I don’t get Mandy doing dance or Grace shaking her booty at the camera even if she was the only one in entire show who actually looked like she knew what she was doing. I don’t get a lot of things but one thing I did get; it was neither a celebratory event nor a down the memory lane sort of show. Should have rebroadcast any super trio show.

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    • sherla1019 replied:


      totally agree TVB should go out and do charities not running stupid games passing out money n prizes if you win or lose to each other and they say 52nd tvb anniversery is to represent the difficult times that HK is growing through pppppFFFff give me a break the stations is loosing more n more viewers

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    • luye replied:

      @funnlim sisley is promoted because she is honestly very beautiful.

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  2. anon says:

    TVB is garbage.

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    • ancestor replied:

      Say what you want, BUT at the very least, as far as me, my colleagues and my friends concerned, TVB actors are really male looking, unlike those from certain country in which, some of the male singers and actors have gender identity crisis, not sure if a he or she. And the “best part” is, the he or she thinks it looks cool, haha…

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  3. megamiaow says:

    I suppose TVB saves a lot of money not having to hire real talent if they can get away with their staff winging it 😀

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  4. jjwong says:

    So those actresses name mentioned above are considered “fa dan” now?? O_o oh sad…

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  5. My favourites in this section was Grace Wong’s dancing as well as Mandy Wong and Lai LokYi they were really good. But then I guess they do have dancing backgrounds after all.

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