Viann Zhang Announces Marriage

Chinese actress Viann Zhang Xinyu (张馨予) announced on social media this week that she has married!

On August 5, Viann uploaded a series of photos of her and her husband on her official Weibo, including wedding portraits. Formally announcing that she has married, the 31-year-old said, “I am capricious. As I stumble through this road I have been walking on, I’ve come to realize that there are still many aspects of life that I still have to learn. I’ve once told myself that if I am to get married, it would never be because of age, and it would definitely not be because we are conveniently suitable for each other. It would be because of one reason: when I marry him, I marry love.”

According to news reports, Viann’s husband is He Jie (何捷), who once appeared on a television program introducing himself as an active duty military officer. He is reportedly a special operative working for the police army. The couple met on the Hunan TV special program Dog Partner <奇兵神犬>.

Viann’s manager has since confirmed their union, stating, “The couple started dating in late January. We are thankful and blessed.”


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  1. Despite her messy past, I honestly admire her simple beliefs in marriage. What she says is hard to come by, simply marrying someone solely for love, not because of age, not for convenience, not out of compatibility nor comfort. I hope she stays true to her words because a marriage founded by love is one with least regrets and is the most beautiful. Congrats to the newlyweds. I wish you much happiness, peace, and joy. 🙂

    1. @lynn90
      Love is one of the most important aspects of a relationship/marriage but just love alone is not enough to sustain a long and everlasting marriage/relationship. I admire people who marry for love and think you should marry for love, however, there are many other things to consider too. Sorry not trying to be negative but just saying that it takes much more than just love. I think that is why so many couples who grow apart and divorce in spite of really loving each other. Do you share the same values/beliefs, have the same goals, are you compatible, and just so much more rather than just “love”? Also, can you live with a person even if you love them? Just so many things to consider.

      Anyways, congrats to them and wish them a lifetime of happiness and bliss! Her marriage was just so sudden and out of the blue. I wonder if it is a shotgun wedding?

      1. @hetieshou it’s the foundation though. If you love someone enough, you can overcome those differences, many said why should you forgo your believes just to please the one you love. Is it wrong to do so? It’s up to the individual in a relationship to see what’s more important.

        With Viann, she has the money, the fame, she possibly doesn’t need a man to provide that for her. If you see the photos of how he proposed to her, you can see she was very genuinely happy, so I think she found the one she loves or the one she felt love her and treasure her, instead of those handsome actors who have too many options and therefore didnt treat her well

      2. @littlefish
        I agree which is why I said love is one of the most important factors in a marriage/relationship. But my point was it is much more than that since love does not always conquer all. Do not get me wrong, marrying for love is great but it is not just love only.

        Well whoever said money is too much? If that were the case, then why do so many actresses who have lots of money still hope to marry someone rich? Of course not everyone is like that. I saw her proposal photos and of course she looked happy as most people should. Why is it always about the guy treating the girl well? The girl needs to treat the guy well too. Viann did not always seem like an angel too. You wonder if she treated her former boyfriends well. Basically it is a two way street. Anyways, hope they are happy!

      3. @hetieshou
        Every relationship takes A LOT of continuous effort, care, and nurture to last forever, even then, there are no guarantees and no recipe for an everlasting marriage/relationship. People marry for different reasons. All I’m saying is, love should be the number one reason. Viann also said that, too, which made her likable just now. I’m not saying marriages can survive with only love. But why and how do we grow up as a person? Or understand other people? Isn’t it because of love that teaches us to be a better person? To place someone before us? I’m assuming, people should know their hearts and nature by the time they marry someone. They should be able to tell the difference between loving someone and being in love with someone. It can, at times, be quite confusing. People often mix up the two and marry for every other reason besides being in love.

        I’ve seen too many people tormented by marriages of convenience where the groom and bride join in matrimony for the sake of their close family ties to each other. I’ve seen compatible pairs who live simple lives sharing the same visions in their heads, but will always have a burning fire in their hearts for someone else, someone who was too different and couldn’t fit into their lifestyles. I’ve seen pairs who have dated for over a decade that they marry out of comfort and fear of starting all over again. They eventually have the ugliest break ups. I’ve seen people marry out of desperation, afraid of aging alone in their thirties to forties, so they settle and meet someone they’re head over heels later on. I’ve seen it all. All of those reasons are filled with so many regrets. Marrying someone for compatibility takes just as much effort and energy as marrying someone for love so why not choose love? You still have to make it work even if that other person is a perfect match, so why not work hard for someone you love?

        Love comes first and then everything else follows. I know that a marriage is much much more than just love. There are constant needs, responsibilities, understanding, and issues that love alone can’t resolve. But love is the foundation to never give up when it gets too hard. Love will remind us why we’re even with this person in the first place and give us the strength and hope that things will work out for the best, so keep treading forward.

        What’s that famous saying: “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” Lao Tzu

      4. @lynn90
        I agree that love should come first but sadly we do not all have that option of marrying for love. It just varies and you can marry for love but not last or be happy. My sister in laws’ parents were an arranged marriage and did not love each other at all at first. But they grew to love each other, had 8 kids and still happily married to this day. They have been married for over 55 years. Marrying for love is good but you wonder if it will make your marriage everlasting and happy. You can fall in love but out of love too. But anyways, it varies and only time can tell if any couple can be happy and blissful until the very end which is rare these days. Some can marry for 40 years and call it quits which is sad but happens.

        Sort of off topic and that is one of the reasons I admire Joyce Chao’s(Taiwanese actress and singer ) and Stefanie Sun’s(Famous Singaporean singer) marriages. They are just like you said, they married for love not looks or money. Everyone said Joyce’s husband is ugly and poor but she loves him for who he is. Her marriage is more admirable because she married to take care of his son which is her step son. She said that because of his son, she may never leave him in this lifetime. Basically, she married out of not just love for him but for his son too. I was touched by that. Stefanie Sun married a not so great looking guy but she loves him and did not care what others think. However, reading more about them, I can see that they married for much more than love which is why they are so blissful and happy now. Hopefully, Viann can be happy like them.

      5. @hetieshou You’re right. Falling in love can result in falling out of love, too. Like you said, every relationship is different, just depends on the two people who share that fate.

        The human life is short. At the end of our journeys, it’s not the fortune you’ve made, the brand names you’re wearing, the fine jewelry that sparkles on your skin, or the career you sacrificed for that you yearn for, it’s that one person who you never forgot; it’s their face who you miss. It’s their voice you wish to hear again. It’s them who you pray to never lose again if you had the chance. You’ve lived a life without them and that was enough torture. If you’re lucky in this lifetime, you’ll marry that person but reality is, it’s almost a miracle to end up with that person.

        I adore Stephanie. I’ve followed her music when she was more active in the past. I admire women like Joyce. It takes a lot of love for anyone to love children who aren’t theirs especially from another woman.

      6. @lynn90
        Exactly and we all hope that we can marry just one person and be with them until the end. Sadly many marry several people in one lifetime too. It is even more common for celebs in general due to all of the attractive people they are around and work with. It is fate in the end. Even my grandpa had to marry twice since he widowed.

        Yes, life is short and after losing my parents and one of my brothers I know how unexpected life is. I get so touched seeing a couple still together til the end but it is so rare these days. We can achieve so much in life just to wave it all good bye when we die. This reminds me of my uncle who just passed away almost a year ago. He has Alzheimer’s but never forgot my aunt(his wife). He loved her til the end and she loved him that she could not let go. She is still miserable to this day after he passed away. Their love is rare and touching and lasted beyond my uncle’s passing.

        Stefanie just had her second child. I remember how everyone called her husband ugly but it did not matter to her. People like Joyce are rare and it is hard to love children who are not your own. But Joyce sacrificed a lot to take care of her step son. She especially touches me as she not only loves her husband but her stepson too. That is very rare. She treats her mother in law well too. A girl like her is hard to find since she has a lot of love to give and has a kind heart.

      7. @hetieshou Sorry to about your parents and brother. Indeed life can be unpredictsble. We need to treasure those we care and spend time with them.

      8. @mangotango
        Thank you so much and life is unpredictable. I lost my dad and brother suddenly which was even harder. Losing my mom was hard but at least my family knew to prepare for it, but it was still very painful.

        Yes, I always remind people to cherish everyone they love while they can since our time on this earth is limited. Sadly, many take their loved ones for granted until it is too late.

      9. @hetieshou I’m sorry to hear about your family, and now I know why I haven’t seen you much on Jaynestar. I hope Life will be brighter for you from now on. I lost my grandfather to Alzheimer’s as well, and unfortunately he didn’t remember anything, and only after he has gone, remembering back to my childhood memories that I realised how good he was to me (to me when I was young, he was very very strict, I ate many many wooden stick/belts from him).

        Like you said fate also plays a role, instead of looking at the end, whether they break up or not, I think we also need to treasure the good memories and the lessons we learnt from the not so good memories.

      10. @littlefish
        Thanks and it is hard when we lose loved ones which is why I always tell people to treasure their loved ones while they can. Yes I come here less due to depression and stuff. Sorry to hear about your grandpa. I lost my uncle almost a year ago and he had Alzheimer’s too. Sadly many do not realize how much someone means to them until they are gone.

        Yes and fate is important and made me think of something that someone once told me at another forum. He/she told me that instead of worrying when a marriage/ relationship will end, why not enjoy it while it lasts since we do not know when it will end? If it ends then it does as we do not know what the future can hold.

      11. @hetieshou yup, that’s what I learnt from my first relationship as well. During that relationship, being our first, we bickering a lot, and worried about the future as we were still only in year 12. Also, who to say this will be our last, worry about such thing really hurt our relationship. After the break up, I was very sad, I didn’t realise how sad I was (until after that, people commented how I have become much happier, etc). However, I actually enjoy that period of sadness. I just let my body be sad, mellow in sad love songs (lol!) and I reflected back, and I learnt what I did wrong (those memories just replaying, the things you said to each other, etc) and to just love the next person without worrying about the future. To this day, I would not take back those sad years of my life (called me weird but I actually just enjoyed mellowing in my own space), so be sad, but remember those good times, and soon everything will pass 🙂 I hope you will find that happiness as well.

      12. @hetieshou I’m sorry to hear about your loss.

        Viann is saying she married for love. I simply like that. Whether the marriage is going to last or not, to have loved, been loved, been in love, will always be a memorable experience.

      13. @jimmyszeto I beg to differ. Sounds like you don’t believe in marrying for love but others do and it works out for them. There’s just too many possibilities to believe only in one way. I’ve been through a few relationships and then eventually married someone I whole heartedly love. I can tell you, they are different. I still believe in the sacredness of marriage even if a person goes through it 2 or 3 times because it’s not like we marry everyone we date. Anyway, two people who start off compatible may not last long either because people are constantly changing on an every day basis. There’s no such thing as smooth sailing even if you’re 100% compatible.

      14. @lynn90

        Thanks and I appreciate it!

        Honestly, many say one thing but what they truly think is another, especially with celebs who are known for lying through their teeth. But you are right, if she did fall in love or marry for love then good for her. At least she has had that experience. I feel bad for my best friend who never got to experience that since he passed away at only 31.

      15. @hetieshou
        The ones that marry for love only usually break up due to incompatibility afterwards. With the strong love feeling they go with their heart rather than their minds on whether they both share the same visions and future path of life. Marriage is for the long haul and not a piece of paper to sign just prove love….

      16. @jimmyszeto

        I can see what you are saying but it truly depends as some who marry for love are also suitable to their partners too. They also share the same values and stuff but also happen to love each other too. Whoever finds someone like that is very lucky but sadly a lot of people do not so end up divorcing in the long or even short run even if they loved each other.

  2. I was quite shocked to see this news on weibo a few nights ago! The couple looks so beautiful! Her dresses she chose were beautiful as well! Agree with @littlefish, love is the foundation of a relationship, it all depends on how much love you have to be able to meet in the middle. Love can change your values, compatibility. Obviously, she is not the only one that is giving the LOVE, they meet in the middle somewhere.

    1. @shishi
      Yes I agree that you need to meet in the middle so things are more balanced. If one gives too much and the other does not, there will be problems and unhappiness.

  3. Both of them look great. LOL I still remember the rumours and hoo ha about Viann-Li Chen-Wallace triangle.

    Love is important. But realistically, a relationship needs more than that to survive till old age.

    1. @mangotango

      Exactly which was what I was trying to say. Much more than just love is needed to last until old age and to have a lifetime of happiness.

  4. Trying to sound extremely mature and decisive with that ‘marry for love’ statement.Epic Fail!!! If we marry for love then many will be married many times over in a lifetime. It is all about marrying the one most suitable to partner for a lifetime…

  5. There are so many types of love – how can anyone say their kind of love isn’t valid or is the only valid one? As long as you love the other person and you’re able to sustain that kind of commitment to them, that’s as true of a love as any other.

    People develop deeper love over time, if they’re able to make it past the initial hurdles. Maybe in the beginning they didn’t love each other, but they grew to love one another. That’s real love to me too. As long as it’s not attached to some sort of external factor, like money, looks or fame, then love is love.

    1. @coralie
      True that there are various types of love, but honestly you must admit that some external factors do come in. One of my former friends married a guy from a rich family who gave each of their kids a free house all paid for, free car all paid for and other perks. She even admitted to me that she of course loves her husband but admits that she is partially with him because he has money. He even admits to her that he is with her because he finds her pretty. Basically it comes back to the old saying, guys like beauty and girls like wealth.

      1. @hetieshou Yes, unconditional love is very, very, very rare. If even possible, depending on how you define unconditional. There are usually implicit conditions that needs to be met when choosing partners. But even though we might pick partners based on attractive external traits (riches or looks), that doesn’t mean we can’t grow to love the other person after spending a lot of time with them. Can you say that’s not love, then? Or is it not real love because it’s been tainted with outside influences? I might scorn some women for picking out men who are filthy rich & old (because the motives are so clear), but I do think love is possible between them if given enough time.

  6. Need to define ‘love’ to ensure we are all on same page. Love means accepting the person as they are … bad good and all, and not expecting anything in return, and willing to give up alot for the person? That may be purest form of love?

    1. @mangotango

      My psychology teacher told me his definition of love and I agree with it. His definition was “ Love is the active concern for the happiness and growth of the other person”. That was his definition and think it is simple yet true.

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