Vic Chou is Living with Reen Yu?

Thirty-oneyear-old Vic Chou (周渝民) immediately clicked with his costar, 25-year-old Reen Yu (喻虹淵), on the set of Black & White <痞子英雄> in 2008. In 2010, their friendship was rumored to have progressed to lovers, and Reen shot to fame overnight when her connection with Vic was exposed.

Since their romantic rumors broke out in 2010, Apple Daily caught Vic driving Reen in and out of his luxury condo apartment with his Mercedes Benz. Two nights ago, the paparazzi caught Reen entering Vic’s luxury condo apartment in Songshan District, Taipei. The security guards at the entrance appeared to be very familiar with Reen and even greeted her.

Vic reportedly purchased his four-room luxury condo apartment at 96 million TWD. He resides on the 15th floor. Cyndi Wang (王心凌) also resides in the same building.

Asked if Vic is currently living in with Reen, Vic’s manager, Miu Miu Chai (柴曉倩), responded briefly, “Thank you for the media’s concern.” Asked if Vic plans to start a family with Reen, his manager said, “No need to suggest too much.”

Vic will travel to Hong Kong this weekend to promote his upcoming blockbuster, Saving General Yang <忠烈楊家將>, which will open in Hong Kong on April 4, 2013. The film also stars Adam Cheng (鄭少秋), Ekin Cheng (鄭伊健), Wu Chun (吳尊), and Raymond Lam (林峯).

Reen, on the other hand, is currently on a promotional tour for her starring television drama, Lady Maid Maid <愛情女僕>, which premiered on Taiwan’s Sanlih E-Television (SETTV) in November 2012. Nicholas Teo (張棟樑) also stars.

Source: Apple Daily

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  1. If they are dating, congrats and glad that he has found happiness. They don’t need to hide it since I know that many would support them. His ex has moved on and is now married so it is now his turn to find happiness…

  2. what if it’s an Ekin or Ronald Ng type of pursuit – the problem with Sex and the City’s worldwide success is that it mischaracterized girls as willing participants in transitory relationships – if HK celebs start being openly unremorseful about being bloodless in their engagements with the manipulation of the females in the affair to be “modern” about the ending of such entanglements, this will influence society in a negative way because young girls will definitely feel pressured to be casual and not make any claims of being wronged – this is very important. Remember that old Wong Faye movie shot in xintiandi – they made it look like she was “cool” for throwing over her lover who was prepared to dump her. It was all very prettily shot but the subject was quite toxic.

    If we Chinese are guilty of no wrongdoing against mankind, we do not deserve to become more Japanese in our conduct. Leave that “Great Happiness Space” nonsense in Japan where it belongs.

    1. I don’t believe for one second that those girls in Edison Chen’s photos were casual about their relationships with him and walked away trauma free. He seduced them – I really believe that and they were willing to be licentious with him because he wheedled them into being that way. They haven’t been that way with anyone else which shows that he had “tum” them. I am worried about Gillian who seems to be a few eggs short of a dozen in the brains department – I doubt that Korean guy respects her and genuinely cares for her – she’s just hot stuff to him most likely.

      1. I agree the part on Gillian’s brains dept haha… i hardly know the twins actually b/c i was watching this food show that features Twins, this Gillian does seem very naive and ill spoken in a way compare to her partner, the other one who got divorced n dating someone else now. Their manager even kept on praising Ah sa i think more than this ah gill. She probably felt for Edison cute looking (bad then, not now haha) back then n for her to come out to the public n says she was naive is really stupid. didnt even know she is dating a korean dude now hahaa….

      2. Yes because no woman in their right mind has other priorities than love right? Women obviously don’t do friends with benefits, they’re always somehow tricked into it? Please, women are simply human too. They have needs and not everyone is an angel.

  3. Would you want your sister or daughter to have slumber parties with the guy in the above photo?

    Why doesn’t he just marry her?

    1. There are heaps of reasons why people don’t marry their partners. Could be still early in the relationship, focus on career, don’t believe in it. Stop making it seem like all women are after a marriage certificate.

  4. This chick looks like she is 13 and reportedly to be shorter than 5′.

    I don’t really know what her appeals are. Vic, you could have done better than this!

    1. She’s quite young and pretty – let’s face it, she’s got more going for her than Da S at the moment.

      1. ahahah true that, i know right? she is young if nothing else.

    2. I don’t think she is bad. At least she seems to be having a brighter future than Big S…

    3. Possibly a personality? And she’s pretty too. If he likes her, let them be. No need to be so critical of other peoples partners.

    4. Maybe she makes him happy, they have good chemistry, he can talk to her, she listens, she cares about him. He feels loved and respected by her. Maybe she makes him laugh, he feels he can be himself around her like with no one else.

      If she is any of these things, then Isay, he can’t do any better than Renee. Add the fact that she is pretty too. She is over 21, a full adult, not 17.

    5. get over yourself. like being a giant is any better!!!

  5. cries in a corner:'( vic:(
    but anyways congratz to him if hes dating her

  6. Is she an adult? LOL!! She looks as though she is still in middle high school. I can never understand the whole Lolita thing with Asian guys.

    Wonder what her nationality is with a funny name like “Reen”

    1. Ugh yes she’s an adult. And why are you assuming this is some lolita obsession? Is it a crime to look young? Besides, he looks young too so its not even noticeable.

    2. And why are you so defensive about what meant to be a humorous tease? Does the midget miss pay your bills or something? Wait, she probably can’t afford to because she is only a C-lister. LOL!

      Forums like this are meant to be a venue for free expression.

      1. I’m all for free expression but when you make a sweeping generalisation that presupposes all Asian guys have a thing for lolita girls, then you’re just being outright offensive.

    3. “Whole lolita thing with asian guys”.

      Vic Chou doesn’t seem to be into that “thing” since he was dating someone quite a few years older.

    4. and what are you? non-asian? Why do you care what Asian men like?

      Asian men like Asian women. some asian women are shorter statured than others, while some are taller. he just happens to like a girl that is short, what is your problem with that? why would he need your understanding of what he likes or not? funny.

  7. Back in the early 2000’s, zaizai was my celebrity crush. I remember becoming so jealous whenever he has a rumoured girlfriend, or when I watch his kissing scenes. LOL silly me back then…now, I just wish him happiness, and hope he finds his Miss Right!

    1. He STILL is my major celeb crush, but as much as I envy her, I wish them the best of luck. I’m glad he’s happy and as long as he is, I’m happy for him.

  8. Just seen Reen in a T-Drama, Once upon a Love with Sunny Wang and Cheryl Yang. She’s quite cute.

  9. She is down to earth but she could be prettier if she fix her teeth?

  10. She is no where a lolita girl, but just by looking at her face, she still young and fresh, I don’t think she’s right for Vic Zhou’s deep set caring eyes. He could of been with someone his years or something who looks more ready for a family. Just doesnt look right together. Vic zhou is just going to get older.

    Oh well, love is experience,

    Wish him luck,

    1. Ithought she was 21, did not know she was 15, way too young for him. Ialso thought Vic was only 31, a good match in age for her. Looking young has something to do with wanting a family???????????????
      The eyes of the man and the woman decides if they are compatable?????. I have learnt something new.
      When Viv gets older, Reen will be getting older too, as he is just a few years ahead of her.

  11. ooohhh,,, I’m not agree vic chou with reen yu,,, vic is hand some more,,, I like he with janine chang, make be together n be married,, I love janine she is perfect girl, I’m really happy if vic can loving janine,, I hope they are can be giving n together.. amiiinnn

  12. I was hoping Vic Zhou with Barbie was right. I hope she dnt regret later.

  13. She is kind of young. I’m 24 and if I think about dating someone like Vic who is 31, I would be kind of scared. LOL. But I’m happy for them. Sometimes it takes time to really find someone who you can connect heart to heart with. So if they connect well and are happy, its good enough!

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