Vic Chou Open to Working with Mark Chao after Golden Bell Win

After Taiwanese actor Vic Chou (周渝民) snagged the Best Actor Award at the Golden Bell Awards last week, many fans and news networks described his win as successfully avenging the “disgrace” he had suffered in 2009. In a post-win interview, however, Vic asked the media to stop exaggerating their reports and revealed that he was willing to work with fellow actor Mark Chao (趙又廷) if the opportunity arose.

Vic’s Golden Bell “disgrace” refers to the Best Actor upset in 2009, when Mark, his Black & White <痞子英雄> costar and then still a newcomer to the industry, walked off with the prize. Vic, who was the heavy favorite, reportedly sank into a period of depression and broke off ties with Mark and Mark’s father, Allen Chao (趙樹海), who was suspected of rigging the system.

On the day of the Golden Bell Awards this year, Vic reaffirmed that he was no longer in contact with Mark and that they “could not be considered friends.” However, he disapproved of how the media had hyped his victory as “taking revenge for his previous disgrace.” He also disagreed that he had undergone a career low after his loss in 2009.

“That’s what you [the media] thought, not what I thought,” he said. “I don’t care about awards at all. I just hope that I can transform into different roles. I hope that my projects won’t always revolve around romantic relationships!”

Despite his icy relationship with Mark, Vic added that another collaboration was not out of the question. “I like working with good actors,” said Vic, “and he is definitely one of them.”

Although Vic can now officially be counted among Taiwan’s TV Kings, he shared that Home <回家>, the series for which he won the Best Actor Award, may be his last TV drama. Nevertheless, he is willing to tackle both movies and dramas, as long as they are accompanied by a good screenplay.


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  1. So he broke all ties just because the other guy had beaten him out for the award? Immature much?

    Anyway, his conciliatory tone now strong hints that he would not mind to do the B&W 2 movie now the playing field has been evened out.

    1. Yes, and that guy is cuter too imo of course. haha LOL..lots of ppl will beg to differ. I never thought of him as cute among f4. Jerry and Vanness has always been my pick. I thought the no contact was a bit extreme too since shouldn’t you be at least be fake in general when you are facing the media? congrats but inside thinking – you piece of s…tzz?? haha LOL.cuz of a stupid award n completely cut off? sigh…so uncool..I think mainly b/c VC thinks of MC as more of a newcomer than he was at the time and that he deserved the win much more than anymore and MC does have a father who probably have a bit of connections so the award went to him. However, I thought Mark did well in that series period so I didn’t feel for him at all if ever. haha LOL….

      1. I thought in the only one thing this guy is so immature . I love Mark Zhao (Chao) . He acts better and better every projects . And Mark Zhao is in many big production now . Pshhhh Mark Zhao took so much **** from Vic’s fans that year . I was the only one defending Mark . I’m glad Mark shows he has true talent (and good look too)

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