Viewers Have a Problem with Dilireba’s Eyebrows in “The Flame’s Daughter”

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Viewers Have a Problem with Dilireba’s Eyebrows in “The Flame’s Daughter”

Fans are voicing out their disappointment at the stylists for Dilireba (迪丽热巴) in her new drama The Flame’s Daughter <烈火如歌>, which premiered on Youku on March 1, 2018.

The wuxia drama, a coming-of-age story that follows the seemingly ungifted heiress Lie Ruge, had a great initial start, reaching over a 100 million views soon after the release of its first episode. But despite the drama’s popularity, many viewers couldn’t help but to express their displeasure at the show’s stylists and make-up artists, in particular with Dilireba’s looks.

Many viewers pointed out that Dilireba’s eyebrows looked too long and straight, comparing them to a pair of swords. Ironically, the show’s costume designer is William Chang (張叔平), an Oscar nominee, and a 38-time nominee for Taiwan’s Golden Horse Awards. Dilireba even told the press that her look took about five months to come up with.

The Flame’s Daughter, based on the book of the same name written by Ming Xiaoxi (明晓溪), stars Dilireba as Lie Ruge, the only heiress to a powerful martial arts sect known as the Liehuo Pavilion. Growing up thinking that she would inherit the Liehuo sect, she later learns that she is actually the biological daughter of Zhan Feitian, the father of her lover Zhan Feng (Vin Zhang 张彬彬). It turns out that their common enemy had switched Ruge and Feng’s identities when they were just infants, and Ruge’s weak command of martial arts was because a curse was placed upon her. Together with Feng and Yin Xue (Vic Chou 周渝民), Ruge manages to lift the curse and avenge her family.


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4 comments to Viewers Have a Problem with Dilireba’s Eyebrows in “The Flame’s Daughter”

  1. davy says:

    Yup! Many people kept saying she is a woman with a man’s face so such eyebrows made it even worse.
    It’s a little funny that after 5 months and in the end they round it back to Bai Qian’s bangs and long wig.

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    • tiffany replied:

      @davy lol, it also wasn’t a flattering look on Yang Mi.

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  2. tiffany says:

    It’s not just her styling, Vic also looks odd lol The acting is also disappointing.

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  3. littlefish says:

    I love the series, best atm for me. The stylist would probably do a better job, though this is miles better than 3310, because I don’t like Yang Mi’s hair do or outfit that much in 3310, and seriously hate Mark’s outfit, and his outfit at the last episode is like: who would think this PoS look good? *rolled eyes*

    Acting wise, initially I thought Vic was weak at the opening scenes, but rewatching it, I changed my mind. As much as many argued how he should be raging with emotions, but after many days of carrying her, he would have known she won’t live. And as the story goes on, Yin Xue is such a complicated character with so many emotions and intentions, that I think Vic portrays perfectly as the series go on. Dilireba is however a bit weak. The other 2 male leads/supports are a bit weak as atm they don’t have a lot of room to showcase. But story wise, it’s an interesting drama, and the actions sequences are so good. Miles better than princess agent, because you don’t feel there is a body double, whereas princess agent does it so lousily that you can tell immediately when it’s a body double and when it’s not.

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