Vincent Wong Absent From Family Trip

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Vincent Wong Absent From Family Trip

If Yoyo Chen (陳自瑤) didn’t attend the event looking glowing and tanned, the reporters wouldn’t have even guessed that Vincent Wong (王浩信) had missed out on their family vacation.

A few days ago, Yoyo attended a banquet event to celebrate the last day of broadcast for the TVB drama Succession War <天命>. Pointing out that Yoyo was looking tanner than ever, the actress said she recently came back from a trip to Japan with her daughter and family. It was their first trip to Japan.

“It reached over 40 degrees Celsius there,” shared Yoyo. “No matter how many products I used, I still got a tan.”

Suggesting that Vincent was probably too busy to attend the family trip, Yoyo was asked if she plans on going to another trip with Vincent sometime in the future. “We’ll try our best to plan it, but it’s difficult. He’s too busy. (Was your daughter accept that Vincent didn’t go?) She was fine. Kids get over things pretty quickly once they’re having fun. (She even forgot about dad now?) When she’s having fun with other people, she’ll forget about her mom too.”

It’s been rumored for several months now that Vincent and Yoyo are at the brink of divorce, but the couple have squashed all speculations. “We never changed,” said Yoyo.


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4 comments to Vincent Wong Absent From Family Trip

  1. says:

    All this disparaging news surrounding Vincent’s marriage and womanizing ways is so depressing, considering he’s my favorite in terms of performance and roles in recent years (as far as TVB is concerned).

    My instinct tells me their marriage has indeed, been in a negative place for a while now, but they are trying very hard to keep it under wraps, for obvious reasons.

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  2. mimi8 says:

    It seems they’re in some troubles but hopefully they work it out since it’ll suck that Vincent changed once he’s famous.

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  3. janet72 says:

    Vincent’s acting is good. I hope his marriage is happy too.

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  4. hstelee says:

    Vincent acts well!

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