Vincent Wong Films “Detective Investigation Diaries”

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Vincent Wong Films “Detective Investigation Diaries”

Vincent is in top shape for his undercover role alongside Owen Cheung.

Celebrating his 37th birthday recently, Vincent Wong (王浩信) continues to dodge questions about his marital status with his wife Yoyo Chen (陳自瑤). Despite this, the TVB Best Actor is seemingly enjoying the prime of his career, filming one drama after another and was spotted on the set of Detective Investigation Diaries <刑偵日記> recently.

In the drama, Vincent and portrays a Special Duties Unit police officer who goes undercover to infiltrate a triad for criminal evidence. Complicating the situation, Vincent’s character inherits his mother (Kara Wai‘s 惠英紅) multiple-personality disorder and he gets romantically involved with Mandy Wong (黃智雯) and Venus Wong (王敏奕) under his different personalities.

In a recent scene, Vincent appeared at Wenwu Temple with Kelly Fu (傅嘉莉) and veteran actor Henry Yu (于洋) filming around the temple’s exteriors. On the set, Vincent showed himself to be very obliging when assistant stylists worked on his hair. He also promptly put his face mask back on after rehearsing the script once with other cast members. Arousing the attention of curious onlookers at the temple, the actor was friendly when fans whipped out their phones to take photos of him.

No stranger to undercover roles, Vincent had a similar role in Al Capuccino <反黑路人甲>, an upcoming drama set to air in August which also stars Owen Cheung (張振朗). In the drama, Vincent portrays an actor invited by the police to infiltrate gangs and later successfully climbs up the ranks to become a prominent leader within the triad.

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9 comments to Vincent Wong Films “Detective Investigation Diaries”

  1. tt23 says:

    I don’t think Owen is in the drama he’s filming now with Kara? That hair is from al cappuccino. And I don’t remember hearing that his character in investigation diaries is a UC. I think some facts are mixed up here.

    I’m very excited for al cappuccino though (lol been waiting for this post)! I hope they execute it well – story and concept is interesting and different from previous dramas about triads and UCs. I’ve watched every preview and it looks pretty good. Curious to see what others think.

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    • bubbles23 replied:

      @tt23 this article messed up. Ben and Philip are in DID.
      I am excited for Owen + Vincent in Al Cap but the female cast is sigh.

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      • tt23 replied:

        @bubbles23 whew ok I thought I was missing something. DID has a great cast, very excited for it.

        And agreed on the female cast for al cappuccino… crystal

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  2. potatochip says:

    I am disappointed that there is a police/triad element in the DID series. Why couldn’t it be a drama about Dissociative identity disorder alone? Or maybe if it has to be Investigation, maybe have him be a private eye instead. Something with a darker mood, where he is more of a lone wolf.

    I am still looking forward to this but less excited. Also, looking forward to the lighter hearted series next couple of weeks. Wonder why they haven’t gotten him a good female co-star since Legal Mavericks. Hope to be surprised.

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    • tt23 replied:

      @potatochip I don’t think it has a triad element. I think the writer mixed up the storyline with Vincent’s upcoming drama – Al Cappuccino. Owen was not casted in DID. I think it will have a police element but not the main focal point.

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      • potatochip replied:

        @tt23 Oh thank goodness. I was confused that they mentioned Owen in the DID series instead of Phillip and Ben. The DID series has such an awesome cast in general.

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      • tt23 replied:

        @potatochip agreed! I’m very excited for it and excited to see how Vincent portrays this character.

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    • scre replied:

      @potatochip the only reason the DID series has an police element is because this is suppose to be a sequel of the Detective Investigation Files. But this series is going to be completely different from the other ones.

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  3. minhee says:

    Yes! Another crime drama from Vincent. I know Vincent’s been in very similar dramas but he shines in these roles. His action scenes are a joy to watch. And I love how his characters have emotional depth. Thoroughly enjoyed Legal Mavericks and The Man Who Kills Trouble. Hopefully his upcoming dramas will be even better!

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