Vincent Wong Seeks Perfection in Acting

The 13 slaps Vincent Wong (王浩信) received from Damian Lau (劉松仁) last year for Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles <名媛望族> were not enough to win Vincent the Most Improved Male Artist award at the TVB Awards. Vincent tried his luck again with another abused role in 2013’s Will Power <法外風雲>, receiving an additional 24 slaps from costar Susan Tse (謝雪心). After earning the new nickname “Slapped Shun”, Vincent finally won the Most Improved Male Artist award at the 2013 TVB Anniversary Awards.

Portraying an unlikable role in Will Power, 30-year-old Vincent went through a period of talking himself into accepting the role. He revealed, “I didn’t want to portray such a role and was planning to turn it down, but the producer convinced me that it was a role worth taking. [Will Power] also had a very impressive cast, so I really cherished the opportunity. I put forth 120 percent of my effort to portray the role. In the end, I got too invested in my character and developed depression. But, I am not afraid to take on a similar role again in the future. Like what a fan told me, all actors would have to start off with similar experiences.”

Vincent hopes to tackle a variety of different genres in the future. Vincent currently appears in Coffee Cat Mama <貓屎媽媽>, a TVB comedy drama featuring the coffee-making business.

“I always wanted to shoot comedies. I like to make people laugh, and it’s always a great time shooting a drama with so much happiness around the set. However, I still approached my role with caution, because correct timing is really important when it comes to comedy. I have to understand my role well and adapt to the different filming styles. I will push myself to do everything correctly.”

Vincent considers himself as a perfectionist, explaining that he is not only cautious in approaching his roles, but also in life.  “I’m an artist and I’ve always loved to draw. When I draw, the ending product has to be perfect, but now, I’ve transferred this obsession to my acting.”

Setting Oscar-winning actor Daniel Day Lewis as his target, Vincent hopes to be receive recognition as an actor who can tackle a variety of different roles. “I really hope to find a new breakthrough in my comedic acting route with [Coffee Cat Mama].  I want to perform my duties as an actor, and find my own acting style.”

Still Hopes to Revive Music Career

Facing intense competition every year, the Most Improved Male Artist honor was not an award that could be easily won. Vincent debuted as an award-winning rookie singer in 2005 under Neway Star. In May 2006, he released his debut album Never Exhausted and released singles with mild success on the charts. With the Hong Kong music industry facing a slump in the following years, Vincent’s singing career also suffered. In 2008, Vincent signed with TVB to pursue an acting career, starting again as a rookie.

Vincent spoke of his music career, “I won a rookie award, and when I watch my music videos, and see people pointing me out in the stress, I felt like I’m floating. After going through those career setbacks, I slowly began to realize that I would not be handed opportunities if I was not ready.”

Achieving his first breakthrough in his acting career, Vincent also has not given up on his singing career. Consistently training his voice, Vincent looks for the day to win another Most Improved award for his music.


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  1. it is like the first time that vincent wong that had got a most improved male artist in 2013!!!!!!!yeah…………

    1. Agree he should have won last last year but if he won last last year who would win last year.

      Last last year is 2012 and last year is 2013. Happy news years.

  2. i loved the show of the coffee cat mama
    is the best show i have ever watched
    i always wanted to watch the ones that are very funny that everyone would love to watch……….

  3. but the rescult is that everyone keeps on saying that is one of the worst show ever
    showed and they said that when the character of the show was learning how to make a cup of coffee and later in the day
    the character won a award but i think is one of the best shows i have watched!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I think Vincent is doing great as a new actor. He’s definitely improved a lot since when I first saw him in dramas. He seems to be very serious about acting and has a strong passion for it too. I would like to see him more in dramas for different roles. His character in Coffee Cat Mama is actually pretty funny and different from his other characters and I like it so far. However I am not so sure about his singing as I didn’t hear much of his music in the past when he was a singer. I did hear him sing live on Jade solid gold music quite recently when they talked about actors turned singers and singer turned actors from TVB and he did not sound too good. I also think it is not a good idea to do both at the same time and just focus on one.

  5. Vincent is a versatile actor he can acts as a bad or funny guy & etc. enjoyed his acting so far. Well deserved winning the most improved artis.

  6. Vincent Wong, indeed a very good actor, reli enjoy his acting! Luv watching him. All d best!.

  7. I always liked Vincent Wong right from the beginning, but agree that his acting has improved a lot. Very happy for him that he won the “Most Improved Actor” award. Actually I think he deserved the “Best Supporting Actor” award ………… may be in 2014.

  8. Will Power is his breakout role for me. When he got slapped last year in SSSS, he only made some headlines for being slapped so much. But for this series, I felt like his slaps and his acting were able to generate noise. He was very believable as a unfilial druggie son.

  9. never knew he was a singer ! keep on the good work, vincent !

  10. He has those villain look, like Hawick Lau, though the latter is better. Feel like slapping him when plays that role.

  11. I really like Vincent’s singing actually, though his songs were pretty forgetful.

    As for his acting, I remember liking him already in his first (I think) TVB series the modern version of Wars of In-Laws. Very happy to see how far he’s improved and getting the recognition he deserves. Keep up the good work!

  12. I actually like vincent in his roles. He has played his roles well so far, I believe. He did well in SSSS. I really felt like slapping him myself! He has also played the despicable husband in W&S. I never knew he sang but would love to hear if he is any good. Congrats Vincent, you are certainly getting better with experience and I applaud u. Hope u will only get better and better so that u will play lead roles in the future. I think his acting is better than some other lead actors

    1. Totally agree. At least he has the right attitude to do his best to improve his acting skills. He even learned how to knit for his Domestic Science teacher-role in “Mama Coffee Cat”.

  13. oh ok but at least he would do the most of his acting skills and to improve more so he would get voted!!!!!!!!!!:) again
    so everyone would enjoy about how he acts on tv shows………….

  14. I don’t think seeking perfection from getting so many slaps on the face. More like degrading and damaging his image.

  15. Glad to see Vincent Wong getting bigger and bigger roles. His acting is quite good.

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