Vincent Zhao And Donnie Yen Suspected In Leaking Shu Qi’s Nude Photos

Shu Qi (舒淇) was considered to be an innocent bystander who was harmed amidst an earlier verbal crossfire between Vincent Zhao (赵文卓) and Donnie Yen (甄子丹). Shu Qi sided with Donnie, whereby a mysterious figure quickly retaliated by widely circulating online Shu Qi’s old nude photos from her early Category III career. Although Shu Qi issued a message to her fans stating that she was no longer emotionally distressed, the online community was rife with speculations as to who had uploaded Shu Qi’s nude photos, not even sparing Vincent Zhao or Donnie Yen from the suspect list!

“The Usual Suspects”

The retaliation against Shu Qi, by circulating her nude photos, has been branded as an act of “cyber violence.” Netizens speculated which parties would benefit the most from the act and carried the greatest motive. Vincent Zhao’s public relations team was one of the suspects, since Shu Qi had sided with Donnie Yen in their war of words. However, netizens were quick to point out that such a theory would indicate that Vincent’s public relations had no brains, as the ramifications would be too serious!

Another outrageous theory pointed to Donnie Yen, who may benefit from making Shu Qi into a “cannon fodder” and shifting focus from his own role in Vincent’s accusations blasting Donnie’s professional work ethics.

Due to the recent outbreak of scandals in the entertainment industry, the online community considered that nothing was impossible. Anything that can be imagined was possible. Another wild theory pointed to Shu Qi herself, in which she “committed suicide” by re-circulating her scandalous photos to generate publicity. Netizens noted that Shu Qi’s nude photos have surfaced many times over the past decade, yet her reaction–including the deletion of over 1,000 Weibo blog posts–appeared to be more emotional than in the past, which sparked netizens’ suspicions.

Another group of netizens postulated that perhaps Shu Qi had offended another influential figure, thus the person reacted with “cyber violence.”

Donnie Yen and Vincent Zhao Respond

Amidst the outrageous theories regarding who was the mysterious figure or party that had circulated Shu Qi’s nude photos, Shu Qi’s manager declined to respond over the matter. Shu Qi’s friends in the entertainment circle, as well as “suspects” Vincent Zhao and Donnie Yen spoke out against “cyber violence” while attempting to clear their own names in the matter.

Donnie Yen stated, “Thank you friends for supporting me. Because of your sense of justice, it has implicated you in the matter. Facing the out of control violence in the internet, I feel powerless, sad, and angry! As I stated last week, ‘No bullies here would be better! People who act maliciously will self-destruct. Beware!'”

Vincent Zhao stated, “From the beginning to end of the matter, what I have done has been upright. I target the matter and not the person. Even if someone were to forward photos involving my family and young children, I will insist on this point.  Hopefully the relevant technical staff can release the IP addresses of the person(s) who circulated the photos and made the [malicious comments]. At least minimize the trouble of the involved party, while clearing the name of the innocent person. Micro-blogging has become an established system, thus it is not difficult to follow the stated procedures.”

Director Gordan Chan (陈嘉上) indicated, “I am opposed to violence, including the use of  verbal and written words to harm other people. Regarding the people who wish to hurt Shu Qi, I can only say that you are poor and ridiculous! Yesterday, we were only able to see Shu Qi ‘s beauty and your ugliness. Pathetic!”

Director Wong Jing (王晶) has also deleted his blog messages as a gesture protesting against the “cyber violence” shown towards Shu Qi.

No doubt the retaliation towards Shu Qi has made her a victim of aggressive cyber tactics. Fortunately many of Shu Qi’s friends and fans rallied to show their support, whereby she expressed gratitude in all the people who have indicated their concern.


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Jayne: Acts of “cyber violence” or “cyber bullying” happen to everyone, including celebrities. Due to their fame and close contact offered by social platforms such as Weibo, celebrities receive a lot of hateful messages as well. 

Some of the theories regarding the suspects of who leaked Shu Qi’s photos may be said in jest, but Vincent Zhao appeared to take the allegations quite seriously.

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    1. I am glad too to see supports for her. Why are these people so cruel? Don’t tell me that none of these attackers had a tainted past. So, don’t be a shammer! Even if u have a clean past, do u think u have the right to criticize others in such an inhumane manner? if u think u have every rights to do so, you are insane.

  1. Actually those pics can be eaily found in internet..wonder what is the fuss?

      1. Seriously y shu Qi take it so damm huge fuss about her nude photo ??,her picture being aroung everyday in the net,come on she trying get some attention over this matter i guess ,what a looser she is ….

  2. Even Sex and Zen Blurays were released only a 1-2 year ago. Ebay oftens has bids on Shu Qui video and pics, her Japanese nude book is like every where.

    Scary things:
    – Nicholas Tse’s children see her naked pictures and the ones in which she had oral sex with Edision.
    – Shu Qui has children and her children see her CatIII and nude pics

    1. And Shu Qi children get AIDS from her because she don’t use condom when having sex with male actors and guy during her early life as prostitution ,so she planned not to have children ,but the way this women face is very ugly ,what so special about her pictures ?

      1. Aids? Nah. She did have sex with several actors and have some lesbian scenes. However, if she had it, she would die or in critical condition right now.

      2. @moses: First off, You cannot get AIDS from someone, you get HIV which develop into AIDS.

        Also being a soft porn actress does not equate to being a prostitute…

      3. how do you know she had unprotected sex? And even if she did, she will only get HIV/AIDS if the male is infected. Therefore the male actor you referred must also have HIV/AIDS. You make it sound like because she had ‘unprotected sex’ (which you don’t even know if she did or not) therefore she’s gonna get AIDS for sure… ROFL.

        If you’re theory is right, then Leon Lai must have AIDS (oh noooooo, then Gaile Lok must also have it ohhhh noooo)

        She may have had sex in private, but she never had real sex on-screen.

        She’s not a prostitute. She’s a soft-porn star in ASIA aka nudity scenes… not pornographic actress with penis going into the vagina ok. She’s not Jenna Jamison or equivalent.

    2. I feel sorry for Lucas and Quintus. They both will have to carry their mother’s burden. Another child Ceci decides to have is another poor soul that will have to shoulder her burden.

    3. Hmmm there are no photos circulating around that has Nicholas’s ex-wife and Eason having oral sex. I think you are confusing the ex-wife with Gillian. 🙂

      1. It’s Edison, not Eason. Her pictures aren’t as graphic as Gillian’s though.


    1. I second that, well said Lady Gaga. Perhaps Shi Qui got too big for her own good and though she was a heavy weight. LOL, it would be hard for Shi Qui to be on her high horse with her tainted past.

      1. Unfortunately true. The haters will always use that as the reason.

  4. Let me tell you gordon chan OR wong jing.. you all money minded side!!! only will talk cock!!! shu qi you ASK FOR IT! HOW TO PITY YOU!!! as a director or actress who are not involved in this case.. you are better to KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!!! let them settle their way…

  5. Why would Donnie Yen do that to someone who spoke up for him? To divert attention?

    And why anyone need to upload the pictures when a simple google will do? Because whatever is in the net stays in the net like, forever.

    1. Funn,
      “And why anyone need to upload the pictures when a simple google will do? ”

      It was not explicitly stated in the news articles, but I inferred that the person who may have circulated Shu Qi’s naked photos did it via Weibo, which if reposted circulates rapidly like a chain mail.

      This may be why Shu Qi chose to delete all her Weibo messages and why it has become a Weibo issue, where she maintained that Weibo was a good platform despite what had happened. In addition, Wong Jing deleted his Weibo messages, so I suspect those photos were posted on Weibo.

      Imagine a viral message circulating on Facebook and worming its way into infinite social circles. It would be never ending.

      1. Jayne, the fact that it is in the net is already viral. But for it to be in Weibo means someone posted it specifically. However a simple google search would have achieved the same aim. Point is what done is done. She should have bought back the license when she had the chance, then she can now sue those involved.

  6. I don’t think Vincent , Donnie or Shu Qi are behind this. That person is doing this because (1) he/she thinks is fun, (2) he/she does not like Shu Qi or that she sided with Donnie, (3) that person hates Donnie and wants to bully those who help him. But yeah I was thinking why she reacted this emotional this time. Maybe because she was helping a friend and instead she gets attack like this, thus feeling more helpless than other situations?

  7. I reckon this is a PR stunt to fire up interest for whatever movie these 2 do******** are filming.

    1. Possibly. Never say never. Ride on the sympathies.

  8. This just a gigantic misunderstanding that has gotten out of hand. Do not think that Vincent nor Donnie would do such a brainless thing.

  9. yeh why would Vincent or Donnie do such a thing? It doesn’t benefit them. It’s probably some stupid Vincent supporter or fan who’s the trouble maker.

  10. does anyone still remember many many yrs back then, there was some scandal involving 2 artistes and Jacky Chan made a comment on the infidelity of the male start and NOT LONG after that, Jacky Chan’s own infidelity was exposed. His affairs with Elaine! anyone remembers?

  11. shu qi, never like her, odd look and i think her acting over rated, can’t stand the way she talk. I always think that the distance between each eye is extremely wide. Anyway, she does has unique look, something like kate moss. For me, she’s more suitable for modelling/photo shot. Saw interview of her, sigh, don’t know how to describe her. Anyway, she should know better that the past is the past but it will still be there.

  12. cyber attack? pfft anyone can use google and find her topless pics.

    btw… if you didn’t do topless i doubt anyone will cast you, your voice is like nails on chalkboard

  13. The producers could be behind all this.
    Bad or good press both is just a way of generating more interest in this movie.

  14. still, the pics aren’t the big mistake of her career, but pulling out of crouching tiger, hidden dragon.

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