Wallace Huo Denies Dating Michelle Ye

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Dating rumors between Wallace Huo (霍建華) and Michelle Ye (葉璇) sparked when the pair were caught walking together in Hengdian in the rain this week. Since their 2005 Mainland collaboration, World’s Finest <天下第一>, Wallace and Michelle have remained close. Although many hoped that Wallace and Michelle were dating, Wallace replied that they were only enjoying each other’s company as friends.

Sparks Since “World’s Finest”

A crew member who once worked on the World’s Finest set revealed that though Wallace and Michelle rarely displayed their affections, Wallace was very sensitive of Michelle’s needs. He knew that Michelle loved to eat crabs, so he asked a friend to ship fresh crabs from the sea for Michelle. Michelle’s adoration for small pets also influenced Wallace somewhat, and it was known that both had adopted street dogs.

Wallace and Michelle have not starred together since World’s Finest, but many netizens, who refer to the duo as “The Golden Couple”, are still hoping for a possible reunion in the future. Last June, a self-claimed insider leaked that Michelle and Wallace had been dating for a month. At the time the rumors spread, it was speculated that Wallace had dated Ruby Lin (林心如) for many years, but the couple broke up due to severe differences.

A Rainy “Date”?

Earlier this week, Michelle was spotted waiting in front of a hotel entrance alone. A car pulled up in front of her and Michelle quickly welcomed the man, who turned out to be Wallace. She held onto his arm as they walked into the building. Wallace and Michelle booked a pool table inside a pub. They were seen looking at each other’s phones and giggling at each other before they decided to play pool. It was also reported that Wallace was being extremely flirty and teased Michelle.

Afterwards, the pair was photographed taking a night stroll in the rain at Hengdian World Studios. In the photos, Michelle was seen linking arms with Wallace while the latter was holding up an umbrella.

Wallace’s Past Rumors

With his good looks and popularity, Wallace had gone through many rounds of rumor mills in the past. He was linked with veteran actress Rosamund Kwan (關之琳) while they were shooting Hands in the Hair <做頭>, but these rumors were never publicly clarified. There were also reports that he had fallen in love with Angela Chang (張韶涵), but Wallace explained that he got too immersed into his character while they were shooting the drama At Dolphin Bay <海豚灣戀人>. In recent years, Wallace was also rumored to have dated Ruby Lin and Tiffany Tang (唐嫣). Though the gossip appeared convincing, the only actress Wallace admitted that he dated was Taiwanese actress, Joe Chen (陳喬恩).

Wallace Claims Michelle is Only a Friend

On speculations that Wallace is dating Michelle, his representative clarified, “They have been friends for many years. They met up because of work, and Wallace is still currently single.” Both artistes have become television drama producers, and have many insights to share regarding work. The representative indicated that many artistes concurrently film at Hengdian World Studios, and it is also not uncommon for them to be staying at the same hotel.

Michelle’s manager, Miss Wong, indicated that she is unclear about the incident and did not issue a response.

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Source: QQ.com; QQ.com 

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15 comments to Wallace Huo Denies Dating Michelle Ye

  1. ace says:

    Medias are just ridiculous, is it that female artists can never have male friends or vice versa. Everytime when a boy and gal friend meets up together, they always always get called that they are dating. If one of them is already married, it can definitely ruin the marriage, just like tvb Toby leung and her husband. The media is the culprit for the divorce or at least they have triggered this.

    Boy and gal artists meeting together is very common in US, but in Hong Kong and mainland, it is totally different. Chinese media love to screw with peoples lives and making them miserable

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  2. ping0 says:

    Wallace is super popular, first it was Ruby, Viann and now Michelle! hehe

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  3. Funn Lim says:

    Wallace never respond to dating rumours unless he has to and if he denies, it means it is true. Wallace and Michelle has always have this close friendship verging on buddies. Michelle commented on that a long time ago about how close they were. The pictures could mean anything, floor was wet, she had to hold onto him and he was being a gentleman. However in some pictures they were linking fingers, rather intimate. But I do believe if anything this may be a reboot and a possibility from friendship to dating.

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    • Funn Lim replied:

      ” Though the gossip appeared convincing,”

      According to who?

      Ruby Lin denied in front of him in national TV, lamenting why he never denied and she was always the one denying?

      Tiffany Tang never dated him even if fans wished so.

      Viann? Pure attention seeker.

      None of them were ever convincing.

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      • ping0 replied:

        This could possible be true. If so I wish them the best. 😀

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  4. Jane says:

    The picture of Michelle picking her nose keeps popping up in my head when I see her name in the news.. LOL

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    • tayna replied:

      Lol!! Same here. And, if I was Wallace, I would deny dating her too after seeing that picture. Lol!!!

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  5. abcd says:

    I think they could be in the early stages of dating. Their body language shows this. Whose body huddles so closely to their “friend” like sticky rice and holds his hand upon sight? That doesn’t make sense.

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    • abcd replied:

      They are likely in a relationship but keeping it under wrap.

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      • Funn Lim replied:

        No he denied. But I believe they’re at “good friends” stage. So it could happen. They were very close during the filming of World’s Finest.

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  6. Karma says:

    linking fingers is rather intimate. They do make a good couple -career and looks match!

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  7. sexie says:

    wallace huo is indeed very handsome and metrosexual comparable to huang xiao ming standard…he not only attract the opposite sex but also guys might also like him due to his look

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    • karen replied:

      Totally agree. He is soo handsome! naturally good looking, unlike HXM lol
      I remember my dad said wallace looks handsome hahahaha

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  8. Hannah says:

    Loved their onscreen chemistry in WF. They do look intimate in some of the pictures.

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  9. d says:

    omg i love them together in worlds finest!
    i hope they are dating lol

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