Wang Yibo Volunteers in Henan Disaster Relief Recovery

Many celebrities have donated millions to help disaster relief efforts in flood-stricken Henan province in China. Born in Luoyang, Henan, 23-year-old star Wang Yibo (王一博) donated money and also returned to the province to serve as a volunteer to help locals.

Han Hong Love Charity Foundation organized efforts to deliver flood-relief supplies to local residents. Busy aiding in transferring supplies, the volunteers were surprised to realize that Yibo had been helping out along with them all along!

Helping to Deliver Supplies

Started by singer Han Hong (韓紅) in 2012, the charity recently shared on Weibo about delivering supplies at a local children welfare center, a temporary shelter for flood victims in Gongyi city, Henan.

In one of the photos, Wang Yibo was seen carrying a young child. Although he appeared a tad clumsy, he had an adoring expression as he held and swayed the child gently to reassure him in a heartwarming scene.

Dressed in a nondescript white polo top, black track pants and donning a white cap, the masked Yibo carried three boxes of supplies at a time. A volunteer mentioned that the team had unloaded a van of supplies before everyone realized that they had a superstar as a volunteer all along!

Han Hong then introduced the star to everyone, to which Wang Yibo did a single-handed wave and bowed with clasped hands as he remained modest of the warm reception. His earnest efforts to help Henan did not go unnoticed, and he was praised by netizens as being a good role model.

Source: Netease

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  1. Wang Yibo really has my respect. Truly applaud him for being a volunteer, he not only donated a lot of money but also use his time and energy to help the flood victims. Hats off to him. But despite his kind effort, he was attack by netizens for helping out. These haters really need to get a life.

    1. Did he really? Goodness, there are so many self centred Chinese who cannot stand others doing good.

    2. Pretty sure netizens attacked him because this so called help is only for PR. I read another article where they barely help. Sure they give stuffs to the people, but there were photos of people walking across the flood half way up their chest, and these celebrities just drive by on their raft >_> also, they use 2 rafts, one for filming crew and 1 for these so called goodwill celebrities.

  2. I really like the down-to-earth stars to put down their idol status to do good for the community. WYB is so kind and gentle. He really does care about the flood victims and does what he can to help. He can just donate money but he chose to go there in person.

    Some of my friends’ homes were affected the Zhengzhou floods and the water is up to the necks. The army is doing their best to drain the floodwater and distribute aids. I am disappointed that none of the major aid sites have asked for donations for the victims and no foreign aid has been offered either. Politics aside, these are real people who need help and have lost family members in this disaster, just like victims of Hurricane Katrina, Australian bushfires or other weather disasters. It is not even about the money, it is about the lack of heart to help. China is just lucky that they don’t need to rely on foreign aid. A lot of my friends in China and overseas have donated what they can afford to help (even if just a few hundred dollars). The funds that the normal people in China are raising is very moving, even though they might not be doing so well themselves. Best wishes for the flood victims in China.

    Back to WYB, I think his parents have raised him well and taught him to be a decent and caring human being. And he is still so young.

    1. Not surprised by lack of foreign aid or condolences since the US orchestrated a global China-demonization campaign. Besides, climate change has wreaked havoc on countries around the world with flooding and fire. Every affected country has enough of their own disasters to take care of. Luckily, the mobilization of rescuers moved in quickly with a relatively small death toll. Big Chinese companies have also stepped up to the plate with huge donations and stars in the c-ent world have been generous as well.

  3. I am glad we do have a bunch of very decent, good young idols… Idols like Kris Wu should be cancelled.

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