Wayne Lai Destined to Win the TV King a Fourth Time?

Above: Wayne Lai and his wife, who acts as his manager.

Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) winning the TV King title for the third time at the 45th TVB Anniversary Awards had jolted the public. According to renown feng shui master, Mak Ling Ling (麥玲玲), Wayne may have a chance to win the TV King title once again in the Year of the Snake.

Although Wayne had high expectations and put in his best efforts in all his performances, his New Year wish is to have good health and happiness rather than eyeing the awards. Appearing at a horse racing event in Happy Valley with his wife, Wayne said, “I don’t really have expectations, but I don’t mind if there is. Mak Ling Ling said that I will win the TV King title once again, but I am already very happy to have received it three times.”

Mak Ling Ling also predicted that Wayne will have a breakthrough in his career this year, such as ability to film dramas and movies outside of Hong Kong, while cautioning him to be more mindful of his health, especially his digestive system. Wayne said, “I will not intentionally force it. I am used to TVB’s filming style. Although mainland China’s fees are higher, the dialect and culture is different. Perhaps I may not be used to the food there.”

Wayne’s filming schedule is already booked through July filming TVB dramas, Will Power <傳愛事務所> and Rosy Business 3 <巾幗梟雄之諜血長天>, which will film on location in Zhongshan and Foshan.

Wong Cho Lam a Contender for Best Actor

Aside from Wayne Lai, Wong Cho Lam’s (王祖藍) Inbound Troubles <老表,你好嘢> won ratings and critics. The drama’s success has already sparked early talk that Cho Lam is a contender for this year’s Best Actor award.

Wayne also praised Cho Lam, “He is very outstanding. My wife also watched his series!”

Cho Lam said, “Wayne Lai is too great; I’m afraid to compete with him! I am not too keen on the Best Actor award, but I would love Inbound Troubles to receive the Best Drama award in which everyone can share the happiness!”

Due to his comedic talent, 33-year-old Cho Lam is quite popular in mainland China. Although he has been invited to film a mainland movie and drama with a 6-figure sum per episode, Cho Lam had to turn down the offers due to project commitments in Hong Kong.

After filming Food for the Slaves <食為奴>, Cho Lam will be involved in developing the scripts for the Inbound Troubles movie and drama sequel. Staying in Hong Kong had the added bonus of spending more time with girlfriend, Leanne Li (李亞男).

Sources: On.cc, ihktv.com

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  1. Wong Cho Lam is not a contender. Seriously, his acting can’t be compared to Wayne. Anyway at some point Wayne must do what.. I believe Alan Tam did… politely refuse to accept awards anymore.

    1. Totally agree with you Funn. WCL’s acting is lightyears away Wayne’s.

  2. First of all, dont trust Ms. Mak

    Secondly, I doubt Wayne will win fourth TVB BA award. He is already proven to be a great actor. Fantastic!

    Wong Cho Lam is still long ways to go to be the best actor status.

    1. Larry, if given a good script and character I think Wayne has a good chance. Let’s be honest there aren’t too many TVB actors that can act.

      1. I agree but right now, I think it’s a bit too early to discuss who will win BA

    2. I also do NOT trust Ms.Mak. I have realized many of the things that she is either just generally guessing that many of us can do or is just plain BS…

  3. Pfft, mak ling ling is so over rated! It’s becoming annoying actually, she milks every chance possible and go for easy call.

    Wayne’s success is due to preparation meeting right opportunities! He’s skilled unlike some of the siu sangs in TVB now!

  4. I don’t want Wayne to get it the fourth time. Yes. he is good, but not good enough to get it year after year after year….however, i don’t see any other are good enough to claim this title yet…well, maybe too early to tell…still have a lot of drama not in air yet this year…hope to see some outstanding performance

    1. i agree and wayne a better actor compared to the younger sui sangs hes not good enough to get the award year after year

      1. He should perhaps learn it from Alan Tam. It does not look good on TVB either, who has no better actor than Wayne Lai.

  5. As per current filming schedules, I think the following actors, who are on management contract with TVB, may have chances to win TV King award in 2013

    1) Wayne Lai in “Rosy Business III” and “Will Power”

    2) Moses Chan in “Beauty at War” and “Will Power”

    3) Kenneth Ma in “The Hippocratic Crush II”

    4) Ruco Chan in “Ruse of Engagement” and “Brother’s Keeper”

    1. Among all those above, I perfer Ruco Chan. Again, Wayne already took three time; unless his really show something really outstanding and different. Moses also took once. I really don’t think Ken Ma’s performance is very outstanding…how hard is it to perform a outstanding doctor?! Ruco Chan’s acting is good in a lot of drama. I through he was not under TVB’s management. I am not a fans of any of them, just speaking for their performance.

      1. CL,
        Ruco has gained a lot of fans through his acting. However, he has been cast in several lightweight romantic comedies last year which do not showcase his acting strength. I look forward to “Brother’s Keeper” and “Ruse of Engagement” which hopefully which showcase his strengths more.

        This year, TVB’s strategy appears to bring back veteran actors to boost ratings. Aside from producer Amy Wong, Ruco hasn’t really been utilized heavily.

      2. among these nominees i think kenneth ma or ruco chan should win. wayne and moses already got their share and no offense, although wayne deserves the win last year, i don’t want to see wayne taking the award again and moses isn’t that great of an actor to win double tv king.

      3. hippocratic crush 2 and brother’s keepeers look very promising and can help ma and ruco, but triumph 2 will be a popular and great series too.

    2. I think Bosco (a change of heart) and Michael Tse (sniper attack) have a chance to win too.

    3. I have a feeling it may be Ruco. Several media articles seem to be talking up “Brother’s Keeper” — I remember one article hyping it up as 2013’s most anticipated drama.

      I just read that Beauty at War is going to air in April so it runs the risk of being forgotten by the time of the awards.

      I guess the crystal ball will become clearer when we learn which are this year’s anniversary series.

  6. Wong Cho Lam is indeed an outstanding performer & he is very talented too. But to be crowned as a Best Actor may needs another few more years and really have to prove his versatility in many different roles.

    As for Wayne grabbing the TV King for the 4th time, it really have to depends if there is a great breakthrough in his Rosy Business 3. Although ppl may not like it but if he is outstanding with great script, i don’t see why he should not be crowned as TV King. Same goes to Moses Chan, if he has an extraordinary performance this year, why not give to him? It is entirely depends on their performance in their respective dramas.

    If Ruco chan is good, he should also deserves to win too. :)But of course, I am looking forward to see Wayne in Will Power, Detective colombus & Rosy Business 3. Somehow, looking forward towards wayne + Moses Chan & Wayne + Myolie Wu.

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