Who Broke Joe Chen’s Heart? Fans Point at Louis Koo, Wallace Huo

On December 11, Taiwanese actress Joe Chen (陳喬恩) updated her Weibo with a mysterious post, possibly hinting at a bad breakup that may have happened in the last few years.

She wrote, “That day would eventually come. Maybe it’s because [I] suddenly thought of someone; maybe it’s because [I] suddenly saw those photos, but you have come to realize that it’s actually been a long time since you last thought of that person. When the thoughts come again there would be doubts… doubts of why such a rubbish [person] could have the ability to get you so hurt. What ability did that person have that made your heart beat? Were it really lights that shined on my eyes or was I crazy to begin with? Yes… once you start to forget someone, the only things that would come with it are the strains and doubts… kid, you have grown.”

With nearly 10,000 reblogs, Joe’s post attracted wide attention and curiosity from netizens. Some netizens also jumped the gun and claimed that it was Louis Koo (古天樂), who dated Joe for two years, that broke Joe’s heart. Other netizens also predicted that the perpetrator was Wallace Huo (霍建華), who dated Joe briefly in the past. Wallace and Joe remained as friends after their breakup in 2003, but after shooting the 2013 wuxia drama Swordsman <笑傲江湖> together last year, the pair allegedly rekindled their relationship.

In September 2013, reports surfaced that Wallace was seeing Viann Zhang (張馨予), which led Joe to post up yet another mysterious update on her Weibo, implying that someone was being unfaithful. Soon afterwards, Wallace and Joe were rumored to have broken up.

Though Joe never specified who she was talking about in her posts, the messages are interpreted to be directed at her ex-boyfriends.

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Why do artists post such vague sentences on weibo?! Reminds me much of Viann Zhang!!!

    1. I have same feeling. Why she’s always cheated by men? so boring! How old is she already?

      1. Are you sure that you won’t be cheated? Love the bad guy is not her false so don’t blame her.

      2. So far it’s ok, no one cheated me & I’m married. One, two times were cheated are ok, but frequently should be questionable. Even though you were cheated, why you always share pulicly when you can always share with relatives,friends is questionable

      3. Are you sure no one cheated you? I doubt that. Some day if you find out you were cheated, it hurts more than you can imagine at that time you can understand why she did that ( I’m not sure she did that because she was cheated or another reason. I just think she was hurt and wanted to share her feeling. She is famous it doesn’t mean that she has to keep secret her feeling and show her smile) You said she was cheated many times, i didn’t know that but if so i think just because she love and believe them too much.

      4. ok, that day will come, I will be cheated, and I get hurt, then you think I should share it publicly, one by one? You seem experience that, so could you please share one by one here

      5. she didn’t call you and told you her story, she just wrote on her weibo. I didn’t share one by one but still write it on my facebook just to show my feeling. is that illegal when you wanna show how hurt you are? i don’t hope that you will be cheated just wanna you to understand. maybe you misunderstand what I mean.

      6. That weibo she made for her pulicity stunt so everything she shares there all having her intention. Louis Koo & Wallace Huo are pulled into this criticsm as cheating guys, do you understand how deep they get hurt? This is not the first time she did. Do you who is the rubbish guy she mentioned? Nobody knows, but LK & WH get hurt. I think she should understand how paintful these two guys got due to her irresponsible, pulicity seeking. It’s vile that someone dares to say badly about other people but don’t dare to call their names straightforward

      7. she didn’t say anything about them. that what people guess. I don’t thimk it’s vile because she just wanna show how she feels not to backbite. that what i did, just feeling and though without names. maybe you can’t understand.

      8. since you said you share your feelings when you got cheated publicly so can you share the address of your facebook, I want to understand you the way you understand her

      9. you can find out if you care. always welcome. but i wonder you can read it or not because it’s not in english.

      10. and maybe you misunderstand again I said that I share publicly when i got hurt. I didn’t mean that I were cheated.

      11. can you show me how to share? i’m not good at using facebook. I just sign in and write. how to share it to you?

    2. you will select the address, copy it and paste it into your comment box & Submit Comment
      -To select: on the address bar on the top
      + you left click one time, you will see all will become background blue
      + or you put the cursor at beginning of the adress & press Shift+click end of address,all will become background blue
      -To copy:
      + press Ctrl+C
      + or right click and select Copy
      -To paste:
      + press Ctrl+v
      + or right click and select Paste

      1. hey. I asked my friend and she said that Joe didn’t show you. you read Joe’s post by yourself. so why do I have to show you my post? If you wanna read my post, find out by youself.

      2. You’re lieing, linh_21. It’s not easy to cheat people, you see? Many people knows her weibo address because she’s famous and she puts her posts publicly too. You’re different, you’re not famous so I don’t know yours. What makes you scare if you already post your thoughts publicly which means you want whole the world read them. Of course I will read your posts by myself, but if you don’t give your facebook address, I can’t read anything, I even don’t know who you are

      3. Lie? Me? You make me laugh. As you said, I don’t know who you are why do I have to scare that you know my story or not? You hurt me? No. Tell my story to others? I don’t care. You wanted my address, I did what you wanted me to do. How can I know it worked or not. I told you I’m not good at it. You can’t find out my post. Is it my false? If so I’m sorry because I’m not famous enough for you to find out my post.

      4. And I didn’t tell you I’m famous. I just told you when getting hurt, some people do the same things so I can understand her action.

      5. If she didn’t get hurt because of “cheated”, then nobody cheated her, right? Then no cheating guys here, LK and WH are innocent, that sounds fine.

        If she got hurt because of “cheated” then You say someday when I found out I was cheated then I can understand why she did that. You mean I wasn’t cheated so I don’t understand her action, right? This means you understand her action because you were cheated already, right?

        If your facebook didn’t show anything about you’re hurt because “being cheated” that means you haven’t got cheated so you’re never able to understand her hurt as you said, right? (Because you’re in same situation as me.) but you still insist that you understand her action to post it publicly.

        That’s what you have to prove what you said is true, in which case you understand her action? You post many times but still trying to avoid giving your facebook address. You know I don’t care you’re famous or not, I just wanna wonder if I’m talking with someone who is honest or …?

      6. excuse me. i gave you it already. i did what you told me to do. I just don’t know it worked or not cause I’m not sure. to me it worked. I said that when I was hurt( not cheated) I wanted to share so I understand when she was hurt( I’m not sure She was cheated or for another reason) she also wanted to share. Do you really got what I said?????????????? or my English is too bad for you to understand me? I think I said it very clearly. If not, my bad.

      7. I will stop here. I don’t wanna wait my time with you. please, please, please read my comment carefully before you reply. you always misunderstand my words.

  2. Hi Joe! Let go the past and let the bright future come into your life! We always love you! Gambateh!

  3. Joe Chen is a lovely lady. In the future she just might or might not announce her romance with a deserving suitor.

    This man is famous, popular, handsome and rich, yet honest, humble and down to earth. These two were made for each other.

    1. I wish she and Ming Dao would end up together since they seem to have very good mutual feelings for each other. I would not mind her and Wallace together because I really feel deep down they still have feelings for each other. But that is just my feeling which may or may be right.

      1. @HETIESHOU.

        My cousin, who is very friendly with a certain Taiwanese actor/singer, said Joe and this decent guy have had mutual respect and support for each other for years. They watch out for each other.

        Recently, they have been hanging out a lot together and taking care of each other. It seems like the timing is right for a romance and they are taking their time being friends first. If thins work out, in the future they just might be exposed as a couple.

      2. @trini,
        Really? I really wonder who this guy is. It really sounds like Ming Dao. I think part of the reason that they could not be together back then because they belonged to the same company and members of the same company were not allowed to date.

        Is he a celeb? Hm.. Time will tell…

      1. Not sure… but I wonder if Trini knows I’m already happily married.


      1. My cuz said they are exploring, to see where things will lead to in their special friendship, and they are taking their time. I guess I can understand and respect that as Joe and this young man have a great friendship and maybe don’t want t ruin that friendship.

      2. @tvbfanatic

        That was funny. You would make a great stand up comedian.

        Congrats for being happily married. I know what that is like.

    2. HAHAHA back again? Claiming to know all these inside information? LAME

      1. Someone like you who can’t admit to being the Sam person two forum cannot be trusted. Naive to believe this clown.

  4. guess she really liked “him” hope she’ll find the “one” soon.

    1. ‘that guy’ is not lucky to have her.
      I hope she get ‘the one’ soon

      1. She just needs someone who can understand her, care for her and support her. For a star like her money is no longer an issue. Companionship is what she needs. Best of luck to her 🙂

      2. There are many way richer actresses than her but yet they still marry rich men since whoever complained that money is too much? However, love and money are intertwined but whether they love the guy or not is only something they would know.

      3. Money is definitely never enough. Yes there are many richer actresses than her but in the end really depends on what she wants in life. Super rich man who could be a playboy or an average man who loves her with all his heart 🙂 Happiness is something money can never buy lol

      4. Agree with Dongfang Guniang.

        Not like other celebrities, Chen Qiao En don’t have such a high demand needs, so she don’t need too much $$$
        She like a man who chatch her attention, making her heart beat, understand and care for her.

        Haha i think she kind of like handsome guy than rich guy.

      5. yup agree. different person have different need.

        Joe Chen is a simple person. She’s not a “money type” person. Joe depends more on her feeling and she likes to spend her own money.

        if one day she be with a billionaire, its just because the feeling is right, not particularly for money.

      6. Well, I like Joe as well and honestly none of us truly know her so as for what she wants, only she would know that. Of course who does not want someone that they can love and will love them back? However, let’s be realistic here, money will still play a role regardless of the other things that are needed. But the most important thing is to not only go for money or materialistic needs.

      7. Hahahaha! HeTieShou not everyone is like you so money minded. You should not assume that Qiao En thinks like you and places emphasis only on money. Well you are probably not as successful as Qiao En so money is more important to you. 😀

      8. @Ren Nibuxing: not everyone is like you either. Not successful as her doesn’t mean that have to compare to her. She’s successful in her career, but other fields not sure she’s better than other people

      9. @cuckoo: If given a chance to be in another field what makes you think she won’t make it? She’s a very determine and hardworking person so you should not look down on her.

  5. oh Joe Chen is a lovely lady. I hove she could move on..

    and find her Mr. Right soon. after all we still have many great man out there, just open your heart.

  6. Joe is pretty…hopefully, her personality matches as well. If so, she is much better than all the TVB actresses in her same age group put together…Not sure if she is too hot to handle.

    1. yes she is a talented actress yet very straightforward, humble, down to earth, humorous, simple, independent and is always herself when she is on tv shows.

      the more I knew about this girl the more I like Joe as a person.

  7. @momo

    yes, Joe has worked with this guy before. That is all I have to say. As HeTieShou would say, time will tell.

    Joe is pretty hip and down to earth. She is not a kept woman, and is very sweet, yet strong and independent. she is still known as the queen of Taiwanese dramas, and is financially sound.


    Agree with you. In this financially hard hit world economy, money has become very important. Our global economy is not what it once was and even rich people are feeling the pinch. It is good to have a partner who can be there for you IF you need financial help. Joe does come across as someone who puts her feelings for her partner first, and everything else is secondary.

    No wonder this young man is finally noticing her in a different light.

  8. haha, yes ‘He’ really sounds like Ming Dao.

    I hope he is. Then MingEn fans will go crazy LOL

  9. @momo

    Yes, that would be great for MingEn fans. Now that you mentioned MingEn, their fans are different from the ArJoe or RianMike fans.They want Ming Dao and Joe Chen together but are realistic to them not getting together. They never bashed anyone they dated because they believed these two belonged together. I remember the ArJoe fans were so deluded about Joe and Ariel being together that they said they were married. How can a couple be married when they never even dated. That only happens in cultural arranged marriages. So I can see the MingEn fans being happy about something like this, if it happens

  10. @Ren Nibuxing: I don’t look down on her, it’s you, you look down on HeTieShou, you judge people as money minded when they voice their idea, you judge people not successful as her so they have to be jealous with her about her money. When you say HeTieShou is not successful as her, you mean in present time, right? because you cannot know the future. Chances in other fields always exist, right? because having people currently successful in other fields, right? That’s why I’m sure she’s is not successful as other people in other fields

    1. @Cuckoo your statement above is just your own assumption lmao! No one compared Joe Chen with HeTieShou lol! Why should we compare an unknown person with a super star? Makes no sense lol! I was just saying Joe Chen is not as money minded as HeTieShou but somehow you went out of topic and decided to compare them. I’m certain that you did not understand my earlier post and made your own ridiculous assumption.

    2. @Ren Nibuxing: Please forgive cuckoo’s lack of understanding of the English language hahaha! Cuckoo may understand you better in other languages but not english 😀

    3. This is your post, it shows your comparision ” Well you are probably not as successful as Qiao En so money is more important to you.”

      1. @Cuckoo you are so hilarious! Lol! Ren Nibuxing was just using an example. He did not specifically say that person is not as successful. Before you try to pick a fight with someone pls try to understand the sentence first :p

      2. That sentence is very clear, it shows who starts the fight. So I will stop here

  11. Are you sure no one cheated you? I doubt that. Some day if you find out you were cheated, it hurts more than you can imagine at that time you can understand why she did that ( I’m not sure she did that because she was cheated or another reason. I just think she was hurt and wanted to share her feeling. She is famous it doesn’t mean that she has to keep secret her feeling and show her smile) You said she was cheated many times, i didn’t know that but if so i think just because she love and believe them too much.

  12. Did Louis koo ever confirmed the relationship or was it just what was talked or speculated about. I think Louis koo is gay and not ready to come out yet. If you notice the way he stands or sits or acts she is sooooo gay. No normal man would act the way he does. I work with lots of gay men and that’s how they act. Trust me I have nothing against the gay people but just pointing out the obvious. There’s no way Louis had hurt any girls heart by cheating on them.

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