Who is Wu Xiubo’s Wife?

Following the exposé on Mainland actor Wu Xiubo’s (吳秀波) seven-year affair with 25-year-old actress Ruby Chen (陳昱霖) , netizens are criticizing him for betraying the trust of his wife and children. Since getting married in 2002, the 50-year-old rarely mentioned his family in public – causing netizens to wonder who the mystery lady is.

Xiubo’s wife, He Zhenya (何震亞), is reportedly not in the entertainment industry and three years older than him. The couple has two sons together. Regarding Zhenya’s other information, Xiubo chose to keep it confidential.

The actor once disclosed he handed his property over to his wife to manage. He also shared that a married couple should treat other as friends, and not as a personal belonging or a relative “because you will get used to each other’s sacrifices.”

Xiubo has previously thanked his wife for helping him end his wastrel lifestyle. He revealed he had many girlfriends when he was younger and could not tell what was true love. Before he turned 30-years-old, his girlfriend of nine years passed away; and he was frustrated for a long time until Zhenya came along.

He has always portrayed the image of a family-oriented gentleman – a good man in netizen’s hearts. It may be because of his response in a past interview when the reporter asked about his rumor with Tang Wei (湯唯). At the time, he angrily replied with, “I love my family, love my wife and son.”

But on September 22, during the Mid-Autumn Festival, Ruby exposed her relationship with Xiubo to her circle of friends on WeChat. The mainland actress ranted about the sacrifices she made for Xiubo, including caring for him for 333 days in Hengdian while he was filming The Advisors Alliance <大軍師司馬懿之軍師聯盟>. She would only slip out of the room and return to Beijing to see her family when he also left Hengdian for other work arrangements. However, she found out he was cheating on her with other women.

In addition to the cheating claims, Xiubo allegedly preyed on an underaged girl on the filming set. The scandals caused Xiubo’s reputation to fall to the bottom of the barrel. He has yet to comment on the allegations.

Source: Ettoday

This article is written by MelodyC for JayneStars.com.

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  1. He is very good looking man, even at his age, but he just lost all the points from me for being a cheater. I dislike men who are not faithful to their wife.

    1. @peachyogurt

      Well, expect more disappointment because cheating is a very common practice in the entertainment industry behind the lights and cameras.

      The only difference here is that WU got exposed and others have not.

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