Wu Xiubo Sends Mistress to Jail for Extortion of Money

Contrary to his image in Finding Mr. Right <北京遇上西雅圖>, 50-year-old Mainland Chinese actor Wu Xiubo (吳秀波) is an unforgiving lover. He is suing his former mistress, 25-year-old actress Ruby Chen (陳昱霖), for threatening to expose his privacy and extorting money. Since November, Ruby has been in jail and if convicted of the crime, she faces up to ten years in prison.

In September, it was revealed that Xiubo had a seven-year extra-marital affair with 25-year-old actress, Ruby Chen (陳昱霖). The affair came to light when Ruby complained on her WeChat friend circle that Xiubo had many lovers aside from herself, and had cheated on his wife He Zhenya (何震亞) countless times in their 17-year marriage.

Xiubo Plotted to Send Ruby to Jail?

On January 18, Ruby’s parents revealed that the actress is currently in jail. Posting a notice on Sina Weibo, Ruby’s parents revealed that after Ruby exposed her affair with Xiubo, he and his manager immediately contacted her to settle the situation. His manager proposed that she admit to the public that the news was a fake and in return, he would pay her a breakup fee. When both parties agreed to the settlement, she only received a little bit of money as Xiubo claimed that his bank account had been frozen.

During that time, Ruby went to the United States to rest and improve her health, but Xiubo called her to come home to pay her the remaining money. When Ruby returned on November 5 to Beijing, the police arrested her on Xiubo’s charges that she threatened to expose his privacy and extorted money.

Ruby’s Parents Plea for Help

Ruby’s parents tried to contact Xiubo in hopes that he will drop the charges, but his lawyer claimed that this scandal has ruined his image and led to losses of 1 billion yuan for his company. The lawyer warned that the case can’t be publicized, otherwise there would be legal sanctions.

Ruby’s parents said, “Our daughter really loved him for the past seven years. Despite faults, how can Wu Xiubo bring the law into their relationship? At this point, we just want our daughter to return home safely.”

Xiubo’s Wife Stands Behind Him

Many people are displeased Xiubo and his wife’s actions and criticized them publicly. Xiubo immediately issued a public statement, claiming that the contents of Ruby’s parents’ letter was inaccurate, and the current situation is under investigation of the police. He retains the rights to pursue legal action against the people making slanderous remarks against him.

His wife, He Zhenya, also stepped forward to support him by claiming that Ruby has been harassing and threatening her family for money, which led to their decision to call the police. She said, “We are not doing this for money; we just want the ability to function as a normal family so we believe in the law. We believe that justice will be served.”

With his scandal affecting his image, Xiubo’s new film with Bai Baihe (白百何), A Boyfriend for My Girlfriend <情聖2> was supposed to hit theaters this month, but box office sales are predicted to be dire. His drama City of Desire <渴望生活> with Angelababy was supposed to air in September, but the broadcast date has been postponed indefinitely. As his entanglements with Ruby become more complicated, Xiubo’s career will likely take a big dent as well.

Source: HK01

This article is written by Hailey for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Ruby’s parents admitted that she was actually born in 1988, making her 30 years old instead of 25. Imo, neither party deserves any sympathy.

  2. well if what the parents say is true, there should be text messages or something to prove what their daughter says is true. and as for wu xiubo, if what he says is correct, then there should be harassment texts and the like. both parties need to provide evidence.

    both parties aside, i’m also pretty disgusted by the bystanders, namely the betrayed wife & the parents. what kind of parent allows their kid to seduce another woman’s man? and what kind of wife sits back & allows their husband to cheat? it’s disgraceful for all parties involved.

    1. @coralie Greedy ones. The parents were probably eyeing Wu Xiubo’s money and hoping that one day he’d leave his wife for their daughter and their whole family would benefit financially. He easily used the allure of a big financial payoff (“breakup fee”) to get Ruby to return to China and fall right into his trap. The apple does not fall far from the tree. Xiubo’s wife enjoys financial stability and probably doesn’t want to rock the boat for the sake of their children. She’s probably been aware of her husband’s indiscretions over the years, but has other priorities.

    2. @coralie The proves are for the law to see and prosecute her accordingly. They have no need to show the public. I am certain the investigations will be thorough. The law will not jail her based on no evidence…

      1. @hohliu this is kind of a publicized case right now. and the parents brought public scrutiny to this issue. it’s not like we care, but they made headlines, so now it’s a case of whether they have proof to support their stance.

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