After Cheating Scandal, Wu Xiubo Retires From Acting

The actor’s mistress’ lawyer deny any external influence to thwart his career.

With irreversible damage done to his acting career from his seven-year extramarital affair and his handling of the scandal, Chinese actor Wu Xiubo (吳秀波) is said to have retired from acting.

After their fallout in 2019, the Finding Mr. Right <北京遇上西雅图> actor sued his mistress, Ruby Chen (陳昱霖), for extortion of money. The singer was sentenced by courts to three years in jail, with a three-year reprieve and a fine of 100,000 RMB on extortion charges.

No Manipulation to Target Wu’s Career

One of the biggest celebrity scandals in Chinese entertainment, Wu’s reputation was dragged through the mud when the married actor, who had hitherto been known as a family man, sent his mistress to jail. He was quickly censored from programs and dramas following a public backlash.

Speaking with the press, one of Ruby’s lawyers emphasized that there were no obligations to make any financial compensation. Although his client had proposed compensation initially, the idea was rejected by Wu Xiubo. “At the start of the case, we hoped to be able to resolve the issue and proposed making financial amends to [Wu Xiubo], however this was not accepted. As the case moved into judicial review and prosecution phases, we felt there was no need for financial compensation and we therefore stopped considering this possibility.”

The lawyer also denied talk of Ruby being manipulated by external forces to attack or thwart Wu Xiubo’s career, “All there was behind the case were her parents’ insistence.”


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Wu Xiubo Sends Mistress to Jail for Extortion of Money

Wu Xiubo Had 7-Year Affair with Mistress

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      1. @hohliu thats a pretty racist remark. You seem to have forgotten that it is now a very common sight to see humans having affairs, to be caught philandering and all these acts regardless of their gender, race, language and nationality

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