Wu Xiubo’s Son is Accused of Domestic Violence

Chinese actor Wu Xiubo’s (吳秀波) name recently topped Weibo’s trending searches, when his son Wu Han (吳瀚) was accused of domestic violence. An ex-girlfriend alleged that Wu Han was an abusive, cheating, and crazy liar. She shared that Wu Han had repeatedly hit her over the course of their five-month relationship, and also verbally abused her and disparaged her family. Yet, he told her that it was a “blessing” to be with him.

The first incident happened on May 20, 2022 after she discovered that Wu Han was messaging other girls on Douyin. He had asked for their contact information, asked if they had eaten yet, and played video games with them. After she confronted him, he lost control of his emotions and slapped her across the face. “After being hit, I was in complete shock and didn’t even realize my mouth was full of blood.” After the incident, Wu Han showed no sign of remorse and even said, “This is how you take care of women who don’t listen.”

On June 23, 2022, Wu Han hit her again. At 6 feet tall, his full force left her entire face crooked and the corners of her mouth bloodied. She was not able to open her mouth to eat for an entire week.

She confirmed that she has already broken up with Wu Han but is left traumatized. She needed to see a psychologist for two months afterwards, stating that Wu Han came from a wealthy background, but was not raised in a good family environment.

Wu Xiubo was one of China’s top actors after starring in The Advisors Alliance <大軍師司馬懿> and Finding Mr. Right <北京遇上西雅圖>. In 2018, Wu Xiubo was exposed for cheating on his wife and was blacklisted by all television stations in China. Netizens found a past interview where he had said that his eldest son was just like him and they remarked sardonically, “Of course, bad behaviors can be inherited.”

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This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

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      The saying is true in this case, and not in a good way. They both appear to ve so proud of their reputations too. What he did to her us a serious assault, and he should ve arrested and charged. Of course, sadly would buy justice, or injustice. Women need to run far away from men like him. There are a few that beat their wives. There is one ho believes women should be put in their place. If I mention his mighty name , our resident woman-blamer will jump down my throat, literally, haha, lol. Such abusive and barbaric behavior should not be allowed.

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