After Cheating Scandal, Wu Xiubo’s Wife is Still Willing to Stay by His Side

Remaining silent and in hiding after his scandalous affair with Ruby Chen (陳昱霖) was exposed, Mainland Chinese actor Wu Xiubo (吳秀波) was finally spotted in the United States with his wife He Zhenya (何震亞) recently. Despite his image hitting rock bottom and his promiscuous nature was revealed, judging by the interactions with his wife, it appears the truth had not affected their relationship at all.

A netizen had spotted Xiubo at a hotpot restaurant in Los Angeles. Wearing full black clothing including a mask and hat, Xiubo opened the restaurant door and looked around for reporters for a while before he felt safe to leave. He soon met up with a long-haired woman wearing a blue handbag, and later left together. Netizens assumed it was his wife, because in early February, a netizen had said on Weibo that she saw the actor and his wife on the plane to Los Angeles. The woman was also wearing the same blue handbag, so it seems the couple flew to the United States together.

In September, actress Ruby Chen revealed that in her seven-year affair with Xiubo, he also cheated and continued to have flings with other women. As their scandal escalated with Xiubo pressing extortion charges against Ruby and putting her in jail, the 50-year-old actor’s career also went downhill. His appearances in several a variety show were all photoshopped out. His new movie A Boyfriend for My Girlfriend <情聖2> was also predicted to fail in ticket sales.

Netizens criticized the actor for his continuous infidelity and any respect for him had vanished. However, his wife He Zhenya came forward earlier and supported his claims that Ruby was harassing them for money. Still showing faith in her husband, many wondered if his affair did not affect her at all. Though, seeing as she is willing to fly to Los Angeles after his recent scandals, it seems that she can forgive him for anything in their marriage.

Source: Ettoday

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  1. well, maybe he doesn’t have a choice. they don’t call her the most venomous women for no reason.

  2. Haha, told you so, always knew that the wife was never in the dark about his affairs. They’re both ruthless and deserve each other. That’s why I never pitied her. I’m glad that his career suffering. What he did to his mistress was pretty heartless. I can’t believe the mistress was that silly to fall for such an old trick, too. She thought he was going to let her get away with exposing him and the money?! Nawww! He had to show the women in his life that he was the one with balls. ^______^

    1. @lynn90
      Must be an open marriage if a wife could tolerate him being a serial womanizer. Ruby Chen’s also at fault for attaching herself to a married man. She was in it for material benefits and he was in for the sexual benefits.

      1. @msxie0714 They all deserve each other. Ruby brought it upon herself when she became too greedy and wanted the throne. When she couldn’t have it, instead of leaving peacefully with what he already gave her, she thought she would outsmart him and ask for more. Greed. She dug her own grave. As for the wife, she can sit on her coveted throne all she wants. Keep it warm, while he keeps someone else warm. She can have all money he’s not spending on other mistresses, the legal title, and the legitimate child all she wants, but to never really have him will drive her insane and will keep her writhing unpeacefully her whole entire life. No woman, no matter how big hearted or open she is wants to share her husband or be in the dark. I hope he never rises again. With China trying to clean up their streets with the no dyed hair, earrings, feminine looks, and tax evasion, China should perhaps turn their attention to these scum who are hurting their own Chinese women. China doesn’t even have enough women for their men, so these jerks should honestly stick to one woman. Anyway, karma works a lot faster than we think these days.

  3. I’d call the wife stupid as hell in different circumstances but lets face it, they’re both profiting off of each other and the wife wasn’t born last night. She might be very well aware of the dirt going on but she’s ok with it because she gets something out of it too.

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