Why Chiling Lin Didn’t Invite Andy Lau to Her Wedding

The supermodel did not want Andy to steal her limelight.

Both big names in the entertainment industry, Andy Lau (劉德華) and Chiling Lin (林志玲) had collaborated on the 2013 film Switch <天機:富春山居圖> and also once hugged at the Golden Horse Awards. Recently, Andy ‘complained’ on a Mainland program when he was interviewed that the supermodel did not invite him to her wedding, which was recently held in her hometown Tainan.

The Heavenly King commented with mock disappointment, “Chiling has now changed, and is so petty. The last time I called her up to find out why she did not invite me to her wedding, and in the end I was rejected by her!”

Inviting approximately 120 guests, Chiling’s wedding banquet was relatively small and thus she did not invite several of her celebrity friends. Andy ringed the bride-to-be up to ask for an “explanation”, which he shared, “Chiling teased that if I were to attend [the wedding], everyone’s attention would be on me, and no one would notice her!” The sharing of their humorous conversation left those on the program erupting into laughter.

Reunion on Wedding with Benefactor Who Spotted Her at a Bookstore

A supermodel with Taiwanese agency Catwalk, Chiling debuted at the age of 15 in commercial shoots. Then working at an artiste management company, Kevin Lim (林健寰) discovered the young Chiling at a bookstore nearby. He recalled how he was first attracted by her lanky figure when she turned around, “Stunning. I immediately passed her my business card. I would regret it if I didn’t; she just had a unique aura about her.”

Although the two had not met up for 30 years, Kevin had all along been paying attention to Chiling’s career progress in the news. Hearing the good news of her getting married, Kevin mentioned that he could not accept it initially as his impression of her still remained of a fifteen year-old girl. Once, a co-worker at Chiling’s charity foundation met actress Aviis Zhong (鍾瑶), and the two started chatting about Chiling wanting to invite Kevin to her wedding but not knowing how to contact him. Aviis immediately replied, “He is my senior!” later helping the two to regain contact.

Seeing the mesmerizing ‘’15 year-old young girl’’ at her wedding, Kevin was touched to tears. Chiling addressed him as “benefactor” and quickly introduced him to her husband Akira. Chiling’s father also told Kevin, “Without you, there would be no Chiling!”

Joking, Kevin told Akira, “Without me, you wouldn’t have married such a beautiful wife!” He expressed his joy for her big day, saying, “I could tell from Akira’s gestures towards her that he is a genial man…I believe he will love and treasure her greatly.”

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