William Chan Reveals How to Get Gorgeous Abs

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William Chan Reveals How to Get Gorgeous Abs

The muscular 33-year-old actor shares his workout routine!

Known for his muscular body, 33-year-old actor William Chan (陳偉霆) showed off his solid abs and shared his abdominal training routine recently on reality program Back to Field <向往的生活>. Impressed with the six easy training sets shared by the popular actor, which not only help with slimming, but also developing muscles, netizens have bestowed William with the title of “Fitness Expert”.

Besides showing off his fit abs in social media photos, William’s good physique is also a highlight in his dramas Only Side By Side with You <南方有喬木> and Age of Legends <橙紅年代>, especially for his female fans. However, everything comes with a price and William is no exception, having been training up for as long as 10 years. Recently, he shared several simple sets of exercises which have helped him attain his admirable physique, inspiring many netizens to follow suit.

No Special Equipment, Just Tenacity

William’s training moves require just a simple yoga mat, and each of the six exercise sets needs to be done 15 times to see results. These moves, which include alternate toe touches and forming the figure “10” with your arms and legs, train different parts of the abdomen and William promised they will produce sexy abs!

Disciplined Diet?

Besides all these training sets, William has also emphasized the importance of training daily. “300 single arm push-ups, 50 upper body workouts, along with 300 sit-ups daily!” In order to shape his muscles up to look full and defined. He once ate chicken breast meat and eggs daily, and has even once tried eating 20 eggs in a day. Although training muscles require a large amount of protein, nutritionists have cautioned that high-protein and low carb diet over a prolonged period will lead to nutritional imbalance, and even burden one’s liver and kidneys. Thus, dietary adjustments are advised before embarking on training routines.

William Demonstrates Exercise Moves in “Back to Field”

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  1. prettysup1 says:

    Everyone should go watch the full episode which William appeared in “Back to Field”, it was so hilarious!! As for these exercises, I couldn’t even manage to do the first one though they all look so easy haha..

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  2. m0m0 says:

    he was lean to begin with. if he had a little fat, doing these exercises won’t produce such results.

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