Wong Cho Lam and Leanne Li’s Romance Goes Public!

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Earlier, there were earlier rumors that Wong Cho Lam was dating a Christian woman outside the entertainment industry. Afterwards, tabloids photographed Cho Lam and Don Juan Mercado <情人眼裏高一D > co-star Leanne Li, holding hands on the street. On his blog, Cho Lam finally acknowledged dating Leanne for over one year! Many artists sent their blessings to the couple.

Since revealing their dating status, Cho Lam and Leanne became the focus of the paparazzi. Arriving at TVB City separately for work, the pair agreed to pose for photographs with the press. Leanne put her arm around Cho Lam and joked about the differences in their height, “Sorry, I am already wearing flat shoes!”

After a three-year pursuit, Cho Lam and Leanne started dating last year. The pair consulted with their church pastor and parents before starting their dating relationship. When Cho Lam notified TVB of their dating status, TVB management told Cho Lam and Leanne to handle their relationship in an under-stated manner and not reveal it until their relationship was stable. With the help of their church friends, Cho Lam and Leanne were able to keep their romance a secret. After revealing their dating relationship, the pair felt relaxed.

When the press said that Cho Lam initially lied about the identity of his girlfriend, he said that he revealed half of the truth at the time.  He concealed the identity of his girlfriend so that he and Leanne would have more space. This gave peace of mind to Leanne and their family as well.

What Cho Lam loved most about Leanne was that she was a more devout Christian than himself. Also, she did not mind his short stature. He denied that Leanne’s religious piety prevented the couple from doing some things, noting that there was freedom before God. When asked whether he had the mental strength to avoid premarital sex, Cho Lam said, “You are thinking too much!”

Leanne revealed that she admired Cho Lam’s responsible nature and the fact that he loved her deeply. Cho Lam answered most of the press’ questions, appearing to protect Leanne from the onslaught of the media.

Compiled from Orientaldaily and the Sun

Jayne: Outwardly, Wong Cho Lam and Leanne Li appear to be an awkward match due to their height differences. But the couple seem to have fun together. And after a 3 year pursuit and 1 year of dating, it would have given Leanne and Cho Lam enough time to calmly reflect whether they are a good fit.

Guys take note, if your pockets are empty, you might still have a lucky streak with women if you have a great sense of humor!

37 comments to Wong Cho Lam and Leanne Li’s Romance Goes Public!

  1. pandamao says:

    Humor, similar religious background, timing … all fell into place for WCL.

    I’m happy for the two of them, especially since I don’t have any romantic feelings for WCL.

    I always thought WCL and Siu Yee, the DJ, were cute together. 🙂

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  2. sehseh says:

    From the interview and clips, I feel that they are a good match. Congrats to Cholam and Leanne.

    Before this, Cholam said that he wrote this song for his girlfriend (aka Leanne)

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  3. Kidd says:

    I’m happy for them too. Their relationship seem to be a step by step stable kind and both appear to be sensible individuals.

    Hope their relationship is able to withstand the onslaught of the vicious paparazzi. See what happen to Big S and Charlene.

    Once again, congrats! Happy for them.

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  4. Selena says:

    Is this another PR stunt?

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  5. Funn Lim says:

    First, he is not a heartthrob so I don’t expect backlash. Second of all, if he is ready to announce, I expect perhaps wedding bells soon.

    And it is kinda the norm that short guys goes for tall pretty girls. Actually guys goes for looks, girls more on inner beauty or in his case, Wong Cho Nam is funny, successful in his own right and more importantly he gives me an impression he is really intelligent, the rarity in entertainment business. All comedians possess such qualities in my opinion. Hence they get the girls, well not all but most.

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  6. SDS says:

    Well as the saying goes ‘short guys have lots of tricks’ 🙂 But its nice to hear they are so compatible, open and come across as grounded- not like many other celebrity couples which always seem like there is room for dramatic relationship changes.

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  7. Allen says:

    A bit of a shocker but I actually like this match. To me, it looks like they’ve gone through a lot before announcing to the public thus I feel that their relationship should last. Congratz

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  8. Jayne says:

    Funn, the tabloids took photos of the two holding hands while dating. So rather than deny the news, Cho Lam admitted his relationship directly. I don’t think he is ready to get married yet. From the looks of it, TVB plans to make Wong Cho Lam the next Eric Tsang so he will have a long career ahead of him.

    Last time we discussed in a previous thread, there is not much comedic talent in TVB. Johnson Li seems to have greater aspirations in film and directing. Louis Yuen is good too, but TVB doesn’t seem bent on making him into a big star.

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  9. Aly says:

    Very shocked, but also very happy for the both of them. Appearance wise, they might not match but they do seem very sweet together. I think they connect very well spiritually because of their religion and Leanne seems to be an understanding women that will back Cholam up. He has a bright career path ahead of him, so I don’t think she made a bad choice at all. He is also very funny, optimisic, and talented, so I think she likes that in him, and the fact that he is very caring and loving towards her! 🙂

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  10. Hmmmm says:

    That sounds great..But wondering why does Cho Lam always seems to like to dress up as a female..

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  11. Kidd says:

    Because he became popular dressing up as females in gigs.

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  12. Lacey says:

    Modern day of Beauty and the Beast =)
    Soo cutte!

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  13. Danielle says:

    This is absolutely shocking!! But I like Cholam so I wish the couple all the best! 🙂

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  14. Star says:

    woow so shocking, as leanne li is raised more westernized i don’t see how they relate. but nonetheless, congrats to them

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  15. EkinFan says:

    Shorty got game

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  16. Star says:

    let’s say it’s shocking that wong cho lam even got a girlfriend! and it happens to be the taller girl leanne li

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  17. jayzemine says:

    Congrats to both of them. I am glad that Leanne was able to see beyond the outter appearance. Props to her, looks is not everything.

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  18. Judy L says:

    honestly, to me this seems like a PR stunt to further both their careers.

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  19. Lorena says:

    I agree with Judy L…I find this relationship hard to believe. Maybe they’re part of some film or something and this is may used to get attention for the future.

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  20. pandamao says:

    both are Christians, doesn’t look like a publicity stunt to boost their career.

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  21. Kidd says:

    Why is it hard to believe?

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  22. Judy says:

    two Christians in a room doesn’t automatically = love. Even for those who are are devout and deeply religious, other factors play a role two people being together… such as attraction. While I’m sure Cho Lam is a nice man, I find it hard to believe Lianne Li would be attracted to him… especially a man who frequently dresses like a woman (even if it is only for work). Especially Lianne being more westernized, I find it hard to believe that are that compatible. Moreover, my gaydar hints to me that he may not be straight… Both have gotten much more press coverage since they’ve been “outed.” But if they are truly together, good for them!

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  23. Funn Lim says:

    Why not? Some women do look for other qualities in a man. Wong Cho Lam strike me as someone witty and intelligent. Remember the Taiwanese host, can’t remember his name that thin sickly looking man, rumoured to be with Eric Tsang’s daughter? He looks worst but not short of female admirers. I don’t see why they need such publicity unless they’re starring in a new show together. And some do look for compatibility in terms of beliefs and values so first and foremost being same religion may be a factor. Like Choi Si Won, he wants his future girlfriend to be as religious as him. He is not gay. Just because he is short in stature and looks good as a woman doesn’t mean he is gay. Like not every single unmarried guy is gay. Or every married unhappy guy is gay. Or every guy is gay. In HK even nobodies got coverage more so an up and coming comedian.

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  24. Kidd says:

    Defines ‘westernise’. How is Leanne Li more westernise? She prefers western food over chinese food? She prefers Jazz over chinese opera?

    Or the truth is, you (those who find it hard to believe and think it’s PR stunt) can’t believe a beautiful girl like Leanne Li can love a short and not-so-handsome guy?

    Some girls do go for the personality, wit, compatibility and mutual interest. And maybe Leanne Li, being an actress herself, understand that Wong Cho Lam’s crossdressing is just part of his job as a performing artist.

    Lastly, gayda can be defective due to stereotype perception. Most common stereotype
    crossdressing -> gay
    effeminate -> gay
    like ‘feminine’ things (e.g. pink color) -> gay

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  25. pandamao says:

    thank you Kidd.

    i don’t see what’s so hard to believe about this. Cho Lam is so charming and personable. Many tall guys lack that … I’m amazed that a guy of his size has such confidence in himself.

    appearance wise, i may not be attracted but personality wise – he’s got something for sure!

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  26. Funn Lim says:

    Remember Napoleon Bonaparte? The shorter the guy the bigger the ego.

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  27. HeTieShou says:

    Just because you are the same religion does not mean that you will fall in love and will stick together. I find that sad when someone is friends with someone or is more willing to be with someone just because they are the same religion. It takes much more than being the same religion to be together.

    There are women that go for more than just looks just as there are guys that will go for more than looks. I have seen attractive guys with non attractive girls a lot and vice versa. I guess it is fate and many other factors too. People say that love cannot be rationalized…

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  28. sehseh says:

    I agree with Kidd, Funn and Pandamao. What is so unbelievable about a pretty girl falling for a not-so-physically attractive guy?

    It’s all personal preference – I myself wouldn’t mind a shorter/not handsome guy if he got a charming personality and talented like Cholam.

    And I’ve seen for myself that handsome guys doesn’t end up marrying the most gorgeous girls in the block either.

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  29. Funn Lim says:

    Sehseh, correction. The girl no offense can be so darn ugly with pimples and all, as long as she is slim, there, boyfriend. That’s what I notice. The keyword is slim.

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  30. Kidd says:

    Funn, that’s not entirely true. I have 2 big size friends who are happily married. One has a very slim husband, while the other married a Caucasian.

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  31. Selena says:

    Leanne wasn’t Cho Lam’s co-star in Don Juan Mercado . Leanne wasn’t casted in that series. The tall girl in the series was Christine Kuo.

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  32. Jayne says:

    Selena, I didn’t watch “Don Juan Mercado” but that was the series they quoted in the article. Cho Lam and Leanne likely got to know each other through church since he pursued her for 3 years and dated her for 1 year.

    When we first meet someone, physical attraction is an important factor in selecting the people we wish to date. However, phsyical attraction becomes less important over time in a relationship and ultimately personality and compatibility matter the most.

    Since Cho Lam pursued Leanne for 3 years, it sounds as if she initially did not accept him for various reasons (perhaps his appearance was one factor). But as their friendship grew, she was able to overcome that reservation and realize what matters most is what’s inside.

    Many people date based on physical attraction but that quality alone will not make a relationship last.

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  33. C says:

    i personally dont believe in feelings or love taking so long to grow.
    3 years really?

    maybe love with distant family or friends etc growing in time. yes.

    but romantic love.
    is. well.

    to me of cos.

    but Cho Lam is really talented and cute.

    good luck to the both of them! (:

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  34. P. Tan says:

    Maybe it is difficult to visualize the improbable pairing off of Cho Lam & Leanne Li but whatever the reasons, let us give them a chance and wish them all the best.

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  35. dailybj says:

    Here is just a personal opinion.

    How can any woman in their right mind, especially in the entertainment industry really fall for a guy who still hasn’t hit puberty – phsyically and mentally yet such as Cho Lam? She is just interested in the fame that he is enjoying right now and being with him – in the press’s eyes will give her more exposure. Has anyone even seen a picture of this short stubby kid and Leanne? She makes him look like a child that hasn’t hit puberty yet!

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  36. Funn Lim says:

    Oh come on! Cho Lam is a very intelligent guy. Maybe she is the one not good enough for him. There are women who are after man with intellects and personality, as to some men look for such qualities in women. I refuse to be a cynic. I do find Wong Cho Lam an interesting man. Yes he is short but look at Eric Tsang; he did well don’t he?

    I would choose Cho Lam over Kevin Cheng any day for a good discussion. And I do think Kevin cheng is TVB’s handsomest man but I doubt I could utter more than 2 sentences with him. Cho Lam looks like we could have fun just having a drink and chat.

    Maybe she those qualities in him. And frankly she may be taller but not at all the prettiest.

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  37. Kidd says:

    How is Cho Lam mentally hasn’t hit puberty?

    I’ve check is wiki info. This guy is multi-talented and intelligent. Some women are into intelligent men.

    First Class Honour Bachelor Degree.
    A Composer, lyricist and singer.
    Won Outstanding Student Award and scholarships in his College (The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts)

    And he composed a song specially for Leanne. How many boyfriends can do that?

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