Wu Chun Celebrates Son’s 3rd Birthday with Superhero Party

By on October 17, 2016 in NEWS

Wu Chun Celebrates Son’s 3rd Birthday with Superhero Party

Taiwanese actor and singer Wu Chun (吳尊) is known for keeping his personal life very private, choosing to keep his marriage a secret for years until his shocking announcement in 2013.  However, the 37-year-old delighted his fans recently when he shared photos of his son’s 3rd birthday celebration.

Since his son, Max, is a fan of Captain America, the birthday party had an Avengers theme. Although Max’s face was partially hidden by glasses and a hat, his resemblance to Wu Chun’s handsome looks was still noted. Many fans gave heartwarming birthday wishes and complimented on Max’s cuteness as well.

Wu Chun wrote, “Today is his third birthday…I suddenly felt like sharing this with everyone – he is Nei Nei’s brother – his name is Captain Max and he’s super cute. However, he is a lot more energetic than Nei Nei. They are both my precious babies – it’s the best thing ever!”

Fans grew to know Wu Chun’s daughter, Nei Nei, very well after the duo starred in 2014 Mainland reality television show, Dad is Home <爸爸回來了>. On the other hand, fans were less familiar with Wu Chun’s son, Max.

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Source: Sina.com

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  • 3 comments to Wu Chun Celebrates Son’s 3rd Birthday with Superhero Party

    1. jayne says:

      So sweet to see celebrities enjoying simple things, such as a superhero-themed birthday party for their kids, like the rest of us.

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      • riceball120 replied:

        @jayne yes it is very sweet to be able to see celebrities have a breath of normalcy, such as Wu Chun’s son’s superhero-themed party. it’s even sweeter that Wu Chun is in a way getting rid of his celebrity status to be able to spend time with his family like a normal person.

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    2. happybi says:

      I really like how he can clean with his marriage and his daughter. Happy for his family for sure. Must be nice to not hide and be able to spend time like this with the kids! Sweet!

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