Wu Chun Films “Kindachi Case Files” Amidst Fans’ Anti-Japanese Sentiments

Japanese TV drama, Kindachi Case Files <金田一少年事件簿>, has started filming in Hong Kong on September 12. Japanese idol, Yamada Ryosuke, stars as the titular high school detective, Hajima Kindachi. Based on the popular manga series. the all-new NTV drama also stars Japanese actress, Kawaguchi Haruna, Wu Chun (吳尊), Vivian Hsu (徐若瑄), and Big Bang’s Seungri.

Anti-Japanese Sentiments Still Strong

The filming in North Point, Hong Kong yesterday morning coincided with China and Japan’s disputes over the Diaoyu Islands. Although a large group of fans gathered to see the Kindachi Case Files cast, several vendors exhibited strong anti-Japanese sentiment.

A fish ball vendor shouted, “This is a Chinese place; Japanese people should not film here!” The vendor yelled, “Get out!” As his anger rose and caused disruption to the filming, the police was called to settle the dispute.

Wu Chun and Vivian Hsu Film in Low-Profile Manner

Due to the chaos resulting from the morning filming, security measures were increased in the evening filming hours in Causeway Bay. The production staff even used their hands to cover the Japanese stars’ faces and avoided the media’s cameras when entering the tenement house.

Forging a career in Japan in her early career, Vivian Hsu was once caught in political controversy as well. Vivian maintained a low-profile on the set of Kindachi Case Files yesterday evening, walking away quickly when the press attempted to interview her.

At approximately 10 PM, Wu Chun arrived at the tenement house to film. With a crowd of fifty fans present, the scene was chaotic. Similar to Vivian’s approach, Wu Chun declined to be interviewed. Although it was Wu Chun’s first day of filming for Kindachi Case Files, online fans’ reactions have already been fierce, urging him to stop filming Japanese dramas.

Big Bang’s Seungri Caught in Sex Scandal

Big Bang’s Seungri was not spotted on set of Kindachi Case Files yesterday, perhaps maintaining a low-profile after his scandalous sex scandal broke. On September 13, Seungri’s naked bed photos were published in a Japanese tabloid, in which a woman accused him of choking her and other crude behavior during intercourse.

Sources: Oriental Daily, On.cc, On.cc

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  1. Yamada Ryosuke, he looks baby and cute, but can he act out the messy but smart Kindaichi? I’m a big fan of Kindaichi so I really hope for a perfect one. Hope Ryosuke can do good.

    I guess the case Wu Chun and Vivian in is the case where Kindaichi is accused as killer. It is an interesting part of Kindaichi but my most favourite one must be the one in the lake.

    1. that kid’s acting is bad. his too cute image doesn’t fit Kindaichi at all.

      1. Kindaichi isn’t famous for cutesy but messy and acting dumb :). Who is Miyuki, dear?

      2. i don’t know. I don’t pay attention to Jdramas recently, especially this Kindaichi one. i had enough of crappy Live-actions of Kindaichi

  2. i don’t know who that guy is but damn, the pix made him look very hot…

    1. Sky,
      Wu Chun was formerly a member of popular Taiwanese band, Fahrenheit. He’s ventured out in movies and will appear in upcoming movie, “Saving General Yang” with Raymond Lam.

      You can vote for Wu Chun in JayneStars’ upcoming “2012 Sexiest Man Alive in China” poll where fans will pick the hottest male celebrity among the hot stars from Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan.

      1. E,
        I came across earlier news that “Saving General Yang” will release in December. Our site will be sure to cover the movie as it approaches closer to release date.

      2. Wu Chun is from Brunei and left FRH to star in movies and to spend more time with his family. I wonder why Saving General Yang is taking so long to release??

      3. @Jayne: Correctly, Saving General Yang is planned to release in the beginning of 2013, January the soonest. There is no news to say that it’ll come out in December of 2012. First, it is planned to come out in Oct 2012, then Jan 2013.

  3. “Seungri’s naked bed photos were published in a Korean tabloid”

    maybe the hongkong magazines make a mistake here. his photos were published on Friday, a Japanese tabloid.

  4. Talk about trying to fan the flame or create something out of nothing. So, a few street vendor shouted anti-Japanese invectives and the tabloid ran with it by describing as some sort of wholesale anti-Japanese protest.

    Were there similar “protest” when the Japanese AV actresses were in town to film 3D Sex and Zen? Jeeze!

    But I do want to know why would Wu Chun return to idol dramas.

    1. I don’t think Wu Chun is going back to Idol dramas, is he?? If he ever did, it would probably be because it was a very special or high quality one…However, I doubt it…

    2. You mean the Kindachi drama? Kindachi is a very popular manga who has been adapted many times. I think you can consider it classic. It’s not a random idol drama. So, maybe it’s special enough to attract Wu Chun.

      Furthermore, Wu Chun didn’t want to film idol drama anymore because he felt he’s too old to play teenagers and college students. His role in Kindaichi could be a more mature one.

  5. They’re remaking this? It was one of my first j-dramas as a kid – I even developed a bit of a crush on Domoto Tsuyoshi back then.

    Anyway, there have been so much Japan vs other Asian countries lately: at the Olympics; in the news fighting over the islands; and even on a recent episode of 1N2D (which, quite frankly, I found rather awkward as it was a foreigners special and some of the sentiments over Dokdo felt somewhat… forced).

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