Xiao Zhan Cuddles With Animals On Set “Duoluo Continent”

Currently starring in Chinese fantasy drama Duoluo Continent <斗羅大陸>, Xiao Zhan (肖戰) plays a soul master given the task of hunting down beasts. After slaying the soul beasts, his own powers would be enhanced. While CGI animation was used for these scenes, many live animals stood in for filming as well.

When the cameras stopped rolling, Xiao Zhan’s animal-loving instincts would emerge. Behind the scenes, Xiao Zhan had many interactions with bunnies, cats, and alpacas. He was often seen playing with the animals, and walking around the set with a cat in his arms as he is a known cat lover. Besides petting them, Xiao Zhan also helped take care of them.

A pair of mother and baby alpacas were the favorite among the cast, who constantly took photos of the animals. The baby alpaca seemed to prefer Xiao Zhan, and would linger beside him when the actor was studying the script during break time.

When photos of Xiao Zhan cuddling the animals circulated on social media, fans praised the actor for his gentle and kind nature.

Source: HK01

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I am really impressed by the graphics, action sequences and CGI in the drama! The storyline isn’t too bad either, at least sometimes it manages to surprise me.

  2. Xiao Zhan is insanely good looking in this drama. Of course he is also good looking in his actual self. He has a good personality and even treat animals lovingly. Also with great singing and acting talent. Read in one article he can cook and even knit, very unlikely for guys that know how to knit so is really amaze he has that skill. Seems like this guy is flawless as could not find any flaw in him for the time being 😀

    1. @hayden lol…Really? I saw clips of him on youtube in the other series called WOLF I think and he is beyond good looking compares to the lead as well. haha. He just stands out.

      1. @wm2017 IMO the wolf drama i think the main lead stands out more although XZ is also look good in that drama. Waiting for his another drama The Oath of Love where he plays a doctor.

    1. @hohliu So glad he wasn’t defeated by the 10 month long hate campaign waged against him last year by 227.
      It’s a relief he’s back stronger and more popular than ever.

      1. @msxie0714 That was such a stupid campaign…Gosh, he was really in such hot water. He was completely innocent but was smeared so badly…But on the good side. He had a short much needed break…I think during those period, he could find time to rest and breath again.. Yes, he definitely came out stronger. He looked well in the Chinese New Year celebration for Beijing Television.

    2. @hohliu
      He is definitely a nice guy that doesn’t let fame get to his head. He even said it is good to remain humble even when popular as you never know when you will fall to the bottom. He is very wise and realistic.

      1. @hetieshou He situtation he has with his management company is already unfortunate case…They neglect promoting him and even tried to sabotage his success….Nasty management company. Unfortunately, his lawsuit was retracted last year…

      2. @hohliu
        Yes management is so bad. I always hear about Chinese artists getting mistreated in those Kpop groups which is why they must file lawsuits against them. They then must leave and all. Maybe Xiao Zhan needs to do that in order to advance in his career.

  3. I love Xiao Zhan’s singing in the “My song” competition. That’s where I first pay attention to him. He has great personality & great smile. After that I began to watch Untamed. Love that drama. Since then I have been chasing after his every movements. He has such good characters. He deserves to be popular for he has been working very hard to get there.

  4. Xiao is such a gentle soul & he has a great personality. He is so talented in acting & singing – so good looking. I’m so happy that things are going well for him now. Looking forward to watch all his works/projects. I’m not surprised that animals love him, too.

    1. @dramas4me Hopefully he is also a gentle soul and great personality off-camera in private as well, as many celebrities turns out to be something very opposite from their on-camera image later which is very disappointing.

      1. @hayden i know what you mean. I think he is genuinely a nice guy. I watched most of his work and many of his earlier days videos. He often showed a lot of kind & sweetness in those videos. There are things people can fake, but some stuff they can’t.

      1. @hohliu
        They are the far along already? I have a habit of waiting until the series is all out before I watch it as I hate waiting for the coming episodes. It is a pain to watch and then have to wait for new episodes.

      1. @msxie0714
        What upcoming anniversary? Who tormented him? Are you referring to real life or in the series? I have not watched the series yet as I want to wait until it all comes out.

      2. @hetieshou
        I think she was talking about the 227 incident. It was an evil thing that they did to Xiao Zhan. It’s great now that he is coming out even stronger. Hopefully those evil people will be heavily punished for the that.

        I think it’s stupid that his terrible management company didn’t treat him right. If they just took good care of him & promoted him more then it would have benefited them both. I will always support this talented, sweet and handsome young man. Jiayou!!! 🙂

  5. Just when I thought Xiao Zhan couldn’t get any lovelier. He’s got the looks, the talents, the kind heart, very rare these days. Usually idols possess just one or the other haha! Wish him all the best success!

  6. Whoever is his future wife will be so lucky to have him. He seems like the type that is loving and caring, when he was describing about Chongqing men in the Marvelous City show as his father is also treating his mother this way.

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