Xu Kai and Bai Lu Overcome Negative Rumors

Rising stars and onscreen couple Xu Kai (許凱) and Bai Lu (白鹿) has become a trending topic lately due to some negative rumors. Following the airing of The Legends <招搖>, netizens widely shipped the two as a couple after their romantic scenes went viral online. Fulfilling fans’ desire to see them together in more projects, they collaborated again for Arsenal Military Academy <烈火軍校> and the upcoming Imperial Cuisine <尚食>. With their casting for the Imperial Cuisine confirmed, it seems producer Yu Zheng (于正) is still keen on promoting this ‘Yao Lan’ couple despite the controversial allegations surrounding Bai lu and Xu Kai.

Breaking out from his performance in Story of Yanxi Palace <延禧攻略>, Xu Kai’s popularity soared to great heights. However, his past relationship with Internet celebrity Dajin (大金) reeled him back after she accused him of abusing her and cheating on her with actress Bai Lu. Dajin reportedly recognized the bedsheets that she bought for Xu Kai in Bai Lu’s photo of her high heels and bed. She sneered at them for having the audacity to lie on the bedsheets she personally purchased. With later reports showing Xu Kai visiting Bai Lu’s house late at night, the two were heavily embroiled in controversy and online criticism.

Though the actors faced harmful rumors, no official response has been made aside from Xu Kai admitting he hit his girlfriend before and he has learned his lesson. However, a leaked clip of Xu Kai and Dajin suggests a different side to the story – the young actor’s violent behaviors may not be true. Instead, Xu Kai might be the actual victim of violence.

Bai Lu has also apparently shed the mistress title after being accused of the so-called third party in Xu Kai and Dajin’s relationship. Regardless, Xu Kai and Bai Lu are still working together and displaying a close relationship in dramas and shows.

Source: Oncc

This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. This relationship really did damage for Xukai. Even Jaynestar and many others media keep reminding the public when there’s nothing new to report.

    Glad the relationship ended, it did not look healthy for both of them. Rumors had it, they both gave it a tried a few times. He must have liked her and I won’t judge Xukai either as his ex doesn’t looked so innocent herself.

    Bailu seems like a smart lady and I’m sure she’ll make the right decision for herself.

    People just leave these celebrities personal life alone and let’s focus on their career.

  2. Bai Lu and Xu Kai actually filmed arsenal academy before the legends. It just got air before AA. Yu Zheng just has a good eye for onscreen partners lol! I think also it’s good that he likes them both atm, so he gives them good roles and script

    1. @littlefish get your info right. The ledgens was filmed before AMA Bai Lu cut her hair for AMA and that was last year while the legends was filmed 2017. Her hair has still not grown out yet so there are no way she could had filmed AMA before the ledgens

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