Yang Mi Takes Hiatus After Giving Birth

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New mother, Yang Mi (杨幂), is currently resting and taking care of her daughter, nicknamed Little Sticky Rice, after giving birth earlier this month. Although father Hawick Lau (刘恺威) is unable to stay with his daughter in Hong Kong due to filming commitments, he expressed his love for his new family through his Weibo updates.

Though still resting, Yang Mi took time to speak with the mainland Chinese press about her thoughts on being a first-time mother. She did not feel anxious at all while waiting for the birth of her baby, and even had the energy to do some online shopping right before she was admitted to the hospital. Though Yang Mi said she faced her pregnancy calmly, she became extremely emotional when she held Little Sticky Rice in her arms for the first time. Both Yang Mi and Hawick cried together as they held their miracle together.

Yang Mi announced that she will be taking an indefinite hiatus to recover from childbirth and care for Little Sticky Rice. She will be unable to help out in the promotions for her new romantic comedy film The Breakup Guru <分手大师>, which opens in China on June 27. “Usually, I promoted with many creative directors and we had the opportunities to socialize, but now I can only interact with them through Weibo messaging. However, when I look at Little Sticky Rice, I would feel that none of that matters anymore. Every passing day has been very enriching and happy.”

Yang Mi desires to return to work, but will only consider making a comeback when she becomes fully recovered. Asked if she would lighten her workload in the future, she admitted that she will, stating that she now has an even bigger responsibility to hold. “With Little Sticky Rice, I feel like my responsibilities have become heavier. I also feel that I must work harder as well so she can receive better care. However, a child needs to have a companion. I will definitely save some more time to be with her.”

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  1. Maria says:

    Good. Little baby girl should be most important in her life.

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  2. ??? says:

    Good for her.. though I am still concerned about her relationship with Hawick and the culture differences between their two families.. let’s hope it bolds well…

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  3. kelly lay says:

    congrats hawick and yang mi,hope you daugther become healthy and kind kids

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  4. JolinA says:

    So hard to imagine Yang Mi with a child. I hope in the near future Hawick and their daughter go on “Dad, where are you going” or “Dad is back!”

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  5. kelly lay says:

    I,m agree with you jolin,but we must wait for 4 or 5 years to see hawick and little little sticky rice go on to “dad,where are you going”

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  6. jujubean says:

    She’s pretty. But that picture makes her look a bit alienish.

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  7. Anthony says:

    She looks like Jess Shum

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