“Youth with You 2” Splits into Two Camps

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“Youth with You 2” Splits into Two Camps

Fans anticipate the face-off between trainees Liu Yuxin (劉雨昕) and Esther Yu (虞書欣).

After three months of intense competition, the latest season of hit Chinese pop survival program Youth with You 2 <青春有你2> is set to unveil two competing camps with 10 trainees each, who will undergo elimination to leave just nine finalists debuting as singers.

Vastly Different Styles on Both Teams

The appearance of Cai Xukun (蔡徐坤), Blackpink member Lisa, and others as professional coaches providing guidance to the trainees attracted many viewers to the show. With 15 trainees eliminated so far and the date of their official debut getting closer, online sources have spilled the grouping of the remaining trainees, with Liu Yuxin (劉雨昕) leading Team Purple and Esther Yu (虞書欣) leading Team Pink.

In the previous episode, Liu Yuxin surpassed Esther in the rankings, who has consistently taken the number one spot. Both outstanding performers, they have vastly different styles and have hardly chosen the same songs . Viewers grew excited about a possible face-off in the finals.

Team Purple which include Yan Yu (喻言), Xie Keyin (謝可寅) and others have so far showed off cooler stage effects while Team Pink, led by Esther with Xu Jiaqi (許佳琪), Babymonster An (安崎) and others are better suited to a sweet performing style. If they were to cooperate on the same song, their styles would therefore be vastly different.

While the official lineups have yet to be announced, many are already excited about what will come out of the fresh grouping.

Liu Yuxin in “Youth With You 2”

Esther Yu in “Youth With You 2”

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    1. m0m0 says:

      short hair has better advantage b/c all the long hair girls look the same.

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    2. jayne says:

      I watched some YouTube clips of the group dances and like Babymonster An. She can be cute, sexy, and cool with good stage presence.

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    3. fatchoy says:

      I started watching this show but stopped because I find it so fake. I couldn’t understand why this Esther Yu won first place every time with her average performances and why the camera was focused on her most of the time. So I did a quick search on her and found out that she comes from a very wealthy family (she even invested money in tv series to get major roles) and has been in the entertainment industry for a few years and so has gathered some fans. Her voice is so annoying and she is so fake. Babymonster An and Liu Yuxin are far more talented than her.

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