Introducing the Nine Winners From “Youth on You 2”

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Introducing the Nine Winners From “Youth on You 2”

Liu Yuxi wins the most number of popular votes.

After two months of intense competition and elimination of 100 contestants, Chinese reality show Youth on You 2 <青春有你2> aired its final episode on May 30. Confirmed as the nine finalists, Liu Yuxin (劉雨昕), Esther Yu (虞書欣), Xu Jiaqi (許佳琪), Yu Yan (喻言), Shaking Chloe (謝可寅), Babymonster An (安崎), Zhao Xiaotang (趙小棠), Snow Kong (孔雪兒) and Lu Keran (柯燃) will make their official debut as girl group THE9!

Live Viewer Voting Determined Winners

It came down to a total of 20 contestants in the final showdown, with the girls being split into two teams, led by Xu Jiaqi and Frhanm Shangguan (上官喜愛). The program, which was aired live, attracted over 90 million votes from viewers within one and a half hours, to pick out the winning contestants in an intense fight.

In a landslide victory, the much-anticipated title of top place went to Liu Yuxin who received 17.4 million, a significant 4.4 million higher than the second-placed Esther Yu. Liu Yuxin bowed 90 degrees to thank the coaches, production crew and her parents, tearing up visibly when thanking her fans. “This time I can finally say that I did it–we did it; we have no regrets this summer!”

Also tearing up on stage was Esther, who thanked the program’s production crew, her managers and fans while expressing her unwillingness to part with the rest of the contestants. Overwhemed with happiness, she said, “I want to sing another song, to prove that I can really sing,” following which she sang two lines, before ending off cheekily, “I have proven it, thank you everyone!”

Winning 9.8 million votes to come in third, Xu Jiaqi expressed her thanks to her family members present at the finals, saying she hardly saw them a few times in the entire year. She then went on to thank her fans for their continuous support as many teared up in joy.

In the previous round of votes, Shaking Chloe obtained a precarious ninth placement. When she was announced to be in the fifth position in the end, she burst into tears and could hardly speak on stage.

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  • 5 comments to Introducing the Nine Winners From “Youth on You 2”

    1. coralie says:

      Congrats to the winners – they all worked very hard to their current position. I think the only one that I’m unsure of is Esther Yu. I totally adore her and her sense of humor, but her talents aren’t in singing. She would do better if she was signed to an acting agency. She got 2nd place purely due to her popularity. Nevertheless I could tell she worked really hard to get into the group, so her efforts weren’t in vain.

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    2. littlefish says:

      It’s a girl group, but the winner looks like a guy (by guy I mean those feminine kpop guys lol), also wear pants?! Lol, can’t help but thinking they try to push her to capture both guy and girl fans. I don’t watch the show so not sure if this was unintentional or intentional lol

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      • m0m0 replied:

        definitely intentional. while i think it is quite special to have a short hair girl to stand out but i think they are trying to ride off the success of kpop in metrosexuality. i thought that was a male thing at first but apparently they are promoting it in girls now.

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        • sillysparkles replied:

          @m0m0 @littlefish It’s actually not a new phenomenon – Faye Wong and Leslie Cheung have done the same in the 80s & 90s, while the survival show Super Girl in 2005 also was a breakthrough for stars such as Li Yuchun and Yisa Yu, who are known for their androgynous presentation. Contestants of QCYN such as Lu Keran and Lin Fan, are also both well-known members of the metrosexual girl group FANXYRED, and were formerly part of A-CRUSH (of which past members have been quite public with their sexuality and queerness).

          I think unlike Chuang 2020, QCYN benefitted quite a lot from featuring young women who all had different personalities and also to different extents challenged current standards of beauty in China. Not to mention the Harper’s BAZAAR advertisement where each of the Top 9 represented a different virtue of womanhood, which was very well received internationally. At the same time, however, many stars (such as in A-CRUSH’s case) are still cautious about being explicit towards their androgyny, and so it creates an interesting phenomenon in which you have such women acquiring fame for their ambiguous gender presentation while also not being allowed to be too explicit in voicing opinions on queerness and sexuality (not to mention, that just because one presents androgynously, does not necessarily mean that one is queer or identifies as such.)

          In other words, this isn’t exactly a new thing. But it is pretty remarkable that of the group, two dress and present in ways that are non-normative (and both Yuxin and Lu Keran have significant past experience in the industry, of which their popularity is well deserved).

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        • littlefish replied:

          @sillysparkles yea, I know it’s not a new trend, I’m just saying the blatant play to get the vote lol. Have they Always been androgynous? Or just really play it up for this show? First time I really see this trend was with Amber Kuo lol, I have to say she took me google to trust she was a girl xD

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