Yoyo Chen Hasn’t Changed A Bit Since High School

Motherhood has never looked better for Yoyo Chen (陳自瑤). Now a mother to an 8-year-old daughter, the 39-year-old actress still looks like she hasn’t aged a bit since joining TVB back in 2004 at 23 years old, and now that she’s revealed her high school portrait, we’ve learned that the most accurate way to describer her is this: she actually hasn’t aged a bit since high school!

Sharing a rare portrait of herself from high school on Instagram, yoyo wrote, “Hello, long time no see!” with the hashtags #high school, #good old memories, #collector’s series, and #student portrait.

Yoyo debuted in 2004 through the TVB drama Sunshine Heartbeat <赤沙印記@四葉草.2>. She married Vincent Wong (王浩信) in 2011, and their daughter was born in April 2012.

Source: HK01.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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    1. @tt23
      i agree that she has aged so much compared to what i remember. i noticed it when she appeared in the ancient drama w/ ruco a few years back but given her age, it’s reasonable that she looks the way she is. still nice figure, just not as youthful as i remember her to be. it just proves that there is nothing that could keep anyone from aging and we all age. even gigi lai aged quite a lot too and people always praise how she’s ageless.

      1. @m0m0
        Everyone ages but the thing is do you age well or not. Angie chiu who gets praises as being the ageless goddess aged but she aged well.

  1. If TVB decides to film a HK version of Kdrama 18 Again, Yoyo can play the role of Jung Da Jung and still look compatible with her 18 year old husband.

  2. you can tell that she didn’t have PS. I don’t understand how some blind fans could deny their beloved idols didn’t have PS when their younger pictures look so different from their current faces. real people don’t look like a totally different person when they didn’t do PS.

  3. She doesn’t look young, but neither does she look ‘old’. She does however give off that ‘mature’ vibe. Maybe it comes with being a mum and also having been through other life experiences. In contrast, the likes of Charmaine Sheh still has that child-like quality, which, to be clear, is not a bad thing. To each her own….

  4. I never understood her appeal. I think she looks old. Especially next to Priscilla Wong in that one series. Priscilla still had some baby fat on her face while Yoyo looks like she has lost all her collagen. Priscilla is starting to look a bit haggard too in recent interviews. That is just inevitable. We will all grow old. But like commenters above, it’s just about aging well. I think she is doing just fine but I wouldn’t go as far as to say she can play a teenager or even someone in their 20s. Not that it’s a bad thing. Just there’s a difference between really looking young and aging well.

    1. @exodus during an interview (i hope i remember right), Vincent said he already like her since before he was in the industry (think her school days?). Also something about how glad he was to be acquainted to her since then…during the interview, you could see the love in his eyes….

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